Punjab Projects

  • Which major projects and schemes were initiated by present Punjab government (aka Shahbaz Sharif) during the initial period from 2008 to 2011? And what was their success rate?

    Comparatively, how many projects have been announced before the election season (mid 2012 to 2013) to woo supporters and voters?

  • I know nothing about Punjab but I think, CM Lahore (mind you, CM = City Mayor) has initiated and sucessfully completed Metro Bus project for Lahore City.

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  • and not to forget 7 danish schools :P

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    you can visit SS facebook page to get all the details;

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  • CM Saab's projects include:

    a) Burning of churches in Gogra

    b) Qadiyanis bening atttacked in Lahore

    c) Joseph Colony

    d) Consistent support of LeJ and TTP

    Shahbaz Sharif is Pakistani Narindar Modi - same sort of political stage craft and extremists supervision to go after minorities.

  • Shirazi Sahab

    Wherever there is a perfect system of justice, terrorists and criminals can't dare carrying out any subversive activities. Our judges are just like fooling jokers and the politicians are hypocrites or criminals themselves. Terrorists and criminals have no fear of being punished. Pakistani system of justice is just a toy in their hands.

  • @Hussain Farooqui Saab

    For not having perfect Justice system who 'd you blame more? I won't blame Judges or Politicians as much as Generals. Our police is defunct and it's Army that has emerged has sole propritier of national security. The criminal and hardline elements that Justice system need to nab down often are our strategic assets. How can prosecutor and Judge ensure Justice if they are not provided security by state? Security appratus of a state are not Politicians or Judges - it's the men with guns and they are often in bed with miscrents for strategic resons.

  • This set of loots popularly known as pmln was politely abiding by the teri vaari meri vaari understanding with ppp before a meteor in the shape of Ik struck them.

    Then in a never ending spending spree they've lost it.

    People in Lahore dont have access to drinking water. Leave the rest of Punjab.

    But these folks would rather roll out fancy buses and laptops to somehow win the next elections.

    They have no spine left and hence they're running after electables. They were always a party of electables so they wish to play the game they're good at.

    We are happy theres no more asooli rona dhona any more. The lines are drawn.

    electables vs passion of youth.

  • solar lamps project.

    laptop project.

    yellow cab project.

    ashiyana project.

    sasti roti project.

    metro project.

    Intern ship project.

    danish school project.

  • ^^ You forgot to mention recovery from the one of the worst floods as well, Punjab Govt actually did it, whereas other provincial govt and so-called charity organization just focused on donation money and big slogans..

  • These projects are mere or mostly political stunts and money utilised either by federal or provisional governments on these or similar projects could have been spent on improving existing infrastructure and rotten systems. These politicians won't let any chance to charm impressionable minds but here is a knocking biff for people, who are living under the illusions...I don't crunch numbers so often but here are some rough figures given for a comparison on different socio-economic aspects of Pakistan in four years time:

    1. Poverty increased from 17.2% (2008) approximately to 22.3% (2012).

      Source 1

      Source 2

      Source 3

    2. GDP growth reduced from 3.7%(2008) to 2.4%(2012)

      Source 1

      Source 2

    3. Unemployment rate increased from 5%(2008) to 5.7%(2012)


    4. 39809 Civilian and Security personnels died because of Terrorism


    5. The only thing that doesn't remain stagnant was literacy rate and it inched up 1% from 57%(2008) to 58%(2012).

    [Source 1](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vqSRGLlQ37A/TWkanypjH0I/AAAAAAAAAR4/heKCEqoLlWc/s1600/Literacy+Rate+Pak.jpg)  
    [Source 2](http://www-db.in.tum.de/teaching/ws1112/hsufg/Taxila/Site/images/Literacy_Rate_Pak.jpg)  

    There were so many other pointers, which could really depict real progress but I don’t have time for that. I would suggest the pluggers of current regime to acquire a better sales pitch. There is a saying, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

  • @Desi Baji

    Good projects, or political posturing & stunts, I guess people will soon judge politicians on their accomplishments.

    Your statistics are quite enlightening, although one hardly needs such information to form an opinion about the current state of our country; we are following a downward trend almost in every department, we can see it from miles.

    One issue you didn't address is who should we elect to jump-start our economy, transform our education, and deal with terrorism? Imran Khan, as many on this forum hope for? if that's the case, we might as well handover the rein of power directly to General Kiani and call him our supreme leader, king, caliph, or whatever; why do we need a pretense, or another Bahadar Shah Zafar in the form of Imran.

    Since this thread is about Punjab government's projects, I would defend them to this extent that the most important economic engine; such as the energy sector, is outside the control of the Punjab government. Punjab's industry, especially of Faisalabad, has been completely destroyed by a 15-20 hours of daily load-shedding, hardly a fault of the provincial government for such high levels of unemployment. True, that Punjab is 60% of the country but only to the extent of the police and patwati power. Punjab's 780 billion budget dwarfs that of 3.5 trillion under the federal government.

    Our dysfunctional foreign policy is triggering a lawlessness in various parts of the country; extremism is also on the rise. But all of this can not be attributed towards any provincial government let alone Punjab.

  • Shirazi Saheb,

    Muslim League is a center-right party. They don't get the votes from the 5-7% of the religious right; that is only reserved for JI, JUP, JUI, etc. Sectarian and religious killings can only harm SS government in Punjab, so your logic does not hold water that PMLN is soft on religious extremists to get their support for the elections.

    Sectarian or blasphemy related killings is not a new phenomenon; it's being done in Pakistan for decades. I can post tons of incidents that took place before the PMLN government took power, or you can Google it yourself. But again, that's hardy going to matter because you don't seek truth; your main objective is to malign your political opponents. Negative campaigning or mudslinging is a very old technique (especially, when your side has nothing to show for) where you muddy the water so much that people fail to discern the right from wrong.