How much transparent is, the transparency international in Pakistan.

  • I did visit the website of TI of Pakistan chapter and the main TI organization and found the following differences.

    For Pakistan TI, I have few question or comments

    1. No source of income is given

    2. No audit report for all its expenses from October 2005 till to date.

    3. NO list is attached from where this chapter got funds and how much?

    4. As per TI policy, “It is Transparency International’s policy to list all donations over €1,000 and publicly disclose these. All donations over €1,000 to the Transparency International Secretariat can be found in our Audited Financial Reports. Below a list of donors is provided which supported the secretariat with contributions exceeding €5,000 in 2011.”

    5. 1000 euro mean only 12000 RS, it is clear that running of big offices, cant possible without big funding, in this regard, TI Pakistan chapter must does not show the name under who support us.

    6. How this organization is transparent when it is accepted the funds from governments also, “Transparency International receives funding from a range of donors, including government agencies, multilateral institutions, foundations, the private sector and individuals. Funding may be unrestricted or tied to specific projects or programmes.”

    Below are the links for both websites for our accountability, serious reader will decide themselves,

    For main transparency international

    Who Supports us

    For Pakistan transparency international

    Our Accountability

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  • Tahir Bahi,

    use it like this:

    < a href=>Our Accountability< /a >

    remove the empty space after < and before >

    another mistake was that your link contain a "”

    so it works!!!

    Our Accountability

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  • Tahir bhai,

    A minor correction dear, €1,000 is equal to 127872.00 Pakistani Rupee.

  • Thanks for Ar and RQ

    Hope next time will not repeat the same mistakes,

    write some comments on the topic also.

  • If there are no free dinners/lunch in this world!!! then how come SKCH provide free services to certain % of its patients???

    The questions of TI were raised because the poor NGO signed an MOU with Punjab Govt to find out if there is any corruption done in its projects...

    otherwise this is the TI who was used as reference against the govt of Pakistan and other govts of other provinces...

    anyway, TI have asked the strong critics, Pervaiz Illahi and Imran Khan ( as per news) to provide evidences against allegations... i don't know about Pervaiz Illahi, but TI surly have done blasphemy by doubting the words of IK...

  • Just for the reference of what's stated by khanamer:

  • @khanmehar & imtnan

    Thread is not for metro bus

    Simple questions asked above that is our right as common man

    where is the audit reports of this chapter like the main organization, why they are shy to enlist the name of their supporters and funding agency. please don't mix up two thing

    There is one thread for metro bus is opened by SA

    I said, at that thread also, if you ask question to any one in Pakistan, his first allegation is you are the mouth piece of my opponent.

    This thread for serious bloggers only, because, if someone claims the right of accountability, himself to present first for example main TI organization has the audit reports.

    Our Accountability

    and by the way

    " poor NGO"

    I think, if you go to "PHAJA Nehari and seri pay" restaurant once in a week may be considered poor.

    Do you know the meaning of poor, can you show the picture of their offices, i will show the picture of schools in Sargodha district where real poor people children getting education.

    and regarding SKMH, fist the are adopting the well recognize accountability procedure, annual audit. 2nd Mr. IK is now getting the lunch/dinner of this investment, not a single PTI jumbora write a comment without praise of SKMH. This is one kind of reward(Lunch / dinner) also.

  • The construction of roads, bridges, buildings and some recreation area is going on in the public sector since the creation of Pakistan. One of the major driving forces in the development is actually corruption. This is not the petty bribes you have to give to an official to move a file. This is the big money. It is commonly known as commission among the engineering professionals. It is pretty much standardized since the time of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. From engineering supervisor to all way to the secretary of the ministry a percentage is fixed. Here is how it works:

    Plans and feasibilities for various projects are on the shelves all the time. You will see mostly Tablighi engineers in the planning division of various departments such as WAPDA a C&W. Why? This is the only department where Riaz Malik has little to do. (Riaz Malik is a metaphor).

    Secretaries and Chief Engineers are jockeying for their pet projects to be on front of funding all the times. Finally they convince the politicians or the generals.

    Projects are dusted off and tweaked to current. Bidding (tender) from the contractors is called for.

    (Transparency Pakistan should do a field study to see how the bidding process actually works).

    The winning contractor gets a check for Mobilization charges. Commonly the amount is 5% of the total cost. But in case of Rental Power Projects it was 10%. (Remember, the contractor has not done a squat yet). The check approval process flows through a series of engineering and clerical staff. Chaay Paani is standard in this work flow. But biggest bribe goes to the “Chiefs”.

    It is a fact that many of the wives of my friends are offered, by the concerned contractors, to go for shopping after the approval of a project. You might notice a complete change of household furniture, upgrade of appliances and a diamond set for Begum Sahiba would be a bonus treat. We have seen the news of Yousuf Reza Gilani’s wife shopping of some 80 suitecases from Harrods. Do you think it was purchased with a Yousuf Reza Gilani's credit card? Of course not, it must be a man of Riaz Malik if not he himself or someone from his league.

    Continues …

  • and I hope both of the allied partners, i.e. IK and q-league (or whatever is left of it) will respond to TI's request to support their claim of 75B and 100B RS expense of metro-bus project with supporting documents.

  • ^^^IK and Q-league allied partners? When did that happen?!

    As a follower of Zardari, you have truly learned to say the darnedest thing, bro.

    AS for the expense, we are ready. Let them come. Punjab Gov will have its undies in a bunch.

  • A question to all readers.

    Let's suppose Punjab Government has not committed corruption in Metro Bus, Laptop and Ujala scheme. Although, it's a difficult assumption, let's make it for a moment.

    What about other schemes of Punjab Government? What about the normal spending of government?

    Has other expenses of Punjab Government besides these three schemes for the last 5 years came from Shahbaz Sharif's pocket that he does not feel the need to open them to accountability? Mustn't all expenses of a government subject to accountability? Is this then not another shameless display of a publicity stunt from the master of dramabazi, Show-Baz Sharif?!

  • @Fineinsaf

    When PTI makes government, it can use its five years to carry out audits of all the past governments, especially the motorway scheme and the metro bus. May be PTI would also like to carry out an audit on the financing of the nuclear bomb to see if A Q Kahn could have done it more efficiently.

  • One Mr. Adil Gilani, most prolly the head of TI-Pakistan declared the central government of Pakistan (PPP) as most corrupt government in Asia, while the report was full of praise for Punjab government (PML-N) - so far so good. In a talk show (Mr. Adil is very fond of appearing in talk shows), he was confronted with a question from another participant as to what was the basis of TI report of mass corruption by Federal government of Pakistan. I thought he would come up with some cogent proofs. But he referred an Asian Development Bank reasoning for refusing loan on a general point that there was mass corruption and that if loan given to Pakistan it would not meet the security aspects required for granting loan. So the whole charge of TI-Pakistan was based on ADB report.

    Now they are asking for cogent proofs for corruption in Punjab government projects. I am not a praiser of Zardari government, rather I hate them. If the government is a failed government how can I appreciate them. There is sure some kind of mass corruption within their system. Having said this much and returning back to TI, I am of the view that TI is not an independent body. There are more than 300 donors comprising of governmental and corporate bodies that donate huge amount to this organization (according to their own reports). How can they be an indepenant body? To quote an example, Melinda and Gates foundation (Bill Gates) is one of their donors. There is an extreme kind of criticism against this foundation for they have funded billions for genetically modified food en masse for African famine hit people. Now GM food is still under experimental critique stage and its side effects are not known. So the North Africans are made experimental target to find out the pros and cons of consuming GM foods.

    Can TI declare this African project as dangerous to humanity?

  • @IA

    very fruit full information you posted and got the point i try to explain some of our so Called "Danishwaren E WATAN".

    @Mr. Khan

    The advance payment always against bank guarantee what so ever the percentage (now a days it is always 10~20%). I was in Russia last year, where it reachs some time up to 40% depend on contract complexity.

  • @IA

    very fruit full information you posted and got the point i try to explain some of our so Called "Danishwaren E WATAN".

    @Mr. Khan

    The advance payment always against bank guarantee what so ever the percentage (now a days it is always 10~20%). I was in Russia last year, where it reaches some time up to 40% depend on contract complexity.