Will We Suffer From Another Democracy For The Next 5 Years?

  • The five years democracy of Zardari's government has been more gruesome than a nightmare. The common people suffered from heavy life loss. The criminal minded ministers like Z. Mirza issued 500,000 licenses to his fellow criminals. The govt. ministers plundered the country more oppressively than bandits. The cost of living skyrocketed multiple times. There were no development projects to mobilize the country towards any path of progress. The miseries of common people were aggravated.

    If we keep on holding elections without reforming the basic ailments of our society, our country will be going on from bad to worse conditions. In view of the forthcoming elections, one has to anticipate:

    "Will We Suffer From Another Democracy For The Next 5 Years?"

  • Quote:

    "Will We Suffer From Another Democracy For The Next 5 Years?"

    The fault is not with Democracy, Martial Law or Islamic System

    which has been tried in Pakistan since 1947 AND FAILED TO MAKE PAKISTAN A WELFARE STATE..

    Real culprit is



  • The state of Israel was also created in the name of religion. Unlike Pakistan, the state of Israel is offering euphoria to the Israeli citizens. The standard of living in Israel is one of the greatest in the world.

    I think what really makes Israel so different compared to Pakistan is the sincerity of the Israelis to their religious ideology and the country. We are insincere to both of our own.

  • Democracy in Pakistan:

    In Pakistan word democracy has different meanings than the real. Democracy in Pakistan is "For the elite, by the elite, and of the elite".

    Elite is consisted of top ranking "Military, Mulla, Beurocrates, Tribal Leaders, Industrialists, and Jagirdars". This ruling class is consisted of not more than 200 families. This political mafia hay divided the nation in small ethnic, langual, religious, and regional groups. They will never let us become Pakistanis. One thing has been tested time and again that this group will not surrender to people of Pakistan and give up at any cost.

    So how to get rid of them?

    They can be defeated only if their heads are axed and their wealth is looted the same way as they have looted Pakistan.

    Is there any "RENT A KILLER" agency available??? 20 crores Pakistanis will gladly rent a few.....!!

  • انصاری صاحب

    کیا آپ سپاری دے رہے ہیں ؟


  • Democracy is like a car; if you put a person on the driving seat who has never driven a car in his life and when he drives the car into a ditch, who would you fault, the drive or the car?

    As far as axing the heads of the current lot of the leadership, I'm afraid that isn't going to work either. Leaders are true representatives of the nation. We, as a nation, have all those diseases that our leaders possess; for example, if you send your child to a shop, the clerk may hand over rotten fruit or vegetables just because he could and the child wouldn't notice. The corruption is present throughout our society like a parasite. Don't call the leaders as corrupt and declare the nation as angels. People pick one of them as their leaders.

    In the end, there is no immediate solution, unless you have a way to ax all 20 crores.

  • Don't worry, your wish may be granted.

    Mushi is not coming to Pakistan to promote democracy.

    He is not that stupid to return without the consent of military establishment either.

  • @Hussain Farooqui bhai,

    These fuedalist and capitalist loving people are very smart in twisting and diverting issues to save their masters.

    If you blame democracy for corruption, they will defend democracy by blaming politicians.

    If you blame politicians then they will defend politicians by blaming system.

    If you blame system, then they will laud a slogan Worst Demoracy is better than best Dictatorship.

  • I agree with BitterTruth saheb. Let the democracy with all its hiccups be continued. Acorn gives their fruits after fifty years. After fifty some years, India became an established country - politically, scientifically and economically. And that's the bottom line.

  • To all readers,

    Real culprits is public, and xheap slogan sellers, who sell their conscious and vore for one time meal they eat in Nau dero, shouting zinda hai bhutoo and zinda hai bibi.


    Elections are no solution for this cancer’s removal; it has to be surgically removed by clean up Nation-building is not the role and task of the Bhuttos, Zardaris, Altaf Hussain or Sharif as they are dead entries in history books and artefacts in museum. To visualize rational remedies and workable change of the currently disastrous political events and ethnic bloodbaths and set a NEW DIRECTION to facilitate social, economic, moral and political RECONSTRUCTION of the oppressed nation, you NEED educated people, intelligent and visionary thinkers and leaders and experts in problem-solving and change management to avert the self-suicidal agendas being followed by the PPP-MQM - Karachi is at the tipping edge - just a glimpse out of the sadistic and incompetent mindset of the few, wait and see what will be the next?

  • BT Bhai

    "These fuedalist and capitalist loving people are very smart in twisting and diverting issues to save their masters."

    They are very sharp twisting masters no doubt. Tele and print medias are their greatest supporters.

  • Tele and print medias are their greatest supporters.


    @Hussain Farooqui bhai

    True, media anchor and thier owners are heavily paid by these evils. each evil party has hired at least one or two TV anchors and columnists, even CJP has hired some, you know that!

  • BT Bhai

    Now this bribery is not limited to only tele and print medias. It has now stretched to retd. army officers and judges. Judicial decisions are also twisted as per the bribery paid.

  • @Hussain Farooqui Saab

    Please don't overlook the fruits of alternative - military rule.

    a) Ayub/Yaya gifted Bangladesh

    b) Zia Afghan Jihad, radilization & MQM

    c) Musharaaf Alqaeda, TTP & drones

  • @Shirazi Bhai

    True, mostly all military rules were also supported by these feudalist and capitalist only.

  • @Bitter Truth Saab`

    True, but they are opposed by same class too. PPP resisted Zia's martial Law and PMLN Musharaaf's take over. I 'd blame masses more than elite for military takeovers. I wish we had resisted military coup like masses in Venezuela did.

  • Shirazi Sahab

    True that martial laws also produced numerous problems, but the life in Musharaff's period was not as painful as it is now. Again, one realizes that democracy in Pakistan is worse than a martial law. As democratic regimes were worse than martial laws, so the general public rather welcomed all the martial laws in the history of Pakistan with the hopes for improvement.

  • @Hussain Farooqui Saab

    I beg to differ that it's General perception. Growth rates have been better under military regines because they have the flexibility of signing SEATO, CENTO, throwing country in wars in return of money whereas civilian govts can't even get KLB funds if those are tied with civilian supremacy strings. Politicians don't want stressed relations with neighbours or controling Kabul - Its Generals vision and they nurture Jihadis sectrian outfits for such missions. Politicians are there just to take the blame of your favorite Generals doings.

  • I wish we had resisted military coup like masses in Venezuela did.

    If the masses are not like in Venezuela then there was also no leader like Chavez.

    پاکستان کی عوام کو گیدڑ شریف نہیں بلکہ شاویز جیسا لیڈر چاھیے ۔

    کیونکہ ۲۰۰۱ میں جب وینزویلا میں فوج نے اس کی حکومت پر قبصہ کیا تو وہ جدہ نہیں بھاگا بلکہ ملک میں ہی رہا اور عوام نے ۴۸ کھنٹے میں اسے دوبارہ بحال کرا دیا ۔ اس کے برعکس گیدڑ شریف ۱۹۹۹ میں چالیس سوٹ کیسوں کے ساتھ جدہ بھاگ گیا ۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • @Asif bahi

    Unfortunately our populist leaders ZAB and NS were from elite class. Perhaps only commoner we had was Sheikh Mujeeb. Things 'd 've been different if Bhutto had allowed Miraj Mohammad Khan to take over party when he was PM. Instead he showed his true feudal colors. Miraj stood firm with him up until '74 until he was implementing his socialist agenda like Chavez.

    Your leader Imran is also an elite. My friendly advise is to keep your hopes within limits. If he ever gets to power he will also be good for haves ....