Asad Qaiser Beats Pervez Khattak and Murad Saeed For PTI KPK Presidency

  • Asad Qaiser was ex provincial president of KPK and he maintains control of KPK province defeating Pervez Khattak and Insaf Student Federation Leader Murad Saeed.

    Congrats to Asad Qaiser!

  • ^^^Great results.

  • Good News that Asad Qaiser, an ideological worker of PTI got elected as KPK President. Although, Pervez Khattak and Murad Saeed are good candidates too. But in the end, this is a not a win of Asad Qaiser. It is a win of PTI and democracy within party.

    Now, the first test of this new leadership would be to unite and take along the losing candidates. The PTI jalsa on 10th March in Peshawar would set the tone for the coming Elections in KPK. Insha'Allah

  • Gujjar Talwar posted this link on another thread but I think it belongs here as well. Azam Swati, the great, suffered the wrath of PTI workers when he was trying to buy votes for Asad Qaiser.