Express: If PPP or Noon League get election, I will Leave Pakistan- Abrar-ul-Haq


    So these are the people who are supposed to bring inqalaab!!

  • In that case he should be leaving now...

    because even if PTI comes to power, it have ex-members of PPP or PTI in it, and still there will be some support for these parties in Pakistan...

    Yeah and when the country's problems are fixed, he can easily come back, and kudos to those who will still stay back and fight for the betterment of the country..

  • Would BILLO miss him or not ?

  • This is called immaturity which is associated with PTI.

  • ^^ he is another qadri in making

    just want attention and nothing else, and i think somehow he have got some Canadian asylum or something like that, saying, he is singer and his life is in danger...

    and now to run out of the same country who gave him name and everything he has today... leaving it to CHOR and DAKOOs ( as per his own opinion) is the best way to pay back the country...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Irfan siddiqi column on the same topic

  • "Dear friends I have never siad that I will leave Pakistan if PTI doesn't win coming elections,when I was born in this country this country was born in me , inshallah I will fight all my life for my ppl and will die in this country"

    From his facebook page :)

    LOL Yeh konse wala express hai 2 # express newspaper and to top it Irfan Lifafa Siddiqi writes a column on it LMAO!!!!!!

  • Many of us have already left Pakistan. Some of us even wish to see a day when we regret leaving Pakistan. But that wish will never come true if people like Zardari and his collaborator like Nawaz stay in power.

    Noon league and Zardari party celebrate every leaving Pakistani who is a candidate to send them foreign exchange. Even Nawaz ex-finance minister claimed the other day that Noon will create 600K jobs in the middle east if they come to power. Other countries try to create jobs in the home land. Shame is not in the genetic material of PML-N

  • It is better for Ibrar to not to waist time and get a one way ticket to some other place , what ever he like . We can enjoy his 'Mujra' on TV from that place . Thanks for entertainment of the past , now and future .

  • If PPP or PML ( A _ Z) end up winning elections then it simply mean that Pakistan is not ready for any change... and will poor Pakistani deserve what the have in president house and PM house.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Shameless planted story of Noon-league.

  • I don't know about Ibrar but Imran will definitely leave the country for good.

  • Nawaz Sharif Butt will sell saryah (iron bar) on mall road soon. - Dr. Qadeer Khan.

    Abrar ul Haq is one of the few entertainers who refused to go to India to perform.

    Express newspaper is a PMLN babbler. So many stories on this paper found to be false. Shahbaz Sharif paid heavy from people's taxes for daily ads on this paper.

    Irfan Siddqi and Atta ul Haq Qasmi created Nawaz Sharif heart attack stories to get public sympathy.

  • Dear PTI members,

    This Express News is the same old express news paper. The link given in first post leads to the same paper. So if the news was untrue, and Ibrar has never said so, then when is he going to sue the paper for publishing false statement?

    Don't you guys know that Irfan Siddiqui has written a complete column on this statement? It is not sufficent that Ibrar merely update his facebook or twitter page. If he is right, then he must sue the paper.

    Secondly Express News is not a PML-N paper. It is managed by Abbas Athar aka Shah Ji, who is a die hard PPP stalwart. Nusrat Javed another stalwart is also in Express News.

    I have always been a critic of PPP and PML-N but see PTI with the same eyes. Justice should prevail. Isn't that?

  • @Arain71 bhai,

    You have mistaken Imran Khan for your leader Nawaz who runs away from the country in difficult times, and has made a business empire abroad (from money laundered from Pakistan) to secure his future.

    Imran Khan has been here for 16 years in politics, left his family life for Pakistan, sold everything out of the country and made everything in Pakistan, helped Pakistanis in every natural disaster, is a pride of Pakistan outside of the country and so on.

    There is no logic to your statement.

    Now contrast the above with your leader - a corrupt industrialist who came into power on the shoulders of generals, took money from agencies, expanded his business empire while in government, and transferred his money abroad illegally - billions of dollars - and made a business empire abroad. He earned - and looted - in Pakistan, and took it outside through money laundering.

    That is your leader.

  • @Zingaro,

    The problem is that defamation laws are very weak in Pakistan, owing to corrupt politicians who never did worthwhile legislation.

    There are so many baseless stories publish in newspapers like Express that you wouldn't know where to start.

    You need one efficient government to correct the ills of Pakistan. And that government can't be led by PPP and PMLN for sure.

    But I agree, Ibrar should make a token case at least, because this statement attributed to him is not only ethically wrong, it is politically disastrous.