What are the updates in the case of rental power scandal?

  • There was a great uproar and brouhaha when SCP ordered the arrest of the P.M. in rental power case. The general public began to feel very enthusiastic about the growth of a new system of accountability. All the generated enthusiasm was shortly followed by an utter silence of media and commentators.

    What are the updates on the issue now? Can any friend on the forum put any light?

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  • There is a mysterious silence on the issue.

  • Not sure if SC specifically ordered arrest of PM or Qadri misconstrued it for his purpose.

  • There was a heavy uproar on media. That gave a false advantage to Dr. Qadri. Dr. Qadri began to treat that uproar as some sort of his accomplishment. The following utter silence is incomprehensible. What was all that drama?

  • Good thread, Hussain Farooqui saheb:

    Rental power case is as mysterious as Swiss case against Zardari. In Swiss case the reply letter of Swiss Attorney General was produced to CJ on the last date of hearing - after that a mysterious silence prevails. This letter is not made public, therefore, speculations of different kinds prevail. One is that till such time, AZ is President he could not be prosecuted, the other media paper published (Dawn) that Swiss AG has declared this case as time barred. Therefore, speculations are on the picking mode.

    In rental power case, there is more mystery. SC ordered NAB to arrest all the accused in the case. There was a face to face arguments that might really be termed as altercation between CJ and Faseeh Bukhari. Bukhari's stand was they cannot arrest person/s (including PM Raja) unless cogent domentary or corroborative evidence came into light, for which they were still investigating. CJ promptly ordered to submit all documents and papers in this case within half an hour, which was done. After that, a silence prevails. In the meantime, Bukhari wrote a "confidential" letter to AZ complaining SC was making hurdles in their investigation by forcing the investigation in the direction SC liked to choose. This "Confidential letter" was deliberately leaked to media which was very happy to make it public. When the news reached CJ Iftikhar Choudhary, he summoned the letter and after seeing it issued contempt notice to Faseeh Bukhari which I think is still in progress. In the meantime, a CJ darling officer of NAB was found dead in his room. This also raised more suspicion that he was eliminated (murdered) to save culprits. The same was observed by SC. But latest report is the Medical Board has declared it a suicide.

    I think, SC was a little harsh in ordering the arrest of accused unless some evidence is gathered. Had there been any, Fasih Bukhari would have been arrested first before Raja Rental Power. Money (Rs.20 billion) paid to different power companies as advance, was returned and deposited in the treasury within three days as ordered by SC. Now the case hangs on suspicion of "kick backs". Kick back can not be proved unless there is a receipt paper (which is never issued) or the payor comes in the NAB court to assert that they did pay. Nothing of this sort has happened so far.

  • imtiazahmed Sahab

    Thanks a lot for enlightening us with complete and concise update on the issue. There is a complete blackout of issue on media too.

  • @Hussain Farooqui bhai

    I think you missed the news on 31-Jan-2013

    President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday, on the advice of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, has approved a 20 per cent increase in the salaries as well as judicial allowances for the judges of superior courts

    Now next session of said case will start up on having demand either by corrupt judges or their corrupt supporters.

  • BT Bhai

    Very interesting comment. Justice is really for sale in Pakistan. Our courts of law are worse than red light areas.