PPP and PML-N expectations

  • Najam Sethi described an interesting scenario last night in his program. He said he contacted people in PPP and PML-N and came up with this from their analysis

    PPP Strategy

    PPP expectation of NA seats

    Sindh: 35

    Punjab (South): 25

    Punjab (Rest): 10

    Balochistan: 5

    KPK: 5


    PPP Allies expectation

    MQM: 24

    PML-Q: 15

    ANP: 10

    PPP+Allies = 130

    Now, PPP thinks FATA members can be bought, so add 10 FATA seats, which makes 140. Now PPP thinks that there would be 25-30 Independents in all Pakistan and PPP has set aside a special budget for buying Independents. So

    PPP+Allies+FATA+Independants = 165-170

    PML-N Strategy

    PML-N and Allies expectation of NA seats

    Punjab: 100

    Balochistan: 5

    KPK: 10

    Sindh: 7-10

    Total = 122

    Now PML-N is also looking to get support of FATA and Independents by buying them out same as PPP. 10 of FATA and 25 Independents.

    PML-N+Allies+FATA+Independants = 157-160

    PTI Strategy

    Najam Sethi said that he didn't contacted anyone from PTI. But he thinks that PTI will take off from 23rd March jalsa and needs to resolve differences arisen from intra-party elections. And PTI still has the potential to upset.

    Far-fetched Alliance??

    According to Najam Sethi, PML-N and PTI can make alliance after elections, if PML-N needed PTI support to form government.

  • If the story from Mr. Najam Sethi turns out to be reality after the elections,

    That means 5 years Raga of Corruption, Economic, Social, cultural and ethical chaos, at the Media was just waste of time.

    Media could not make any change at the public opinion in spite of a constant and well organized character assassination of politicians.

    Also the Pakistan Media and Anchors, must feel ashamed of their 5 years 'Performance'.

  • N league will surely get government in Punjab, however, I doubut if they could get government in Center. To me the competition is between N-League and PTI. Q league gonna vanish this elections and PPP will be cut to size, due to what Zardari has done with this party.

    Honestly speaking the party is no more after the death of Benazir.