Imran Khan Literally Schooling Goras @ World Economic Forum

  • The video does not give a complete coverage. All I could judge is that Mr. Imran Khan was hand in hand with Dr. Tahirul Qadri (what the Qadri spoke was not included in the video). But Khan saheb repeatedly said "As Dr. Tahirul Qadri said...".

    Secondly, a lady was giving her point of views and that too on her turn, Mr. Imran cut her short and started repeating again "this is not our war" mantra a teenager argument that Osama Bin Laden was trained and groomed by none other than CIA. Mr. Imran simply doesnot know such arguments may be appreciated in cheap Pak TV channels but not there. They know politics is liquid something that changes its level every passing day. Mr. Imran must know that was not a Pakistani TV channel talk show. On this uncivil interruption that lady protested but Imran Khan was on his own. I do not think this gesture of Khan could have created a good impression on the West. But who cares any way, we all die alone.

    Sorry Sir, this video did not leave a good impression on me. I am, though, still waiting for something special from Khan saheb.

  • ^^^Imtiaz bhai,

    Your retort is so weak that I don't know where to begin to dismember it:

    • IK once said "like Qadri said", and may be the latter had said a similar thing - and your issue with that? How you can read something into that reflects an unstable mentality, I am afraid.

    • Oh, IK was so rude to interrupt the Royal Highness? I am impressed by your argument! This is the "complex" I was talking about - in the whole debate, you are stuck on that part!

    For your kind information, Imran Khan did not interrupt her but she asked him a question specifically..

    • Why is the argument that CIA created Osama Bin Laden cheap? Do you even know what you are talking about? CIA made those groups that are supposedly crossing the border to Afghanistan. The same groups were funded by CIA and ISI and now the same groups are being attacked by them now. This explains the cross border infiltration, not any Pakistani conspiracy. This is a fact and it is as true in Pakistan as it is in every part of the world. Facts do not change by location - please note.

    • People like Imran KHan are repeatedly invited in international forums because they are respected for their independent thinking. Surely he is having an effect. Nobody respects slave, mental or physical. The world respect independent thinking people.