Mian Sahb Election Commission ko jawab do..

  • ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday sent a formal letter to the chief secretary of Punjab to clarify an announcement by Shahbaz Sharif for regularising over 100,000 provincial government employees, reported Express News.

    Shahbaz had on March 2 announced that he would be regularising as many as 100,000 government employees from grade one through 16.

    ECP took notice of this announcement has given the chief secretary three days to submit their official response.

    The ECP in the letter said that “almost a fortnight before completion of the term of assemblies and just before holding of general elections, such action tends to potentially influence the results of elections.”

    BISP under scrutiny

    The ECP also sent a formal letter to the Pakistan Peoples Party regarding the Benazir Income Support scheme.

    According to the ECP, loans given out before upcoming elections may be seen as a questionable scheme and requires clarification.

    The PPP has been allowed three days to submit a formal response.

    Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/516596/permanent-jobs-ecp-asks-shahbaz-sharif-to-clarify-regularistaion/

  • ^^^Only good if action is taken.

    These goons want to buy elections from taxpayer's own money.

    Haraamkhori of the highest order.

  • The letter is written to the Cheif Sec of Punjab, and obviously they are going to reply to it... but isn't it by the same EC upon which IK have shown discomforts and reservation during Qadri Circus

  • One can claim that it is an effort to buy election or to get fame or what ever... the bottom line is in this game of power jobs of some poor souls are at stake :|

  • and IK have already said if he comes to power, they will lay off thousands from different institutes..

  • ^^^Yes, because Noon-league and PPP have corrupted and politicized institutions by inducting their minions and selling jobs.

    A booming economy under a genuine government like PTI will create more overall jobs.

    Do you want PTI to do what PMLn and PPP - ruin institutions?

  • @khanamer bhai,

    As I said, the thing to be seen is - will there be action against Punjab Government for violating ECP's directives? Or will this episode fizzle out like the fake degree issue, and CEC will start apologizing?

    IK's reservations are only correct. This ECP is the result of Noon and PPP "Mukmuka" reflected in 20th amendment, except CEC on whose appointment everybody was consulted.

  • For GOD's sake, Summary of this regularization has been sitting at his desk for months and poor people been waiting for this decision for ages. If poor people is benefiting, why are we causing hurdles.

    I don't understand the logic behind this argument and judgement, Government has to take decisions till its last day, they can't halt everything before elections. 60-90 days buffer period is already there for this purpose. I don't understand what's the fuss about?

  • ^^^So you are saying Punjab Government had decided on this months ago but deliberately delayed the matter and issued the ruling now to influence elections?

    The poor people will ultimately benefit when we are free from these vultures who would delay a ruling to benefit the public just to score points near the elections, according to your own comments.

  • I agree with faari249... We cannot halt everything before elections and as i said before you can call it point scoring near election or what ever but from where i see it some poor souls are getting benefit.

    "The poor people will ultimately benefit when we are free from these vultures" the only way to get rid of these vultures is through the elections. Instead of criticizing everything while sitting outside the parliament, please participate in election and be part of the process.

  • ^^^And how would the elections be fair if they try to influence it by government money? ECP has precisely made this ruling upon pressure from all sides to not let governments buy voters.

    It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? They have come to power by the support of generals and agencies (in case of PMLN) and after that they politicized every institution and corrupted it to sustain their rule.

    45% fake votes were the product of these parties too.

    ECP has issued a ruling given Pakistan's particular circumstances that such things should not be done. We can clearly see that this move by Punjab Gov was delayed just to point score near elections. The benefit of public is not their concern, influencing elections is. Point scoring is pre-poll rigging, not something trivial. These few people may benefit from this, but millions more will be badly affected if the corrupts can come back through such tactics.

    Please spare us such cliches that "Don't criticize everything". If everything done by these exploiters is wrong, we will criticize EVERYTHING!

  • In your opinion doing public welfare project and providing jobs is buying election whereas i think of it as the basic job of the government. so as per your definition government should not do any such thing coz in the end government will use it in the general election?

    Ok please let us know what we should do with these employees?

    "Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone" All politicians at some point of time came into power with the help of Generals and agencies.

    WRONG? that's what you think, ask those 100,000 employee and there families they have a different opinion.

  • Any elected government, federal or provincial, has the same authority on the final day as they do on day one. So, stop whining!

    Yes, if the caretaker government takes such steps, it would be in violation of the constitution.

    You guys want to install the caretaker setup a year before the election; that ain't happening. EC members are just overstepping their authority; they have no business in interfering with government business.

    اگر کسی کے پیٹ میں اتنا ہی مروڑ اٹھ رہا ہے تو الیکشن جیت کر اس فیصلے کو واپس لے لینا

  • PrePoll rigging by PPP and PMLN continues!

  • Does anyone have an idea of what is the pre-election time-frame during which completion of projects or implementation of policies by a government--irrespective of the policymakers' intentions--constitutes to "pre-poll rigging?"

  • @jamooraa bhai,

    Please do not attribute me things I did not say. Don't try to erect a smokescreen. Everybody knows that government provides jobs and benefits people. We are talking here about a pre-poll rigging and steps designed only to gain points near the elections.

    You need to check it out with ECP. They have given such directions to ensure free and fair elections.

    Answer me - why this ruling is made now? Why could it not be made before the time period set by ECP? Because SS had publicity in mind, right?

    For these 100,000 you feel it is okay to put at stake the fortune of 200,000,000 and our future generations?

    We are here because of seeking short-term benefits.

    Do you think this will benefit Pakistan?

    If all politicians came through military establishment (there are exceptions though), ALL are wrong.

  • @Sharp bhai,

    Taking notice of an alleged ‘jobs for votes’ campaign launched by some government departments ahead of polls, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) banned on Monday all recruitments at the federal, provincial and local government levels with immediate effect.

    Dated: 22nd January.

    It is DUE to these governments and their actions and complaints against them that ECP issued such a ruling in the first place. It has been a common practice of corrupt governments to issue "jobs for votes" at the end of their term.