Choudary Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif Met Kiyani Yesterday??

  • Yousaf Nazar is tweeting this!!

    Once an army stooge is always an army stooge!!!!

    NRO2 in play here!





  • Why would a opposition leader of NA and CM of the largest Province ( who BTW are from same party) meet the COA, specially when there is a crack down against the LeJ in Punjab and LeJ is threatening to go for a kill in Punjab, and seems like they have full support from PPP govt as they are busy facilitating them by giving them all the facilities they may need to carry out killings..

    yes how dare these two met (if met) kiyani, only great IK have right to do so... rest have to stay away from him... IK should sue them...

  • Ch Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif were in Karachi yesterday and were meeting everyone publicly.

    No news of Kayani present in Karachi in any newspaper or ISPR.

  • @Rasheed

    You are plain stupid, don't you know, this was secret meeting, the persons present in Karachi were duplicates, the real persons were secretly having a cup of tea with Kiyani at a hidden location, this hidden location was not hidden from the PTIans only...

  • May be this time Kiani needs NRO