Imran Khan in Abottabad!

  • As part of a mass contact campaign.

  • On multiple locations...

  • Even before loosing elections Imran has started making such frustrating facial expressions,like he is just about to cry,I wonder what'll happen to him on election day.

  • Could anybody explain why did Imran chose to address on a 15-20 feet street instead of a big ground?

    Also, I'm quite impressed by seeing the 'ocean of people' greeting Imran's caravan.

  • ^^^It was multiple small rallies across the city, not a single big jalsa.

    Do you know what "awami rabta mohim" means?

  • @D0ct0r sb,

    I don't want to dirty this thread by posting pics of NS in crazy poses, so I will just leave it at that....You need a serious doze of Burnol!

  • I see kunda dangling behind Asad Umar. He wants to get his workers electrocuted or is it other way around,workers attempting to get him electrocuted

  • ^^^BURNOL!

    Clean sweep of PTI in Hazara is evident!

  • A couple of thousand people at best, thanks for the pictures!

  • "Clean sweep of PTI in Hazara is evident!"

    Not so fast! As it stands today, most every notable politician is in PMLN, PPP, PMLQ, JUIF or ANP. Unless something unusual happens, there is very slim chance that PTI will get any seat in Hazara.

  • Even though it was a small jalsa in Abbotabad, but jalsas are not a barometer of popularity. PTI will definitely sweep Hazara as well as whole of Pakistan.

  • Arian,

    Could anybody explain why did Imran chose to address on a 15-20 feet street instead of a big ground?

    Very good Question, Where were you on 28th October 2011?

  • Nawaz Sharif has implicitly asked people to vote for PTI thus acknowledging that PTI will sweep elections.

    He said that people should vote for whomever they consider best.

    As the people love the great Imran Khan therefore it is an implicit endorsement of PTI and now after this vote of confidence from the most popular party of Pakistan, PTI will sweep elections winning all 272 seats.

  • Now people are coming in very little number for imran khan especially when he is visiting Hazara after a long period it means people are now not trusting him for the CHANGE that he is promising to them.

    Imran khan is just loosing the momentum at right time, i will not be surprised if PTI repeats the result of 2002 in 2013 elections, means only 1 seat in national assembly.

  • ^^Adonis

    A balanced statement by Nawaz Sharif particularly

    people should vote for whomever they consider best

  • @Waqar KPK,

    Bhai saab, IK conducted a grand jalsa in Abbotabad just last year. It was not a "long time".

    The pics I posted belonged to three gatherings on three separate locations (there were others as well), and the crowed was up to 10,000 in each!

    Here's PTI jalsa of last year:

  • @GT bhai,

    Yes, your party and other status quo parties like PPP and PMLQ rely on "electables" or "notable" personalities, because they have no popular support on the ground.

    But PTI is relying on the people, and this time it will be the people that will bring change (inshallah).

  • and the crowed was up to 10,000 in each!

    Yeh! just like there were 40million in TUQ march. the photos pasted above can be enlarged and people can be literally counted with in a few minuets.


  • It is indeed very true that PTI only relies on people and does not care about notables and electables.

    This is why when ordinary people like 'Chacha Hamayun' and a painter and a truck driver joined PTI, the great Imran Khan proudly proclaimed in his jalsa that "aik aur wicket gir gai". He never said such a thing on inclusion of SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Khursheed Qasuri, Asif Ahmed Ali etc., because he does not care about notables and electables.

  • A good statement by Nawaz Sharif but actually he is doing opposite. If his politics is not for power then why is collecting all "Lotas"? He has reverted from all his promises made in London during his exile.

    All these politicians are power hungry and they can't imagine living without it. It is totally false that these people want to come in power to serve public.

    Just imagine that an MNA spends hundreds of millions on election and as per constitution he is supposed to take part in legislation only. So do you think one will spend so much only to make laws and get nothing?