PMLN to conduct operation in Karachi

  • In its 2013 election manifesto, PMLN promised to conduct an indiscriminate operation to clean up Karachi from MQM, PPP and ANP armed gangs as soon as its comes into power after winning the next election.

    PMLN considers Karachi as the seat of Khalafa of Islamic capitalism and will get rid of all terrorists and mafias from the city. It is not clear whether army will be called for this operation but past history shows Nawaz Sharif does not hesitate to do such action if push come to shove.

  • Shove that khilafa up ameerul momineen of raiwaind's arse!

  • @RQ

    just wait for a couple of more months and we will see this happening in Karachi :) btw, you still have time, you can caution your relatives over there to take a flight and hide in ISB to avoid the operation. I hope this time Dr. Shoaib Suddle will not spare any bhatta-khor and mafia leader, no matter what.

  • رضوان بھائی، امیر المنافقین حضرت نواز شریف عرف گنجی سرکار نے پہلے کونسا سانپ نکال لیا تھا جو اب نکال لے گا. آنے دو لگ پتا جاۓ گا اس گیڈر کے ٹٹوں میں کتنا دم ہے

  • پھلے اپنے دھشتگرد ونگ کو تو ختم کریں یا وہ دودھہ کے دھلے ھوئے ھیں

  • Gulraiz bhai,

    You mean ISI, MI, 555 and IB

    Dusky bhai,

    Thinking in the right direction, good one.


    آپ نے ٹھیک ہی کہا ہم بھی دیکھیں گے کے اس طالبانی دہشتگرد میں کتنا دم ہے یہ نوے کی دہائی نہیں ہے جب اس بزدل ے اعظم نے کراچی پر بہانے سے شب خون مارا تھا بلکل اسی طرح سے جسے اس نےآج اپنے طالبانی دہشتگرد بزدلوں کے ذریے سے عباس ٹاؤن کے معصوم لوگوں کی جان لی ہے. اس دفع بات بہت دور تک جائیگی. نواز عرف بھڑک باز کو چاہیے کے اپنی اوقات پہچانے.

  • The solutionof Karachi's problem is not military operation but governance through local bodies. MQM has the mandate and they should govern the city. Any other 'solution' will just spill more blood. Besides what mandate PMLN has to run Karachi they don't have any stakes in Karachi whatsoever.

  • So going by this logic, if JUI-F wins elections in Swat valley constituencies, it can do whatever it wants there? It can start target killing, bhatta taking etc but the federal or provincial governments can not do anything about it because JUI-F has the mandate of people of Swat and nobody else has a stake?

  • MQM has always been in Govt. MQM will make alliance with PML-N, if PML-N emerge as party with most seats. There would be no operation whatsoever.

    Even if MQM doesn't make alliance, the only solution of Karachi is to depoliticize Police. And use Police to get the situation in order. Military operations solve the problem only for short-term. In the longer run, it destabilize the situation. And military operation, if conducted, has to follow up with political settlement.

    NS did operation in early 90s as well. What did that operation do to better the situation? The situation worsened more after that than getting better, if you see in the longer run.

  • @Adonis Saab

    After elections PMLN at best will have govt in center. They will not have any presense in Sindh whatsoever. The only way for them to rule in Karachi or Sindh is through Governor rule and then handover Karachi to Army. Is this the democracy PMLN wants to lead us into? How will Lahoris react if MQM, that has zero mandate in Lahore, start taking decisions about Lahore through GHQ. Karachi will feel very same way if PMLN with zero mandate in Karachi tried to rule the city through GHQ.

    PPP, PMLN and GHQ needs to realize MQM has legitimate mandate of Karachi and they have the right to run the Karachi. Local bodies should be revived and MQM should be allowed to run the city government. Local bodies disbanded and having national and provincial assembelies is no democracy.

  • I'm astonished by the degree of respect that is being given on this forum to the Karachi mandate. The question all of us should be asking is whether we are satisfied with the current law and order situation of Karachi or not. Should it continue the way it has gone on for years? No sane person would say yes.

    All parties who have the so-called mandate have military wings consisting of thugs, crooks, murderers, assassins, and land mafia. The people on this forum who are having so much hue and cry over the 'mandate' should just man up and call a spade a spade; get out of the spin room and stop leveling baseless accusations on 'Punjabi establishment' for the mayhem in the city. Don't let your personal venom blind your brain that much.

    The only party that can do anything to save the city is PMLN that doesn't have stakes in the city; PMLN is the only party that doesn't have a military wing. We want someone to eradicate these criminal wings of all local parties without any prejudice. Yes, there would be a temporary rise in restlessness and deaths because these criminals are so deep-rooted in the city that it would take a long time and an iron fist to crush them. I can't imagine (or perhaps I lack imagination) why a person with reasonable intelligence would be against such an operation, unless, of course, you are part of such mafia.

  • If its operation against criminals then most welcome, Do it with the help of Police, army, Navy airforce


    if its like 1992, where operation clean up end up as killing urdu speaking and MQM workers/supporters

    then let me tell you... We fought Punjabi Army in 92 and will fight again.....may be this time with Americans help.

  • "The only party that can do anything to save the city is PMLN that doesn't have stakes in the city; PMLN is the only party that doesn't have a military wing. "

    PMLN/Nawaz sharif is one of the biggest reason for Karachi current situation. This is the party who launched a full scale military operations against the residents of Karachi on false information. This is the party who put common people of Karachi against country security forces to gain political mileage (though they fail miserably on both accounts). This is the party who refuse to resolve the issue politically at first place and refused to respect the mandate of the people. Go walk in Karachi and ask common people why they don't trust PMLN or Nawaz Sharif and you will get your answer. People who think that PMLN can resolve the Karachi issue are people who usually don't even have a grip what issue is.



    PMLN does not need to have a military wing since they have a complete militant party in their folds. Used to called SSP, now a days they operate by the name Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

  • / /

    Dont forget they also have milery wing in Khaki.... Those who were responisbile for killing pakistani people in Bangal, Karachi and now Balochistan

    Only war this use less army won was against its own people.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The city of Karachi badly needs another operation similar to the one conducted by Naseerullah Khan Babar during Benazir's tenure.

    It cleaned the city from over 10,000 terrorists & extortionists. But, unfortunately, all those Police officers involved in the Karachi operation of 1994-96 have been target-killed? NaMaloom Afrad are suspected to be behind their killings?

    I gave detailed views on the siatuation in different threads of this Blog:


  • I have observed many statements of PMLNar that they have learnt from their mistake in past.

    If they willing to do same mistake again, so I can only say they are missing Jeddah.


    If PMLN (Shareefs) really want peace in karachi and other part of country then not only stop supporting and sponsoring terrorist groups like (ASWJ, SSP, LeG, and TTP) but also take action against all those groups.

  • N o o r a league dream on suppressing the Karachi mandate. Itefaq Foundry furnaces where Sharif thugs used to burn their opponents, have gone cold.

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    Imran Khan's comments about MQM on 12th May 2007

    he said that MQM is different because they first attack and then project themselves as aggrieved. Blames MQM for terrorizing Edhi’s son: