Nawaz Disrespects Sanctity of Masjid

  • This is really offensive.

    NOTE: All the other people in the pic have their shoes taken off.

  • Long live the king.................... in hell

  • ُپی ٹی آئی کے انقلابیو! یہ مسجد نہیں، مدرسہ ہے۔ اس طرح کے جھوٹے پراپیگنڈے سے تم پی ٹی آئی کےتیزی سے پاتال میں گرتے ہوے

    گراف کو بحال نہیں کر سکتے۔

    اور مدرسے کے مہتمم اور دیگر حضرات کا ننگے پاوٴں ساتھ کھڑے ہونا(جو اپنے جوتے مدرسے کہ آفس مین چھوڑ آئے ہونگے استقبال یا رخصت کرنے کے لئے) اس بات پہ دلیل ہے ورنہ کیا وہ اس پہ اعتراض نہ کرتے?ٴ پر تم لوگوں کی مت جو مار دی ہے میٹرو بس نے!! ہا!ہا!

    Here enjoy this.

    اس گدھے کو اتنا بھی نہیں پتا کہ ‘قیام‘ نماز میں فرض ہے۔ یعنی بلا عذر شرعی نماز بیٹھ کر نہیں پڑھی جا سکتی ما سوا نفلوں کے۔

  • ^^^Then the other people are fool that they have taken their shoes off, or the king is too important to do so?

    Calling names to Imran KHan won't make your overweight donkey a leader.

  • even if this is masjid how do you know its not the place where shoes are allowed and people alongside him came out of the prayer area just to have a photo shoot outside?

  • انصافی حضرات کی اطلاع کیلئے عرض ہے کہ تھوڑا سا اسلامی فقہ کا بھی مطالعہ کر لیا کریں

    اگر جوتی نئی ہو یا مکمل پاک صاف ہو تو اسکو پہن کر بھی نماز پڑھی جا سکتی ہے ، مسجد میں داخلہ تو کوئی بات ہی نہیں ہے

    ف ج

  • ^^^That assumes that his "jooti" was a clean or new.

  • @sarbanikhan,

    I think people who came outside could easily wear their shoes, if it was normal.

  • @fineInsaf

    Now you are going into assumptions , anyways this is bollocks , that you guyz are relying on such things :)

  • he is in residential area of students ..part of madrassah....its entry and exit is from other side

  • Are you not also making an assumption as well when you told me that the nimazis were coming outside?

    I just connected the dots that if Nimazis will be coming out into an area which had no prohibition to wear shoes, why didn't any of them wore them?

    This thread is made simply to show that NS is a buffoon and has no respect to the sensitivities of people.

  • Farigh Jazbati,

    I agree with you and would like to expand the subject of shoes in Mosque. Taking off shoes is a significant issue in the West, especially in the cold parts. The entrance of a Mosque is usually littered with a stack of shoes that is a tripping hazard as well a bottle neck for the exiting participants at the end of a Juma prayer.

    Can a resident Mufti tell if there will be an issue if I start wearing a bootie over my shoe before entering a Mosque?

  • oh so you are the judge and the prosecutor and have given the verdict and you are pretty sure its the praying area where he is wearing shoes.

    And why this thread is required to show people , those who think he is a buffoon would continue to think so , and those who think you are a frustrated mummy daddy boy working hard to make IK win through social media whereas the majority of you lot cant even do shit when it comes to participating in your own intra elections would continue to think on same lines :S

    Just by making threads and throwing mud on someone aint going to make IK the next PM.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dare not sanctity of a Mosque we have M-16 and anti-tank missile.

  • This thread shows nothing but the desperation in PTI ranks.

  • Yellow, illogical and bogus blame game.

    Such blackmailing has no political impact.

    Better discuss and eveluate the policy, program and political experience of a politician.

    Once a great Muslim leader, by mistake, lit his cigar within the premises of Badshahi Masjid Lahore.

  • @sarbanikhan,

    If it's a praying area, the indicment is big.

    If it's not a praying area, then NS is an arrogant buffoon who doesn't have respect to fit in with the others. When all others had taken their shoes off, who is he to keep them wearing it?

    I know it's not the biggest crime NS has committed. He has bigger "accomplishments" under his belt, but this thread is about this particular issue.

    As for purpose of this thread, have you not seen many threads against iK? If we apply the same logic, then all these threads are fruitless as well.

    BTW, at least we have intra-party elections, but you are forever condemned to worship the Sharif family. Congrats on your leaders Hamza and Maryam!

    Can you do **** on any matter in PMLN?

    You should think for once about Pakistan.

  • @fineinsaf

    If it has stooped down to such level, PTI is really in trouble ;) good luck to you for next 70 days.

  • Insignificant issue..Pityians are getting desperate..

    Most probably molvi sb himself might have offered him the clean new pair of chappal which he uses inside madarsa. Unlike Khalifa Actor Khan,Nawaz is sane and wise enough to understand such issues. Had there been any issue Maulana accompanying him would have asked him to loose chappal.