Kisaan defeats Landlord in Attock, Tractor Driver elected in Hassanabdal

  • **A peasant, Waheed Murad, here on Tuesday defeated a wealthy businessman and landlord, Sardar Mumtaz Khan, and was elected the district president Attock of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI). With elections for the 72 union councils of the district having been held three weeks ago, the intra-party election process in Attock is now complete.**


    In another news, Mohammad Aslam, the newly-elected senior vice-president Hasanabdal tehsil, is a tractor driver and a small farmer in village Sultanpura of Pind Mehri union council


  • Well done attock!

    Well Done HasanAbdal!!

  • انقلابی بھراو - خوشیاں کم مناو


    اصل الیکشن تو مئی کی گرمی میں ہونے ہیں

    :) :)

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    لکھیں اور پھر ایک سپیس دیکر


    لکھیں. اسکے بعد بغیر سپیس تصویر یا خبر کا لنک پیسٹ کریں اور اسکے بعد بغیر سپیس


    لکھیں اور پوسٹ کر دیں

    مزید تفصیل

  • Very good news!

    Change is coming, status quo's backside is burning!

  • Good to see something is changing in Pak Politics but the real battle will be in General election & it will be interesting to see how these farmers will contest election against setting MNAs?

    PML-N is getting stronger day by day! It looks very much clear that Nawaz Sharif will make next govt (In Sha Allah), if election held under current circumstance.

    With the latest situation, election is scheduled somwehre in mid-may when loadshedding will be at peak, & anyone who join PPP in election will commit suicide.

    Wise politican for joining PML-N.

  • ^^^Bro, any poor candidate of PTI will be supported from party fund in election campaign. WE have to defeat the tradidtional politicians if we want to bring positive change in Pakistan.

    There are still months to ago. Assemblies have yet to dissolve. Election campaign of PTI will start on 23rd March - already the hype of this jalsa is unbearable.

    PMLN has reached its peak - in grabbing electables, allying with any crook under the sun in attempt to win elections, nothing positive - three months prior to the real crunch time.

    You should see Najam Sethi's analaysis and yesterday's Bolta Pakistan as well. Nawaz Sharif is Zardari 2.0.

  • ^^^ while I was reading your post, I thought I watch repeat telecast of Najam Sethi last night program.

    Najam also mentioned that 23 March Jalsa will be do or die for Imran Khan. Don't forget to mention Bolta Pak pgm, where they were telling that Bossan joining PML-N in coming days & also Shah M. Qureshi is joining PML-N.

    It's groud reality that in Pakistan politics, You must bring electable to party if you want to grab seats. many electable are defecting to PML-N (including PTI people are joining PML-N).

    after getting impressive numb of electable/alliance/seat-adjustment in SINDH, now PML-N is ready to bring electable from KPK.

    Today Malik Saeed reknown PPP ex-mna joined PML-N. Sardar Yousif, & his son joining PML-N (as a result PML-N all set for clean sweep iN hazara division). These words are not mine but extracted from Jang Paper

  • Give them MPA/MNA tickets not these lollipops of ceremonial offices.

  • @sadaat bhai,

    We have to break ground realities if we want to see positive change. Due to these "Ground realities" Pakistan is going down. PMLn is for sustaining these ground realities - like PPPP. PTI is for change.

    The movement PTI is attempting to create will be the one that no electable will be able to stand against. And that's where do and die comes.

    Regarding Bolta Pakistan, did you listen to Nusrat talking about IJI version 2.0?*

    It's not about electables. It's to show that PMLN is just another face of the status quo ruling Pakistan for the last 5 years. As we approach elections, the choice is becoming clearer - status quo led by PMLN, and change, represented by PTI. This narrative favors PTI. PTI has clinched this narrative again. If PTI is able to power this narrative on 23rd March, the electables in PMLN may become nails in PMLN's own coffin. This is my point.

    *I am quoting NJ and NS because these journalists have have had sympathies for PMLN and nothing against it. They are simply analyzing the situation as it is unfolding, and the situation shows that PMLN is an arch status quo party - which is a beneficial impression as far as PTI is concerned.

  • Folks, the election of ordinary people to these PTI ranks is just a publicity stunt. Every party, including PMLN and PPP gives these lower level party slots to their workers but when times comes to nominate someone for the NA or PA seats, they would choose only those who can actually win.

    Now why do you think that there is parliamentary board of PTI that can override any recommendation from the elected PTI officials? The reason is simple; if a nobody (aka lalu punju, era ghera, nathu khera) gets the recommendation from the locally elected leadership, he/she would be rejected by the board. Got the idea?

  • ^^^No.

    Your logic is crippled. First PTI's officials are been ELECTED, while your "lower level" officials are SELECTED.

    The "selected" will always remain SLAVES of those who select them. They have no power. Their selection is a FAVOR of those who selected them and therefore, they remain INDEBTED. This is no different from Monarchy.

    On the other hand, PTI is electing it's officials from members. Nobody is coming because of any favor by Imran Khan. They are coming on their own credibility, and they have the powers defined in the PTI constitutions.

    God the difference?

    Secondly, your argument flawed because the "parliamentary board" and th ehigher leadership will ALSO BE ELECTED - and elected by the same elected officials level by level! The higher leadership is not imposed on the party from outside.

    As for parliamentary board, it is needed. Why? Because each recommendation needs to be scrutinized on legal and ideological grounds, and an input from the higher leadership - which is the reuslt of election itself - is required. The parliamentary board WILL chose ONE recommendation - it can't do away with all.

    I keep telling you guys that "stunts" are done away within one day or two days - like PMLN, PPP and PMLQ conduct their election. You don't strive for 12 months - and you don't risk infighting - to stage a drama.

    Rather than giving lame excuses, accept what is really good and call for the same in your party too. PTI has become an institution - the only democratic party in Pakistan. This is a fact.

  • Noon-league's "elections":

  • PMLQ Elections done in few seconds today


  • اگر یہ اتنی خوشی کی بات ھے تو کراچی کے لیے بھی منالیاکریں

  • FineInsaf ji,

    Why would there be multiple recommendations from the local leadership? If a candidate has a support from majority of the local leadership, shouldn't he win the nomination outright? It’s just a clever way to override the local leadership. So, spare me this bogus logic about sending a list of multiple candidates to the parliamentary board.

    Sh. Rasheed once gave Imran an advice in a live program; he told Khan not to nominate anybody based on the party election recommendations, instead, wait for the powerful candidates who wouldn't be able to get accommodations from PPP and PMLN for one reason or the other, and give them the ticket if they ask for it. Trust me, Imran isn't that stupid to nominate someone based on Chacha Humaiyon’s recommendation.

  • جب ٹکٹ دینے کی باری آئے گی تو دودھ کا دودھ اور پانی کا پانی ہو جائے گا

  • Actually, the person who was elected Distt Attock president is not a "kissan" but ex-MPA of Q-League Sardar Muhammad Ali.

  • @ Adonis

    But he is a kissan. Afterall you cannot argue that Gh. Mustafa Jatoi or jahangir Tareen are not kissan.