Hugo Chavez died ...

  • A deeply divided Venezuela is mourning its late leader and preparing to pick a new president to replace him.

    Venezuelan officials called for peace and unity after President Hugo Chavez's death on Tuesday, emphasizing in state television broadcasts that all branches of the government and the military were standing together.

    Elections will be held in 30 days, and Vice President Nicolas Maduro will assume the presidency in the interim, Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said in a televised interview on state-run VTV.

  • How do one should feel on this Shirazi Bhai

    Being an American


    Being a Pakistani

  • جعفر از بنگال و صادق از دکن

  • Feelings are often based on our beliefs not on our citizenship.

  • He was good for his country and that is all that counts.

    What others think is secondary.

  • @Easy Go bahi

    Chavez was self made man and wasn't born with golden spoon. He was socialist so he was got by not fooling masses on religious dogmas but building his message around economic well being. After failed military coup he successfully tried to get to Power corridors through elections and recently won fourth term.

    In an oil rich Venezuela he curtailed western influence and used their best resource to their benefit. During his 15 years per capita increased from 2.5k to 10k. Due to his socialist philosphies he bridged the gap between various classes.

    I respect him and feel he will be missed in Venezuela and in latin America at large. I hope whoever succeeds him would be able to keep west especially US out of their homeland. US will go there for their interests not locals.ávez

  • "Due to his socialist philosphies he bridged the gap between various classes."

    This is not always true. Look at Soviets and China. They create oligarchs that control everything. Common man still suffers. The "colonies" of Russia-Caucasus republics and Central Asia in Russia and Xinjiang in China did not have electricity and water in villages. So much for being under Socialist republics although a "super power".

  • Little excitement on this forum with the absences of conspiracy theories about an induction of cancer by CIA. They actually never made public the type of cancer. May be it was related to private body system?

  • Chavez contributed his best to serve his people who acknowledged his sincerity and kept him in power for four terms.

    Pious Caliphs like Hazrat Omer, Hazrat Osman and Hazrat Ali, unfortunately, couldn't complete a Single Term of their Caliphate.

    Could the Ideal Muslim Caliphs ever, succeed to provide Roti, Kapra and Makaan to the 100% population?

  • JS,

    What kind of warped logic you are spewing due to your non stop hatred of Islam?


    Please take note of these devient comments that show nothing but contempt of anything to do with Islam from Caliphs to Shariah to Scriptures to Hereafter.

    The completion of term is not the issue but what was accomplished in that short term- foundation of a civilization that still has potential and wherewethal to make a spectacular comeback compared to other materialistic rotten civilizations that are doomed from their incept.

  • @Javed Sheikh Saab

    In my view they all completed term. Their terms were life bound and they all where at helm till death.


  • @AR Saab

    I am not advocating or great fan of socialism or capitalism but they are economic systems that try to address real issues unlike religious doctrines that are build around indefensible abstract ideas to exploit people.

  • Shirazi,

    Your reference to "religious doctrines" is flawed and ONLY refers to Western concept of religion that has been relegated to confines of church and that too for Sunday worship.

  • Mr. A.R.

    Read my post with reference to your objection about Russia and China.........

    Where you wrote:

    'The "colonies" of Russia-Caucasus republics and Central Asia in Russia and Xinjiang in China did not have electricity and water in villages.'

    Y our observation about my ‘Islam Bashing’ is absolutely wrong. I respect all Faiths and Religions as best for spiritual delectation and tranquility

    but this is hard to believe as ‘Complete Code of Life’.

    A photo copy of Centuries old concept cannot be pasted upon the map of 21st Century, without required modifications.

    Practically, logically, realistically

    for any system of governance it is not possible to make 100% population, 100% satisfied.

    An Ideal Welfare State brings pleasure and happiness to Majority of her population.

  • "The "colonies" of Russia-Caucasus republics and Central Asia in Russia and Xinjiang in China did not have electricity and water in villages"

    The socialists tendencies in communism were not different than that South Africa's apartheid policies. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    called Soviet a "prison of nationalities". Take a trip to Lake Baikal in Central Asia and see for yourself the dried up lake -once a picturesque serene lake converted into a catastrophic ecological nightmare. The so called collectivization of socialism was nothing but eradication of minority cultures and way of life.

    Russia and China did not make discoveries like new world like America but instead made military expansion into mostly Muslim republics in Caucasus and Central Asia. America relies on immigrants to fuel its economy and Russia relies on minorities to fuel its economy. Not much difference in Capitalist and socialist systems.

  • Hugo Chavez was a very interesting figure. I had the chance to watch a few of his campaign rallies in the last presidential election, a couple of months ago. He enjoyed such a strong support among the poor; the crowd enthusiasm was really something to see. It was really fun to watch him because he used to distribute TVs, fridges, washing machines, and other accessories during his rallies. In other words, he knew how to get the votes, although not the best way of doing politics.

    A few years back, Venezuela's military establishment tried an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow him; American government supported that coup. This was something he never forgave or forgot. Since then, he became a loud mouthpiece against American government and their policies. He even traveled to Iran to assure them of his support. He started siding with Palestinians more openly, just to annoy Americans.

    He was a real eyesore to his own military establishment and to America. Nobody is more relived of his death than Americans.

    He was a true 'awami' figure; it's unfortunate that he had to die at 58.

  • شکریہ شیرازی بھائی

    چاہے اپنی عوام کے لئے کوئی کتنا ہی اچھا کیوں نہ ہو اور چاہے عوام اسکے ساتھہ بھی ہوں مگر لگتا ہے امریکہ کے مخالفوں پر الله بھی زمین تنگ کر دیتا ہے، چھوٹی عمر میں ہی بلا لیتا ہے کیی ایک کو


  • Chavez had an intense acrimony with the USA. He criticized the wrongful US policies in very fiery words. He was very generous to the neighboring countries. He was no doubt a dynamic leader of his time.