Ajmer Dargah refuse PM Raja Pervez "donation'

  • Looks like the Darga mafia wants not less than million dollar as they got from Zardari. Indian government encourages such devient practices. These are grave worshippers and the whole complex must be bulldozed and remains of Wali tranfered to a proper graveyard as per authenctic Hadith of Bukhari. Such pagan practices are black spot on image of Islam and hindrance to its growth.


    Ajmer, March 10:Priests at the dargah of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti refused a donation from Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf when he visited the 800-year-old Sufi shrine in Ajmer.

    "The prime minister wanted to offer 'nazrana' (donation) at the dargah. But we told the Pakistan high commission that any nazrana by the dignitary will not be accepted," Wahid Mian Chisti told IANS.

    The secretary of the Anjuman Khadims said on telephone from Ajmer that the refusal had nothing to do with the boycott of Ashraf's visit by the Diwan of the dargah, Zainul Abedin Ali Khan.

    Chisti said all religious heads and priests, barring Zainul Abedin, were at the dargah when the Pakistani leader came with his delegation Saturday.

    The priests offered headgear to Ashraf before entering the dargah.

    Ashraf offered a velvet 'chadar' and floral tributes at the mausoleum. He remained at the dargah for about 20 minutes along with his wife Nusrat and some 20 members of his team.

    Ashraf is said to have prayed for global peace and prosperity, especially for Pakistan.

    Chisti said a lot of controversy was generated when Pakistan President Asif Zardari offered $1 million at the dargah last year.

    It took several months to get the amount. Most importantly, there was a dispute among various factions at the dargah on sharing the donation. The matter was later settled.

    Chisti said the priests did not want to give the impression that money matters for them.

    "Our job is to propagate the teachings of Khawja Moinuddin Chisti and render all possible help to pilgrims visiting the shrine," he said.

  • Cries for a lost home(land)

    From the Newspaper | Xari Jalil |


    LAHORE, March 9: “Burn us too!” wails a woman, her hands repeatedly hitting her head. “Did they leave us alive to see all this?” Her tears stream down her face and her nose is red and swollen. In one of the doorways, a mother and son stand hugging each other and weeping as if someone has just died. “They took everything from us…” sobs the boy. “Those robbers took everything we had worked hard for.”


    ......While the police remain guarded, only carefully revealing any kind of information to the media, and the Muslim community prefer to remain mute,......




  • Good on part of administration of Ajmer darghah.

    This practice of donating to these darghas should be challenged in court here in Pakistan, why the tax payers of Pakistan should foot the bill?

  • @AR

    You and your kharji TTP will never get your way, Soon TTP will be on the run but it will find no place to hide.

  • Short life, They are not yet on the run but right now your Master is on the run.

  • What your referring to is just 'hikma' of Allah Ta'ala that he used a tyrant to suppress another tyranny, the Kharji fitna. He, the one your referring to, is not my master.

  • He sure is not your direct master but certainly is master of your master politicians. That in turn is Hikmah of Allah SBT to thrust such corrupt to the core politicians on neck of corrupt awaam.

  • Say what you like and burn in your own hatred. TTP is on borrowed time.

  • "Dusky,

    fully agreed with you, should be challenged in higher court, and none should pay a single paisa, to these looters, cheaters, and robbers, protecters of graves,and worshipper of dead, when people are dying from hunger,making suicide fron starvation, looted money of corruption is being given in the name of Dergah.

    False claims are made by these grave worshipper, they deceive and cheat innocent and ignorant muslim ummah. they fill their stomach with what they earn .