روزے کی فضیلت : منطق اور سائنس کی نظر سے

  • I'm looking for a few talking points about the benefits of fasting that can be ascertained through logic and medical science.

    Recently, I had a chance to be part of a discussion that included people with expertise in medical science. According to them, there is no particular health benefit of fasting; on the contrary, depriving our body of water for a long time could cause an undue burden on kidneys. Fasting might help in a few cases but only if water is allowed.

    I'm looking for some concrete examples to reject this opinion.

    I do believe that fasting enables us to practice discipline and restraint. But again, when I look at Pakistan, a conservative country where people pray and fast regularly, I find a complete absence of discipline. So, what's the reason?

    I think my fear is that is this one of those things where true benefits will be revealed only on the day of judgement? This reasoning might work on Muslims but it's nearly not enough to convince a non-Muslim.

    Please share your thoughts.

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