Comparison of Case of Shahzeb Killing and Talah Bugti Killing

  • Similarities

    Both were killed in Elite residential society DHA Karachi.

    Both were killed before so many people (Eye witnesses)


    Supreme Took up the case of Shahzeb case vigorously and Media followed it even more vigorously and gave it too much time.

    Nobody paid attention to the case of Talah Bugti, neither supreme court nor media.

    Food for thought! Why this happened and what would be its impact?

  • Few weeks back I posted a similar thread and got interesting answer.

    Being a well wisher of Pakistan I think injustice has already harmed our beloved homeland so much and if it continued then such in-equality and bias can cause great disaster.

  • Its self explainatory:

    This is the test case between the two cultures in Pakistan. Killers belong the ruling elite. Representing the might of waderas and follow the tribal traditions.

    The victim belongs to a middle class of Pakistan.

    Mr. Karim Kundi, the speaker of National Assembly was asked a few months back to comment on the killings (burried alive)of 4 woman in Balochistan, by their tribal leaders. His comments were: "Its a part of our culture and nothing to be worried about".

    Mr. Bugti, (so-called shaheed) says in his autobiography that he started killing people when he was just 14 years old. He counted upto 100 killings, and after that stopped the counting.

    The two gentlemen above are representatives of the Baloch, tribal, and wadera culture. Killings are acceptable in that culture as a routine business.

    Shaz Zaib's killers, are powerful waderas, who were somehow close to the tribal culture. They have tried their best to protect the killers. But the representatives of Shah Zaib did not allow this to happen, and the supreme court was forced to take a sou moto.

    I wonder if this is the fight of two different cultures may bring in some changes in Pakistan...!!

  • @ Ansari,

    You did not read it or understand it fully.

    I am not talking about Akbar bugti, I am talking about the man who was killed in DHA, which wadera killed him. Can you tell me please.

  • Talha Bugti...

    He may be a victim of feudal enemity or other fighting.

    Shahzaib murder case turned into a test of civilized and feudal forces. While the case of Talha Bugti is a normal murder case in the city.

    I have all sympathies with the deceased and he deserves the justice too.

  • @ Ansari

    I have all sympathies with the deceased and he deserves the justice too.

    That is my point. When one Baloch(Talha Bugti) is killed no sympathies and when another Baloch kills in same fashion, extra-ordinary efforts to hang him. SC orders to decide the case in seven days. Irony of fate.