Bangladesh-Kangaroo Courts in action


    Did it take 40 years to find this? The murders supposedly happened in 1971.

    Another 73 year old JI leader Delawer Hussain was sentenced to death today for assisting Pakistani army. Looks like Indian agents and Mujeebs ghosts are active.

  • If he helped Pakistani army in killing of poor Bengalis

    then this is a late but good judgment.

  • Like Pakistan, court system is also very slow in Bangladesh. Mujeeb's killers were hanged 4 years ago for their terrible crime they committed in 1975.

    It is a good decision by a Bangladeshi court; all culprits (alive) should face justice for their crimes.

    As usual Abdul Rahman is daydreaming by relating an act of justice with Indian agents and Mujeebs ghosts.

  • لگتا ہے اب وہ دن بھی دور نہیں ہیں جب

    زرداری کے گلے میں بھی پٹہ ڈال کر اسے گھسیٹ کر پھانسی گھاٹ تک لایا جائے گا اور پھر منہ پر کالا کپڑا ڈال کر لیوز دبایا جائے گا

    اور اسطرح مردود خاندان کے امریکی پجاریوں کو پوجا کے لیے ایک اور "شہید" میسر آ جائے گا

  • International Human Rights organizations have called these courts a joke. It is just political point scoring by Awami League against its opponents. This is why the whole country is up in flames these days with pitched battles between protesters and police in all major cities almost ever day.

    Soon Hasina Wajid will be out of office and then it will be her turn to face courts.

  • Terrible atrocities were committed by Pakistani Army during Bangladeshi war for independence. Of course, Bangaldeshi courts cannot bring justice to West Pakistanis, however they can bring justice to East Pakistanis who aided and abetted an army which was mercilessly killing its own citizens left right and center.

    All alive war criminals of 1971 atrocities should be brought to justice.

  • Better late than never. Great decision.

  • Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

    Mawlana Sayeedi has been sentenced to death by the secularist oppressors in Bangladesh. He is a scholar who devoted his life to calling people to Allah.

    His speech he gave upon being sentenced:

    "I am ready to stand a thousand times on the execution stage. I do not care about death. They (Awami League government) are such a government that they entirely removed 'Complete Reliance and Belief in Allaah' from our constitution.

    After independence, in 42 years, not a single general diary (case) was filed against me. The so called democratic government has now filed 17 cases against me! They have shamelessly interfered with the judicial process and the game they are playing in the name of justice is now as clear to everyone as the bright sun in daylight. Justice Nizamul was ready to declare the verdict against me. But Rabbul Alameen (Lord of the Worlds - Allaah) Himself interfered and ruled him out.

    I, Sayeedi, am blessed with the tear-filled love of millions of people. Is this love my crime?

    I participated in the struggle to establish a society of Quran, is this my crime?

    I have accepted Allaah as my sole Guardian. A great Protector, Allaah, the King of the Heavens and the Worlds, Owner of the 'Arsh (Throne), is enough as my helper."

    A hadith comes to mind when the Prophet (salallahu 'alayhi wasalam) once said "The best of Jihad is that individual who speaks the truth infront of a tyrant ruler," [Tirmidhi].

    May Allah give him Jannatul Firdos and bless this Ummah with more lions like Ml. Sayeedi.

  • آگ ہے اولاد ابراہیم ہے نمرود ہے، کیا کسی کو پھر کسی کا امتحاں مقصود ہے

  • Listen to Justice Nasim's skype scandal on youtube to understand how so called 'justice' was delivered...

  • All war criminals should be hanged in public in both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Instead of handing power to clear winner of election, Pakistan army responded with tanks and bullets to protestors in Dhaka killing thousands and committing other atrocities.

    1971 incidents are dirtiest in Pakistan's history and MUST be taught in Pakistani schools. Today's generation and coming generations have the right to know the truth.

  • If JI agents didnt kill anybody in Babgladesh, why were we giving credit for fighting West Pakistan interests.

  • @faheemshah

    Jamat Islami is world's biggest evil and wherever they are there will be fasad. They have always been a fasadi group using religion to play their dirty game of sectarian-based politics. They always take credit for aiding and abetting Pakistan army in East Pakistan debacle so now it is time to pay the price of taking credit.

    All war criminals and their accomplices should be arrested, tried and sentenced.

  • Aren't we supposed to fight with our own people if they train in an enemy state and come back to kill patriotic Pakistanis? Why are we fighting the Pakistani Taliban then?

  • JI had a pro Pakistani stance in 1971 and fought against the Mukti Bahni who were trained in India to counter pro Pakistanis in East Pakistan. Since the formation of Bangladesh, they accepted the reality and have been part of the country's socio political fabric...

  • Atrocities were committed by both Pakistani Army and Mukti Bahini (Begali rebels). Some unfortunate cases of rapes and murder by our troops were also reported during that time. JI leaders perhaps weren't part of those crimes. JI aligned itself with Paksiatn on ideological basis, and this was the crime they are being punished for now. A big section of the Bangalis considers them traiters. You can relate that to ANP in Pakistan (formerly called NAP); ANP leadership till recently were labeled as traitors because they sided with Congress during partition movement in 1940's.

    Having said that the current trial against JI leaders is hardly fair. An audio surfaced a few months ago where government officials were heard pressuring a judge for a faster judgement. Moreover, the government recently passed a bill forcing the Supreme Court to complete the appeal process within 60 days; the purpose is to ensure the hanging of these people within this government's tenure, clearly a mockery of the judicial process.

    I've met numerous Bangali students while studying abroad, and one thing was common in all of them; that is, their sheer contempt and hatred for Pakistan. Bangali youth doesn't hate India or Israel that much as they hate Pakistan.

  • "All war criminals should be hanged in public in both Pakistan and Bangladesh."

    ST, What about US and NATO war criminals that invaded and oblitereated and killed millions in two wrteched countries on false pretext.

  • @AR Saab

    It's good to see you shedding tears for JI.


  • Tears??? No way Man. It is flowers for the heroes

    Tears are for cowards and losers