Children Kidnapping For Ransom-Another Gift Of PakistaniDemocracy

  • A newly growing crime in the society of Pakistan is kidnapping children for ransom. This new business of crime is suspected to be ignored by the politicians in power, since their lower level cohorts are themselves involved with the cooperation of policemen of course. This democracy has already given numerous gifts, this one is the latest.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    It is hard to believe such a terrible crime is growing in Islamic Republic of Paksitan and Police and politicians are either involved or turning a blind eye to this problem.

  • ST

    I often receive telephone calls in my office from the offices of the MPA's demanding donations in a threatening style. When I regrets for not giving any donations, they started abusing me in harsh words. Later, I investigated the matter through different sources to check the genuineness of their identities expressed on the telephone calls. All were found to be genuine.

    Most of our politicians are criminal.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    Pakistan have reached the height of lawlessness and ghundagardi where MPA andd MNA are patrons of criminals and criminal groups. Pakistani politicians are not only incompetant but also corrupt to the core. Most of thme are mafad parast fair weather Lotay and your won't beielive that they are proudly discussed under a very popular thread "who is joining PML-N in upcoming days" by majority of forum members on PkPolitics

  • I know a guy from Finland had invitation to attend shadi of his friend but didnt go. Even Pakistanis dont want to go there because of worst situations.

    Just imagine how much loss our nation is suffering from law & order situation.

  • faheemshah sahab

    The main reason for the fears is that democracy in Pakistan simply empowers feudal criminals.

  • Not just 'feudal' criminals but every type of criminal. MQMized unit and sector criminals are obviously not from feudal background,neither r lyari or ANP gangsters.As long as criminals know that they won't be prosecuted & punished even if they get caught,they will continue to wreck havoc.

    Around 50 school going children are being abducted for ransom and are being released after payment every week.

  • All these criminal activities are being carried out under the umbrella of democracy.