Badami Bagh Incident & NaMaloom's terrorism in Karachi

  • Last week MQM tried to portray itself as champion of shia rights by torching buses and trucks on super highway & provoking transporters there and then very next day On 6th march once again wreck havoc across the city & resorted to terrorism & violence, MQMized namaloom terrorists gunned down 8 innocent people,torched dozen buses and dozens of pathan owned pushcarts in Karachi and Hyderabad.In Hyderabad MQMized terrorists fired directly on women shoppers,many of whom got injured during the stampede that ensued.

    Shia parties including Majlis e Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM)and Shia Qaumi Mahaz(SQM) have already stated categorically that Shia community won't be voting for MQM in coming elections.

    Once again today while portraying itself as champion of Christian cause,MQM once again resorted to violence against traders of popular Zainab Market Saddar,their property was damaged & shops were looted by these 'Na'Maloom' "protestors". Provoked traders clashed with these NaMaloom terrorists & tried to save their belongings.Windscreens of two ambulances & private cars were also damaged."></iframe><a href=""

  • You seemed like woke up from your own nightmare, Doctor Devil. Talk about Lahore incident.

  • MQM has been cleverly trying to secure the votes of Shias. An incident my occur in Quetta but the roads of Karachi will be blocked by the workers of MQM. They may be able to secure a lot of votes from Shias in the next elections.

  • It is really wonder, why PMLN has not blamed MQM for Badami Bagh incident. However clique are trying to concoct theories for diverting focus from incident.