Use of Abusive Language Against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

  • Use of Abusive Language Against Pakistan in Bangladesh and Shameless Silence of Government of Pakistan.

    There is continuous reports and news in media in which abusive language is commonly used against Pakistan in Bangladesh specially by official of Government like ministers and Prime minister of Bangladesh who to please their Indian masters are doing all this, but very mysterious and strange thing is that Government of Pakistan blind, deaf and dumb officials do not take any notice of such things and do not take any counter measures against this fashion and tradition in Bangladesh, While it is responsibility of foreign Ministry of Pakistan to counter and respond to any such malignment and image distorting compaign against Pakistan so that a message can be conveyed to Government of Bangladesh that use of abusive language will not be easily digested, they can do their internal politics what they want but using abusive language against people and state of Pakistan will not be tolerated because such activities will have long term effect.

    Just one recent example of use of abusive language against Pakistan by Prime Minster of Bangladesh and Supporter of India Hasina Wajid are as follows,

    Hasina said time has come after 42 years to get untied to face the new razakars (collaborators). “BNP is the new collaborators.”

    Splitting the alphabets of BNP, Hasina said, “B stands for Bangaldesher, while N for Naya and P for Pakistani Dalal.”

    From above statement it is clear that Present Prime Minster of Bangladesh is showing open hatred against Pakistan, it is the responsibility of Government of Pakistan to make a protest against this delibration and open abuse of name of Pakistan.

    Secondly Prime Minister of Bangladesh is giving a clear message that she will not tolerate friends and supporters of Pakistan in Bangladesh.

    While just few days ago the same Prime Minster of Bangladesh has given the red carpet Welcome to Indian President and has awarded the highest award of Bangladesh for his role in breaking Pakistan, the largest Muslim state of world.

    Indian President himself commented that Bangladeshi Government treated him like a groom.

    While the same Bangladesh Prime Minister and Foreign Minster refused to attend the SAARC conference in Pakistan. Which was a clear hostile posture against Pakistan.

    Government of Bangladesh contineously use abusive language against founders of Pakistan for making Urdu language as national language, which is totally baseless because the purpose of making Urdu as a national language was done after consultation and suggestion of leaders of East Pakistan, and Bengali was provincial language of East Pakistan, that was the best decision of founders of Pakistan, so that people of East Pakistan can become effective and vibrant part of Indian subcontinent and can play being the largest province of Pakistan due role as leader of subcontinent because without knowing Urdu/Hindi no one can be part of subcontinent. Decision of making Bengali as national language by later foolish rulers who were having no vision for nation building and were just having very superficial perception of existence not only caused the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan, but also stopped the people of East Pakistan to lead or play any role in Indian subcontinent and now their role in culture and life of Indian subcontinent is nil and zero.

    While people of West Bengal adopted and accepted the Hindi/Urdu language and now that is leading and vibrant state in Culture and Political Life of India.

    Bangladesh also blame Pakistan for genocide in Bangladesh, While infact Bangladesh was created after military war between India and Pakistan, which was started after Indian terrorism in East Pakistan, Which was six times larger and powerful country than Pakistan, with the Support of Super Power Soviet Union and moreover East Pakistan was the largest province of Pakistan, and war was started from the violent activities of India and Awami League in East Pakistan, so in such scenario what was the position and logic in starting a war for Pakistan, in fact that war was a trap for Pakistan so that by use of force Pakistan can be broken, As in a mutual war no one can claim to be innocent on both sides, that is why India destroyed all record of this war. The Indian trained terrorist who killed a former Governor of East Pakistan Monaam Khan was awarded by Bangladesh Government, The traitor Atiqur Rehman was awarded by Bangladesh Government, who killed Rashid Minhas a 17 years old Pakistani Trainee Pilot who was not on any war mission. Those who killed West Pakistanis as per white paper of Govt. of Pakistan, those who looted and forced to millions of Biharies to leave their homes and still living in Camps and those who destroyed bridges and tea farms as per Indian Terrorism and Sabotage Plan were rewarded by Bangladesh Government and those who used guns to kill others and those who called themselves as Sector Commanders for their armed struggles with guns and bullets against supporters of Pakistan as per their Indian Master plan of kill and run and loot and burn, should also be brought to Justice not by Kangaroo Courts created by Awami League which was itself involved in this war as a party but a commission of UN.There is also need to penalize those who are killing protesters like birds and insects and busy in genocide even today on the name of politics and nationhood.It is common practice that Awami League just blame others by bogus claims and do not indicate about their negative role they have played in leading the smaller issues to disasters.

    Therefore it is the responsibility of Government of Pakistan to take measures against such negative and hostile acts and propaganda of Bangladesh Government against Pakistan.

    Written By:M.AKRAM KHAN

  • Watch this show, give a good perspective on what happen and how right wing idiots still trying to spin their role in creation of Bangladesh.

  • Awami League supporters in Bangladesh have always been against Pakistan while opponents of Awami League have always been pro-Pakistan and anti-India.

    As for which represents the majority public opinion in Bangladesh, one only needs to be present at a hockey or cricket match between Pakistan and India held in Bangladesh. The support is so overwhelmingly one-sided that one always feels that Pakistan is playing at home.

  • Very well said. Nevermind the politics, people of Bangladesh are our our brethern. We don't need to get into a shouting match.

  • We do owe them an apology.

    And better start treating Baloch as our brothers and address their grievances.

  • I have been close to a lot of Bengalis in the Middle East. They are not hostile to Pakistanis. They are rather very friendly people to Pakistanis. It is Awami League that is try to boost hatred against Pakistan for political mileage.

  • Its not the govt of Bangladesh thts hostile to Pakistan but rather its Awami League and its RAW sponsered leader Hasina Wajid thats anti-Pakistan mainly for cheap political advantage.

    Besides whether its B.deshis or Pakistanis we all are 1 muslim ummah and therefore brothers to each other.

  • An formal apology from Pakistan to B'desh is in oder, if anyone wants to bring Bangalis on our side. Awami League is a one-issue party; election after election they spread their venom against Pakistani people to get votes, and they always succeed. An apology from Pakistan would take away this issue for good.

    Awami League has a 3/4 majority in parliament at the moment, so don't take their support so lightly; Pakistan is a hated country in that land. Whenever a Pakistani PM travels to B'desh, there is always a hue & cry from all corners for a public apology from Pakistan. Some also accuse Pakistan that it didn't give B'desh its fair share after partition.