Genocide of Islamic Parties Supporters by Police in Bangladesh.

  • Genocide of Islamic Parties Supporters by Police and Kangaroo Courts in Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh was created after military war between India and Pakistan, so in a mutual war no one can claim to be innocent on both sides, that is why India destroyed all record of this war. The Indian trained terrorist who killed a former Governor of East Pakistan Monaam Khan was awarded by Bangladesh Government, The traitor Atiqur Rehman was awarded by Bangladesh Government, who killed Rashid Minhas a 17 years old Pakistani Trainee Pilot who was not on any war mission. Those who killed West Pakistanis as per white paper of Govt. of Pakistan, those who looted and forced to millions of Biharies to leave their homes and still living in Camps and those who destroyed bridges and tea farms as per Indian Terrorism and Sabotage Plan were rewarded by Bangladesh Government and those who used guns to kill others and those who called themselves as Sector Commanders for their armed struggles with guns and bullets against supporters of Pakistan as per their Indian Master plan of kill and run and loot and burn, should also be brought to Justice not by Kangaroo Courts created by Awami League which was itself involved in this war as a party but a commission of UN.There is also need to penalize those who are killing protesters like birds and insects and busy in genocide even today on the name of politics and nationhood.

    International Human Rights organizations have called these Kangaroo courts a joke. It is just political Victimization of Islamic Parties workers by ethnocentric Awami League against its opponents. This is why the whole country is up in flames these days with pitched battles between protesters and police in all major cities almost ever day.

    Human Rights Watch said that most deaths appear to have been caused by the security forces using live ammunition against Jamaat protesters.

    It also called for effective investigations into the deaths of all killed during the demonstrations. “At the same time, the government should instruct the security forces to strictly observe its obligation to use maximum restraint and avoid lethal force unless necessary to protect their lives or those of others. If cool heads don’t prevail, Dhaka could dissolve into uncontrolled violence.”


    In 1971 the situation started to become violent in East Pakistan, due to allegations of Ethnic cleansing and allegations of victimization of Pakistan supporters by Agents of Awami league as Awami League and Indian agents launched a campaign of civil disobedience, its supporters attacked many non-Bengali civilians, and to save Pakistan supporters and Citizens the Pakistan army flew in thousands of reinforcements.

    Atrocities were committed by both Pakistani Army and Mukti Bahini (India Trained Bengali rebels and Indian Agents). Some unfortunate cases of rapes and murder by all were reported during that time. JI leaders perhaps weren't part of those crimes. JI aligned itself with Pakistan on ideological basis, and this was the crime they are being punished for now. A big section of the Bengalese find themselves in confusion including their leaders Mujeeb due to tricky and complex chain of actions initiated by different sides and different people in haphazard way during that period of history. You can relate that to ANP in Pakistan (formerly called NAP); ANP leadership till recently were labeled as traitors because they sided with Congress during partition movement in 1940's, but Pakistan never did any thing of victimization against this party, but in Bangladesh victimization of opponents is fashion and tradition.

    Dilemma of history of this period is this that till the end Mr.Mujeeb was thinking to rule Pakistan, but fact is this that clever leaders of West Pakistan like Bhutto who in Past rejected and refused to entertain Leaders like Nehru and Gandhi and separated themselves from large and some what resourceful country of India to maintain their freedom and importance were more experienced and confident in making decisions of different direction by rejecting and refusing handing over power to Mujeeb by sensing his mandate a result of ethnocentrism and in view of poor economic condition of East Pakistan making such decisions were very easy.

    While Islamic Parties were of view that Unity between East and West Pakistan was in the best interest of both. Having said that the current trial against JI leaders is hardly fair. An audio surfaced a few months ago where government officials were heard pressuring a judge for a faster judgment. Moreover, the government recently passed a bill forcing the Supreme Court to complete the appeal process within 60 days; the purpose is to ensure the hanging of these people within this government's

    Mawlana Sayeedi has been sentenced to death by the secularist oppressors in Bangladesh. He is a scholar who devoted his life to calling people to Allah.

    His speech he gave upon being sentenced:

    "I am ready to stand a thousand times on the execution stage. I do not care about death. They (Awami League government) are such a government that they entirely removed 'Complete Reliance and Belief in Allaah' from our constitution.

    After independence, in 42 years, not a single general diary (case) was filed against me. The so called democratic government has now filed 17 cases against me! They have shamelessly interfered with the judicial process and the game they are playing in the name of justice is now as clear to everyone as the bright sun in daylight. Justice Nizamul was ready to declare the verdict against me. But Rabbul Alameen (Lord of the Worlds - Allaah) Himself interfered and ruled him out.

    Islamic Parties in Bangladesh.

    JI Policy was right in East Pakistan in fight against Indian agents and terrorists to keep Pakistan united, their bad luck was the presence of loose character people like Bhutto and Yahya from West Pakistan which resulted in their failure and after war their main fault was when under extra pressure of ethnic Bengalese and Awami League they apologized for their role in 1971 which proved very fatal for them and provided ground to Awami league to start cases against them.

    After creation of Bangladesh Islamic Parties failed to make any genuine effort to justify their actions in turbulent past, which made their position very defensive and apologetic. While it was very easy for them to explain their position based on single point that all their actions were based to keep united Pakistan and nothing else, which was beneficial for every one, and they were not supporting Yahya or Bhutto but they were fighting against India a recognized enemy of Muslims and Pakistan which was created after a democratic process and consensus of all parties and people and not by any crisis, war and military intervention. JI has a great scope in Bangladesh, as Bangladesh still has more than 80% Muslim population and actually JI is more powerful now than in 1971 and more powerful in Bangladesh than in Pakistan.

    Written By M.AKRAM

  • What a bunch of lies. It’s the jamaati terrorists who are attacking Police, by standers, and even Hindus who have nothing to do with this.

  • Jamaat-e-Islami unleashes attack on Bangladesh Hindus; Six temples damaged; homes torched

    What a bunch of bastards these Jamaatis are. Attacking and killing innocent people.

  • Bangladesh by banning the religious parties from politics is on the right track.

    They have the potential of becoming most advanced nation in the subcontinent.

  • Two original poles of Pakistan are poles apart. West Pakistan is digging their own graves by extreme kind of religious fanatics. East Pakistan, sorry Bangladesh, is inclined to liberalism and is on the path of progress. Days are not far away when Bangladesh would offer economic crutches to avoid a muslim country's total collapse.

    Bad habits do not go away so easily. Once parasite, always a parasite. USA is slowly and gradually withdrawing economic and war equipment supplies to our army which was in force since last thirty/forty years. The desparate army is now dependant on money flow from Saudi Arabian religious Takfiri/Wahabi groups. These Saudi groups main purpose was to crush shias uprising in Bahrain through highly paid mercenaries from Pakistan. And now this anti-shia killing has returned to Pakistan. Allah bless Pakistan.

  • Religious politics was patronized in Pakistan by the US govt. to build an iron wall against growing communist influence. The cold war between the USSR and the USA started up right in the inception after 1947. The situation went worse when Zia's govt. sponsored a so called jihad in Afghanistan with the help of America.

    However, Bangladeshi is not exactly as it appears to be. Hasina Wajid’s position was stumbling for the next election, so she lifted up this drama of fanning hatred against Pakistan and punishing those who played any pro-Pakistani role in the former East Pakistan.

  • @M.AKRAM

    Your analysis is full of one-sided story, bias and incorrect.

    The video above shows Jamat and its destructive negative mentality will never change; no matter where they are, they always cause trouble. Like Pakistan, Jamati politics is full of violence and ghundagardi.

    I applaud Bangladeshi court decision to sentence war criminals and law-abiding citizens should respect court decisions instead of damaging public property and attacking Police.

  • Setting aside the negative role of JI in 1971,Hasina Wajid is simply trying to gain political mileage for the next elections. Fanning hatred against Paksitan to attract public attention is her old time weapon. She is a very 3rd. grade politician.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    What would you expect from a lady (Haseena Wajid) whose father was arrested after winning an election by Pakistani military and locked up in West Paksitan and then same army started killing innocent protestors in Dhaka?

  • ST

    I don't deny the excesses made to the Bengalis or their leaders the generals of our Bahadur Fauj. However, Hasina Wajid has no caliber like most of our politicians. As our politicians play their political games on sectarian and provincial basis due to lack of caliber, so is the case of Hasina Wajid.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    Haseena Wajid was born in Pakistan so in her viens Pakistani blood is running. This is a chronical problem with sub-continent politicians. Incompetency runs in their blood.

  • The organizers are carrying out an anti Islamic propaganda behind the demand for hanging war criminals Offensive comments about Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon him) made by the organizers of the Shahbag movement stirring up heated debates

    The offensive anti Islamic blog entries of the blogger, organizer Rajib Haidar Shobhon a.k.a ‘Thaba Baba’, who was recently brutally murdered, is stirring up the online community. We have discovered startling information in our investigation. Rajib Haidar’s blog, under the pseudo name ‘Thaba Baba’, contains

    contents that will make a reader shiver with horror. His blog

    ( contains articles titled ‘Mod O Mohammak’ (Liquor and Mohammak), Hera Guha (The Hera Cave), and other highly offensive writings about Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Islam written in the most obscene language and cursing. In these writings Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is being called Mohammak

    (Nauzubillah). Allah’s name was cursed and mocked in the most disgusting manners.

    Another shahbag blogger wrote the following poem: “By the eternal mercy of Allah

    Allama Syedee is in prison.

    Soon he will be hanged

    Will Allah descend from the seventh heaven to save him?”

    Another blogger ‘Rana’ commented on this poem saying: “Allah will be hanged too if he comes down.” (Nauzubillah)

    We have observed by visiting Shahbag that many symbols of Islam are being ridiculed at Shahbag. Many banners and cartoons are being hanged and dramas are being acted ridiculing Islam and its many symbols such as beard, kufi, and the Friday sermon

  • CHITRAL, March 1: Civil Judge Mohammad Shoaib dismissed on Friday the bail petition of former district Nazim and local Jamaat-i-Islami leader Maghfirat Shah who had been arrested recently after explosives were found at the site of his under-construction hydro-power house.

    Jamaat Islami terrorists are same everywhere.

  • For past many decades Muslims have been fighting US proxy wars in the name of Jihad. These jihads have just made US the lone super power and the remaining West even more powerful. Muslims have gained nothing except death and destruction.