Reward Keith Ellison for standing up to FOX

  • Wanted to share this e-mail I received from Progressive Change Campaign Committee...


    Why is right-wing hate monger Michelle Malkin accusing Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Keith Ellison -- the first Muslim American in Congress -- of waging "verbal Jihad" against FOX's Sean Hannity?

    Because Ellison showed guts with an "utter evisceration of Mr. Hannity on his own broadcast," according to MSNBC's Martin Bashir.

    Click here to watch the epic showdown. Then, show Keith Ellison he is not alone by donating $3 to his campaign.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee is also attacking Ellison, and Sean Hannity put out a statement saying, "I mark this night as the beginning of the end for the Obama Democrats."

    Ellison is more than a typical Democrat. He's a leading progressive voice in Congress, and that's why they are attacking him.

    Ellison stood with Alan Grayson on a letter promising to "vote against any and every cut to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits." He fought for the public option. He offered the progressive alternative to Paul Ryan's budget. And he's been a partner to the PCCC as we fight to build progressive power in Congress.

    As the right attacks, we need to stand with our friend. Watch Keith Ellison's awesomeness and donate $3 to thank him.

    Thanks for being a bold progressive.

    -- Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founders

    P.S. If you can't afford $3, write Rep. Ellison a thank-you note here.

  • Nice to know Zia saheb that your writes have attracted some media persons and politicians in USA. This is not a small achievement. That's why you are one of the chosen ones to support the bold stand of Keith Ellison who outclassed the outspoken Sean Hannitty of FOX in a TV debate.

    What I do not understand, in he beginning of first term of Obama, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits were supposed to be enhanced by some billion dollars Stimulus Plan packages. What happened thereafter I do not know, although, I think US economy is now much better than what it was at the time Obama first entered into the Whitehouse. Then why are there voices of cuts in the healthcare policies. Has Stimulus Plan failed big time???

  • Imtiaz Saheb, it has nothing to do with my writings or anything of that sort.I'm simply an ordinary contributing member of Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), simply trying to support liberal causes in US.

    Republicans happen to have a majority in the House and there is a huge fight going on to cut the deficit. Republicans want to cut the spending and Democrats are opting for raising the tax on the rich to balance the budget.