Nawaz to build Bullet Train from Peshawar to Karachi

  • Nawaz League chief Nawaz Sharif Butt has said in a gathering in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkwa that his government will start a high speed train from Peshawar to Karachi. This train will run with a speed exceeding 320 Kilometers per hour. The passengers of this train need to perform only the afternoon prayer inside their cars as they will reach their destination for the next prayer.

    Unfortunately, he failed to mention if this train, one reaches Karachi, will ever comes back as the people of Karachi are not fond of PML N.

    It is worth mentioning here that Nawaz Sharif inherited pertinent skills in steel manufacturing from his father and he fully knows how to build this train.

  • I guess you are pointing out to the fact in advance when most of the leadership of PTI will sit on a flight in ISB after elections and land in US or UK never to come back ;)

  • Would be nice of PML N if they put poor IDPs back in" Teez Gam" so next day or two they reach to their home.

    Nope, this stupid Ganja always talk like Show Bizz / "Inshallah Eik Din hum chand per phonchain gey!!!"

  • پاکستان کی عوام کو بلٹ ٹرین نہیں بلکہ شاویز جیسا لیڈر چاھیے ۔ اور ایسا پاکستان میں ایک ہی ہے ۔

    پاکستان کا ہوگو شاویز ۔

    عمران خان ۔ عمران خان

    کیونکہ ۲۰۰۱ میں جب وینزویلا میں فوج نے اس کی حکومت پر قبصہ کیا تو وہ جدہ نہیں بھاگا بلکہ ملک میں ہی رہا اور عوام نے ۴۸ کھنٹے میں دوبارہ بحال کرا دیا ۔ اس کے برعکس گیدڑ شریف ۱۹۹۹ میں چالیس سوٹ کیسوں کے ساتھ جدہ بھاگ گیا ۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • EXP

    You pointed to right thing, these corrupts make PAkistanis ch******** with their rhetorics. This is their BS way of fooling.

  • Yeah, did Hugo Chavez undo Trains and Metrobuses and replaced them with Tongas?

  • @Khan sahib

    Brother this Ganjaa baboon is brain farting but peoples are not fool.

    Trains r stop in country and we need to re-construct railway from zero. We have not double track from KHI to LHR even after 65 years.

    The highest speed on our current rail tracks is 120 km/h and he is talking about 300. Selling dreams to those who r not in need of bullet train. They need basic facilities like electric,gas,clean water, jobs, security and economic stability.

    For bullet train we need whole new setup of tracks ,stations ,bridges and much much more specially funds.

    NS is a power hungry fool with ugly face and brain.

    May ALLAH save us from so called leaders like him.

  • Brother this Ganjaa baboon is brain farting but peoples are not fool.

    NS is a power hungry fool with ugly face and brain.

    What pearls of wisdom and what wondrous poetry that is the unique trade mark of a real troll.

    If people are not fools then you needn't to worry as he is only shooting him self in the foot. You should be happy that he is uttering stupidity as this will only divert people towards the Great Khan. why are you worked up so much?

    Are you sure you don't need burnol?

  • نواز شریف کی بڑھتی مقبولیت کو دیکھہ کر انقلابیوں اور بوری والوں کے پیٹ میں پڑتے مروڑوں میں شدید اضافہ۔

  • This post is deleted!

  • When Someone Speak about Transit Rail In Karachi, MQM have issue that if there are no more Pathan bus drivers, how will they run their ethnic base politics, so they do not let this project go ahead, despite Pervaiz Musharaf wanted this project to happen.

    PPP had issues with MW projects and now PTI have millions of Issues with bullet train, maybe because they are scared, they know NS have given MW project and his brother has given metro bus... so bullet train is not so much out of question here... nad if that happens, they slim chances of winning a sear or two also fades away..

  • Nawaz doesn’t have sense to run a bus service properly making people wait for 1-1.5 hrs just to buy tickets, how is he going to run a bullet train a much more complex operation? Apart from complexity Bullet trains are very expensive too not only to build but also to run, as at high speeds tracks and train parts wear off quicker and need replacement more often. Bullet train tracks in Japan require replacement almost three times more often than normal tracks. Then there are security and safety issues. Trains at high speeds can de-rail more easily and can cause many more deaths.

    Therefore this promise seems to be just another good opportunity for Sharif’s to make some commission.

    I have a feeling the reason the jangla bus project was given to a foreign company with huge subsidy in foreign exchange is to funnel some $$$ commission via their foreign cronies. After all what is so difficult about running buses that could not have been done by a local or even a Punjab Government run company? It’s not like its massive dam or a nuclear plant for which we must acquire foreign expertise. We have example of Urban Transport Company in Lahore in the past which worked very well and did not require waiting for an hour to buy ticket. You could just hop on and buy ticket then. In the current state jangla bus service is a step backwards.

    In case of a locally run company, all those foreign exchange subsidies Sharif’s are paying to the foreign cronies could have stayed in the country creating more jobs locally and saving on foreign exchange reserve which we are desperately short of. I just can’t see the wisdom of foreigners being paid huge $ sums just to run sub-standard bus service, unless Sharif’ are making commission out of it.

    These two brothers are destroying the country with both hands just to remain in power, while presumably also making money out of it at the same time.

  • yeah Nawaz Doesn't have sense, because he is not to going to run it, people are going to run it and it is most stupid thing to think that Nawaz is going to run the bus or train or build any road or power plant, only PPP and PTI can do it... and the projects of J-17, Gawadar Port and MW just happens to come out of Mars...

  • Nawaz Sharif initiated Motorway. The project was halted by Benazir Bhutto during her govt in 1993-96. But Nawaz Sharif completed the first phase (M-2) in 1997.

    While the phase M-1 was incomplete, martial law was imposed by General Pervez Musharraf on 12th october 1999. The project was halted and the construction company (Bayinder Constructions of Turkey) suffered huge losses (because of its machinery confiscated by the dictator on Karachi port) and eventually pulled out of Pakistan.

    Despite his loathe to any development project in Pakistan, the dictator Musharraf raised US$ 500 million through M-2 in 2005

    The dream of connecting Khyber to Karachi & Gwadar will be fulfilled by the government of PML-N InshaAllah.

    Similarly, Nawaz Sharif built international standard airports at Karachi(1st tenure) and Lahore(2nd tenure). Recently, Zardari's PPP government has raised Ruppees 182 Billion by securitizing the Karachi airport.

    The last mega dam constructed in Pakistan was Ghazi Barotha Dam producing 1,450 MW of electricity and was during the tenure of Nawaz Sharif

    Though no such dam has been constructed in the country during the past 13 years, including 8 years of dictator and 5 years of his NRO beneficiary PPP.

    In February 2013, the government of Mian Shahbaz Sharif has gifted the country with first-ever Metro Bus project carrying 125,000 passengers in the city and reducing traffic congestion and tremendous savings in the shape of fuel costs, time & energy.

    But the short-sighted pseudo-intellectual buffoons can never appreciate or even realize the Country's progress with the help of these development projects.

  • What a pathetic and cheap vision this man has.

    Not "all Pakistani children going to school", not "all Pakistanis getting quality affordable medical care", not "all Pakistanis earning a respectable living"...but his brain is occupied with gadgets that he saw when he absconded to Jeddah, Dubai and London.

    Things like bullet trains and metro buses are only a small election of a country's prosperity, and cannot replace it.

    This buffoon can't make a single statement that makes sense - this is what we can expect from him.

  • yeah that is pathetic, since not everyone is getting medical and education and other things, they shouldn't be given the transport either... this is the best example of status-quo mentality...

  • @ FineInsaf

    Sri Lanka had near 100% literacy rate, yet it indulged in worst civil war for 25 long years.... You know why???

    Mainly because the educated youth did not have job opportunities and hence no income to feed themselves & their families.

    The city of Karachi is suffering from a similar crisis. Most of the gangsters are quite well educated but still indulge in street crimes.

    Many industries have laid off millions of (educated/semi-skilled) workers, who have no employment but feed their families with extortion money.

    It will be an overly stupid argument to call for education but deny economic development & employment creations.

  • @Fineinsaf

    What a pathetic and cheap vision this man has.

    Yeh! If it's a cheap vision then don't waste your breath. People wont vote for it!

  • ^^^Bhai jaan, it's about priorities. It is you who get beguiled by such gibberish from a pathetic symbol of status quo, not us.

    It's about vision. What do you want? A people with their bellies full, children going to school, easy access to health care, or a bullet train?

    And transport is possible only by bullet trains?

    I am just talking about the mentality of the guy - What is occupying his mind.

    "Not everyone...getting medical and education" AND employment is WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY? Do you even know that these are a government's TOP responsibilities?

    They are the priority.

    Bullet train cannot be in itself a goal of a civilized government. The things I stated should be. Stuff like bullet train may arrive as a means of achieving the later, they are not the goal itself.

  • Nawaz sharif(PMLN)has every right to put this, building of a bullet train, in its manifesto! as he have successful examples like motor way, metro bus etc to back it up! This is a policy for future, if you like it, vote and support for it! if not, its your choice! This is what happens in a demoratic system!

    But naive kids, influenced by stupid, pity propoganda by establishment will not understand this!! same trap for the last 65 years.