Punjab Govt requested for Transparency Certificates

  • Lets cross our fingers for the outcomes :-)

    Is he Really trying to present him for an accountability ? Isn't it a rare phenomenon around here ?

  • ^^^The only true accountability can be done by an independent NAB at provincial and national level - a body independent of federal and provincial government.

    If he really wanted transparency, then he will set up such an independent accountability body at least at the level of Punjab. PMLN should have done legislation in this regard in Punjab assembly. But nothing happened.

    We have a case of this clown calling judges and saying, "Kam chuk ke rakho!" and now this third rate clown is being presented as a trademark of accountability? Can we go lower?

    So corruption within the projects is one thing, let us discuss what is in the open.

    Can anybody answer me here -

    1. Is this not wastage of public money and thus corruption to use taxpayer money for your own projection through mass advertisements? Laptop distribution, one thing - how about the money used on "mini-jalsis" for Sharif family members to distribute laptops in different universities? How about the commercials with their faces in the newspaper?

    2. Metro Bus original budget was much less than what it eventually amounted to even according to official estimate. The total spending exceeded over 50% of the original amount declared in the budget. Supposing there isn't corruption, why wasn't any appropriate feasibility done? Is it not wastage of public money and thus corruption of the highest order to spend public money irresponsibly on projects designed for election campaigns and waste billions in the process?

    3. Why didn't SS mention "Sasti Rotti" scheme in the above list, btw? What about Ashiana Housing scheme????? Were they initiated form SS"s own pocket?

  • why not get audit of sasti roti & ashiyana?


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