NA 60 - Chakwal-I

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  • NA 60 - Chakwal 1 in 2002

    Ayaz Amir PML(N) 70080

    Khurram Nawab PPP 41006

    Sahibzada Nasir Jamil Hashmi MMA 14084

    Major ® Tahir Iqbal PML (Q) 72331

    Valid Votes 200355

    Rejected Votes 4195

    Total Votes 204550

    Registered Voters 386932

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 52.86 %

  • This time around

    Ayaz Amir (the Dawn columnist and ARY host)is again PML(N) candidate. Maj. Tahir Iqbal (nephew of Gen. Majeed Malik) the PML(Q) candidate has withdrawn in his favour after developing differences with gujratis.

    Khurram Nawab who contested on PPP ticket last time is now PML(Q) provincial candidate while his father is PML (Q) candidate from this national assemble constituency.

    With the MMA spoiler element no more present and with the support of Gen. Majeed Malik, Ayaz Amir appears to be invincible. (BTW, I always wonder how Ayaz Amir is so erudite inspite of his reputation of being such a drunkard.)

    RESULT: PML(N) Victory.

  • Its my hometown. Yes Inshallah Ayaz Amir is going to win this time with a huge margin. He is from PMLN. Good luck Ayaz.

    Someone commented that he is drunkard. But at least he drinks alcohol and not diesel. (like Maulana Fazlu)

  • Ayaz Amir should win this time, even last time till last few polling stations he was winning and then..the famous "jhurlo" had him lossing by a couple of thousand votes. This time this is in bag for PML-N. More seats analyzed also at

  • Though I am not from this constituency.But I admire Ayaz Amir.

    I wish him all the best.

  • Read Ayaz Amir's latest column in dawn. He has been kicked out of dawn due to his participation in elections. I wonder where were these dawn guys when he took part in 1997 and 2002 elections too. Dawn and Dawn news are becoming another PTV. what a sh@meful act of a newspaper who was founded by Quaid-e-Azam.

  • I will miss his columns.

    Good news is Kamran shafi has joined Dawn recently.He was writing in Daily times earlier.

  • Bechari awam

    You might have read his article also in Express - Urdu version of it - has been kicked out of Urdu Daily express also. I dont think so that Dawn would be that stupid to do so becuase their own TV was the first one to assure Musharraf that it would say nothing against goverment. If at all he has been kicked out - that is probably on pressure of MQM and Q league - because Q league is bound to face its biggest defeat in Chakwal N60

  • People like Ayaz Amir are an asset to pakistan and their struggles should be appreciated.Inshallah he should get success.i dont know what to say to the response of that person who called him a drunkard.If he drinks or not,he is answerable to God not to you or me.But i just want to say the mentality of that person who called him a drunkard ,is miserable.Inshallah God will give success to Ayaz Amir.

  • @universal007

    Dear sorry but I dont have much knowledge of Ayaz Amir specifically.. Regardless of either he can be regarded as an asset to Pakistan (as you mentioned) or not, it can never be appreciated if any of our leader (or common man) is drunkard. This is something to be condemned.

  • Ayaz Amir is the lion of this constituency,if not rigged ,he will get a good amount of lead and win easily.

  • @engrzia

    Would you condemn Qaid e Azam also???

    He too used to drink.btw in case you dont know,he would some time eat ham sandwiches.

    Perhaps you should look for a pious person who doesnt drink, but would become lota after he is elected.

  • @munnabhaiMBBS

    Dear I (and definitely every muslim) will definitely condemn regardless of who is doing that.

  • @ munna

    Maybe because you are the only eyewitness to Quaid-i-Azam's drinking and eating pork because no other eyewitnesses have ever come forward regarding this. This propaganda was launched in 1940s by the hindu media and Jamiatul Ulema-i-Hind (Husaain Ahmad Madani group to which Fazlur Rehman's father Mufti Mehmood belonged).

    But the muslim masses saw behind that lie and rejected this false propaganda with the contempt it deserved.

    On the other hand, there are many eye witnesses who have written about Quaid-i-Azam offering prayers and crying during prayers(namaz). His observance of muslim norms is extremely well documented. Maybe reading books by Mirza Abul Hassan Isfahani and Nur-us Sabaah Begum will broaden your horizons and rid you of your prejudices.


  • Sorry...

    Some indians who come to Pakistani sites because of their inferiority complex distract all of us.......

    Coming back to NA-60, Fauzia Behram of PPP is trying to be aplayer riding on PPP sympathy wave but it seems like that sympathy wave is not that strong as was initially presumed. So Ayaz Amir remains a solid favourite.

    NA-61 is on another thread.

  • Inshallah Ayaz Amir is going to win handsdown this election. People have all the sympathy for Benazir but that is not for Fauzia Behram - so in Punjab if you have to destroy Q or Qatil league then vote for PML N - Nijat Dahinda league

  • @chussain, r u chakwal resident?

    i have also sympathy 4 PML-N


  • Ayaz Amir is in a commanding position, although from the number of posters and banners, he seems hardly to be in the race. Q league would definitely win if all banners and posters could vote.

    But since only human voters count, I predict a 40,000 vote victory margin for Ayaz.