Nawaz Sharif is most papular leador of pakistan according to latest poll

  • Nawaz sharif is most papular leador of pakistan according to gallup poll..... while Ik is 2nd nf tahir ul qadri is 3rd... Zaradari name isnt in top 5 ... here is the list ...

    Nawaz Sharif.... 66%



    Munwar hassan ...40%

    Pervaiz Musharf 33%

    Fazzulrehman 26%

    Shujaat husain 25%

    Asif zardari 22%

    Pervaiz Asharf 20%

    Altaf hussain 15%

    Here is link of that news .....

  • The head of Gallup Pakistan, Shafi Gillani, served in Nawaz Sharif's first term as his adviser.

    If still, IK is 63 percent and 2 below NS in his survey, it is very telling!

  • ویسے بھی اب جلسے جلسے اور سروے سروے کھیلنے کا وقت نہیں اب وقت ہے پارٹی کیلئے مخلص اور مضبوط امیدوار ڈھونڈنے کا جو اپنے حلقوں میں اثر و رسوخ رکھتے ہوں اچھی شہرت کے حامل ہوں اور جیتنے کی صورت میں پارٹی کو دغا نہ دے جایں.

  • @FuneInsaf

    I know u wont agree but trust me what u r doing is harming the party u suppport

    If u happen to open ur eyes and try to get some political sense this survey between the lines is a huge aid to ik. Ur unconciously show

    of a weak political sense is discrediting ur stances.

    A party which never came in power is even more popular than country's largest and ruling party

    Do u know what does the largest party means ? Do u know how strong the roots of such parties are and have die hearted families, villages and towns not just people .

    Lots of analysts are clearly indicating that pti is at the lowest of its popularity and even then so popular . This is a huge edge if gets capitalized ( thats another subject but) this survey is by no mean either biased or shows worse statistics for ik in fact perhaps u dont know ik is 84 to 90 % popular in one whole province according to this survey. and also i think there is nothing wise in proving the point of the ppl who claim that pti is just hurting noon.

  • ^^ Imran Khan has 90% popularity in KPK. The analysts are making the point that the popularity-electoral strength gap for Imran Khan can reduce drastically within coming months. As the party rise in 2011-12 was due to the reduction of this gap. The high popularity shows that there is huge potential for PTI to perform if they do the campaign in right way.

  • اگر پاکستان میں صدارتی نظام ہو تو عمران خان کا صدر بننا ناممکن نہیں تھا لیکن پارلیمانی نظام میں خان صاحب اپنی ذاتی سیٹیں بھی ٹھیک ٹھاک مقابلہ کر کے جیتیں گے. مجھے لگتا ہے کے تحریک انصاف والے بھائی ان انتخابات کے بعد ملک میں صدارتی نظام کا مطالبہ کر دیں گے

  • Imran never scored less than 60% approval rating for as long as I can remember. During the long march, Nawaz was at 80-90%; that didn't mean he would have gotten those many votes. It's a measure of likability, and thus should not be confused with the electoral strength. Consider this more like a celebrity-meter; Imran is a bigger celebrity and we all know that.

    The popularity-electoral strength gap for Imran would widen as we near elections because this time everybody will be shooting at each other, not like 2011-12 when others didn't respond much to Imran.

  • @arain 100% agreed IK beats NS in popularity by miles but this doesnt mean constituency votes ratio for pti is more..... I could be wrong but this is what i think one more thing ask the same question and put shahid afridi as an option see what happens lol.

  • @Mujtaba bhai,

    What I noted is a fact. I will give you one measure: In IRI, the popularity of Noon in KPK is only 12%, but Gallup shows that it is 32%. There is a huge discrepancy. Someone has to be right, and someone has to be wrong.

    What I said about Shafi Gillani is correct. Do you think there is no conflict of interest, given these huge discrepancies?

    Yes, it is true that IK is still very popular and nobody can deny this fact. But Gallup wanted to show that people will not vote for IK but consider him good. I doubt on their estimate.

  • @juttjee,

    The comparison is between politicians, not celebrities. What they ask is something to the effect that "which politician you think is most popular" and not which person as it is.

    I think Shahid Afridi will score 1% on this question, if the respondents don't make pun.

  • True.

  • @ insaaf bahi...

    do u remember the last syrvey of pew in april 2012 i guess .. at that time pti was its best nd at that time with pti top position IK was 70 percent papular while NS 63 percent papular ... so now when pti is almost down nd out Ik has 63 percent which is frankly quite surprsing for me .... actually no leador is coutrywide paplar at the moment .... Ns leads by huge lead in Punjab including south punjab .... but only in urban part if u have doubt u r welcome to vist multan urbna area .... u will find ns papularty high as compare to rural areas.... while ik leading in KPK in paplarity nd in posh nd burgers areas of punjab nd karachi .... while Ik has less papularity in middle class area.... btw we have to understand one thing important that ik is a famous crickter definatly his crickting papularty also is incuded in it .... but every thing will be decided on polling day .... i m not talking abaout rural areas .... becoz in rural areas candidates matters but in urban areas party heads matter,... so we have to see that how many seats PTI win frm Urban Punjab ... for example i m giving some halqa numbers which r completly urban ....

    na 54 , 55, 56 , 62 , 82,83 ,84,85, 85, 96 , 110 , 118 to 127 , 133, 149 , 150 , 185...

    these r ccompletly urban halqas while there r many more which r semi urban or semi rural ... but i will keep my focus on just above halqas .... ik paularity in punjab will be tested in those halqas ... so if pti wins frm there than we can say that Ik has papularity in punjab ....

    note .... bro no rural halqaa will lie in that catagory ... i mean if pmln win rural halqaa then it will b the victory of candidate nd so is the case with pti if theywin rural halqas ... for example in multan NA 153 if dewan aashiq win on pmln ticket then it will be his personal win nd if Ibrahim khan win frm NA 152 on pti then it will be his personal win ...

    BTW abrarul haq , sardar asif nd naeemulhaq all accepted gallup poll ...

  • why N o o r a leaguers are worry about promoting their Nawaz on the Internet. Election won't be held on this website where Nawaz has lost many time. Point to note is, that most of Tehreek Insaf people have either been banned or have left this forum. But surprisingly PTI wins all polls here.

  • PTI doesn't win the polls on this site. "Creating new ids and voting" wins the day.

  • As per Geo TV today, the German survey says PPP is the most favorite party in Pakistan. Subhan Allah.

    Last Survey: PML-N No.1

    Today Survey: PPP No.1

    Tomorrow Survey: MQM No.1

    Day after Tomorrow: PTI No.1

    kia kehnay hein survey kay business kay ... Kaash mera bhi koi survey ka idara hota to kitnay kama laita

  • There are some specialized polling organizations like Gallup whose main job is to do public opinion surveys. On the other hand, newspapers, magazines, websites and some NGOs also occasionally publish their surveys. Anybody can do a survey. The important thing is what is the history and professional ability of the organization doing such survey and how accurate have its surveys been in the past.

    Based on that criterion, Gallup followed by IRI appear to be the most renowned opinion polling organizations given their history and accuracy of previous polls at the time of previous elections in Pakistan.

    On the other hand when organizations like, SDPI, Herald, HBS or yougov, whose main line of work is not related to public opinion polling and which do not have a history of accurate predictions, conduct opinion polls, the results are not taken very seriously.

  • Nawaz Sharif.... 66%


    The figure of Ik is very alarming for Shariff Bros.. IK will mostly sweep the vote banks of PML-N. He is mostly popular in the consituencies where PML-N has vote banks.

  • From the results it is clear that the people were given the choice to vote for more than one leaders as the most popular.

    Therefore the next question becomes the most important i.e. which party they will vote for; in this case PMLN is leading by a good margin; so till now PTI is not hurting much to PMLN

  • If IK is so popular then whose vote banks is he going to sweep?

  • I think if they put the name of Abdul Sattar Edhi then he might be around 90% polpular but i dont think he will get much votes; The same is true for IK;

    In my opinion, from this survey one thing is sure that atleat 22% people will definitely vote for PPP; for others you cannot say much