Rays of Hope Died And Rose Up So Many Times-Hum Zinda Quoom Hain

  • Rays of Hope Died And Rose Up So Many Times In Pakistani History

    Original Muslim League succumbed to the anomalies of the corrupt politicians shortly after the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan. The vicious elements like Ghulam Mohammad, Istander Mirza and Ayub Khan inflicted irreparable damages to Muslim League for their embedded self interests. The rays of hopes which sparked with the creation of Pakistan died very shortly.

    Ayub’s martial law grew rays of hopes in Pakistan at the beginning but the last years of his regime killed the hopes of the public.

    Ayub Khan’s tyrannical regime was followed by PPP regime. In the elections of 1971, the majority of people in West Pakistan voted PPP and its charismatic looking deceptive leader Z.A. Bhutto. The general public again saw glittering rays of hopes. The policies of Bhutto’s regime like nationalization of industry, nationalization of banks and quota system again turned up to be very heavy failure.

    Bhutto’s regime was toppled by political mullahs through a deceptive movement which was named as ‘Tehrek E Nizam E Mustafa’. The beneficiary of the outcome of the movement was a hypocritical general named Zia Ul Haq. The people in the inception deceived by the hypocrisy of Zia and again grew glittering rays of hopes. Zia’s period brought numerous social, administrative and political ailments. The rays of hope died once again in the history of Pakistan.

    Zia’s death brought Benazir’s regime which ended up with heavy political, economic and administrative failures. The people then developed great hopes from the following period of Nawaz Shariff’s first regime.

    Nawaz Shariff’s first regime showed some sings of improvement and the general public started looking forward to a bright future of Pakistan. Nawaz was toppled by the CIA backed ‘Ghulam Ishaq Khan’. The series of disappointments resumed with the 2nd. regime of Benazir. Following heavy failure, the Benazir’s regime ended up again. Nawaz had a second opportunity of restoring public hopes.

    The second regime of Nawaz unlike his first regime was a generator of disappointments, public frauds and failures. Nawaz turned up to be an incapable leader to tackle the situation arose from nuclear blasts. The schemes like ‘Qurz Utaro Muluk Sanwaro’ turned up to be scam. Kargil situation was also badly mishandled Finally, Nawaz failed regime also came to an end in the hands of Gen. Musharaff.

    Musharaff’s regime turned up to be a regime of turmoil. Like Zia’s regime, the interests of Pakistan were sold to America for peanuts without any fruitful negotiations. The public hopes which grew up for possible improvement died again. Musharaff’s expulsion from power was followed by the present regime which can be reckoned as the worst regime of Pakistan’s history.

    We are no doubt a very strong nation Masha Allah. Our hopes died so many times, but we are still a Zinda Quoam, Pakistan Zindabad!