PTI vs PML-N , Score 2-0 at Lahore

  • PTI will be holding its 2nd jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on 23rd March. Whereas PML-N, who claim to be biggest party in Lahore, has yet to hold even a single jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan. Why?

    Even after all the surveys show that PML-N is the leading party but still they are unable to do a jalsa at Lahore? Nawaz Sharif even went to Sindh to hold a jalsa but can't hold a jalsa in his own backyard at Minar-e-Pakistan? PML-N has been holding small jalsis ofcourse in Lahore but why not a big jalsa to prove their claim of the biggest party in Lahore?

  • If Jalsas are yard stick then Imran Khan and Qadri Saab will sweep Lahore.


  • بقول عاصمہ جہانگیر

    ہم نے بڑے بڑے جلسے دیکھے ہیں لیکن جب انکے ڈبّے کھلتے ہیں تو ان میں سے تین ووٹ نکلتے ہیں اور امید وار حیرت سے اپنی بیوی سے پوچھتا ہے کہ

    یہ تیسرے ووٹ کا لچ کون تل گیا ہے اور دور کھڑا اسکا بہنوئی کہتا ہے کہ

    سالا جی - یہ ووٹ میں نے ڈالا تھا جبکہ تمہاری بہن نے تمہاری مخالفت میں ووٹ دیا تھا

    :) :)

  • ^^ So why PML-N is holding jalsas in other places than Minar-e-Pakistan? They don't have to hold jalsas in other places too if they go by your yardstick. :)

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  • ^^ Nice Share. But the question still remains

    "Why PML-N is holding jalsas in other places than Minar-e-Pakistan? if jalsas don't make any difference?"

  • because there are some cards which better not get revealed before the actual time. But then again it will be really hard for soonaami kids to understand the real politics, for them elections are decided by FB, twitter and jalsa at minar-e-pakistan and not on actual voting day.

  • I agree Jalsas are not teh yardstick for a party's popularity but PTI's only claim to fame is its big Jalsas and 23rd March is their last hope to emerge as a significant player.

    If PMLN could hold a bigger jalsa at Minar-e-pakistan (which is not a problem for PMLN, It would puncture teh baloon of PTI for good.

  • My yardstick is elections. Going by that PMLN is MQM of Lahore. They don't need rallies to show their strength.

  • مینار پاکستان پر صرف ٢٣ مارچ کو نہیں بلکہ ٣٠ مارچ کو بھی ایک جلسہ ہو گا. اور میرا خیال ہے کے ٣٠ والا اگر ٢٣ والے سے بڑا نہیں تو اسکی ٹکر کا ضرور ہو گا. انتظار کریں جب فضل الرحمن اپنی دوربین نکل کر سیاہ و سفید جھنڈوں کا نظارہ کر رہے ہوں گے.

  • @Shirazi: If PML-N don't need jalsas to show their strength then why they are doing jalsis and jalsas everywhere in Lahore and Punjab except for Minar-e-Pakistan? and btw even MQM hold jalsas in Karachi every two three months or so.

    @bechari-awam: You must be talking about Patwari-cards?? :)

    @faari29:exactly. So when is PML-N holding a jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan and puncturing PTI balloon?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • In the eyes of PMLN, PTI is not their real competitor; the recent Gallup survey also indicates that where PPP has taken over PTI as the second most popular party. There is no need to give a second life to PTI by holding a jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, where PTI friendly media could spin the numbers. The party that wants to prove its credibility to people is PTI not PMLN; Nawaz has already shown time after time that Lahore is their powerhouse - no need to prove this to PTI or to the rest of the country. This is called politics 101.

  • PTI's jalsa is different from Qadri or Maulana's Jalsas and if someone wants to close their eyes for a rude awakening, they are completely in their right to do so.

    The difference is -

    PTI's previous jalsa, and the upcoming jalsa, are purely political in nature. While Qadri's Jalsa was filled with people from his religious organization while Diesel is expert in gathering Madrassa students.

    PTI's jalsa participants cut across all sectors of society, from those who came on BMW and Mercedes to those who traveled to the jalsa Gha on rickshaw and buses.

    Maulana's and Qadri's jalsas are nothing but the religious gathering.

    PTI's jalsa cannot logically be compared to the above "jalsas".

  • @Arain71: so What do you think PML-N is proving by holding jalsis and jalsas in Lahore and Punjab ?? They don't need to hold jalsas as per your argument. Why they held jalsa on 28 Oct,2011 in Lahore? Just before PTI's first jalsa?? What were they proving??

  • @Shirazi bhai,

    Your analogy of MQM in Karachi with PMLN in Lahore doesn't stand facts.

    MQM conducts many jalsas in Karachi, and very big ones.

    But PMLN has not dared to match PTI's jalsa. Because they can't.

  • @Arain bhai,

    Gallup Pakistan has nothing to do with Gallup International. They are two different organizations.

    Gallup Pakistan has no credibility. It's head Gillani has relations with Sharif bros. You can consider Gallop Pakistan a survey right from Raiwind.

    Yes, IRI is credible. We accept that. But we have concerns about why IRI took the services of a PMLN's client in their last survey.

    Let's look for the next IRI survey without this problem.

  • wasay there should be a friendly sports week between pmln and pti might ease the tension.