PTI Flags in South Africa in 1st ODI

  • Not my discovery, someone pointed out the PTI flags in PAK vs SA cricket match,

    @ 50 sec

    Reminded me of the time when in 1992 WC we used to see MQM flags in matches. I think PTI followers need to be careful here, they are passionate about their party but country always comes first. They should not do these type of things especially on international platforms.

  • If pti becomes the next mqm which city would you think will they hold ransom...


    On somewhat related topic, this is from world cup 2011 event, when Imran Khan was asked about the Rehman Malik match fixing comment. And Imran Khan being Imran Khan gave his typical reply about the corrupt Rehman Malik. There were bunch of guys sitting there (some of them now support PTI), we all felt he should not have said that on the international forum. No need to show our dirty laundry to the world. Not denying that Rehman Malik was stupid but still no need to go on international forum and say bad things about Pakistan government. This videos does not have it but after that Kapil Dev response was very diplomatic and we all thought Kapil said the right things.

  • and just yesterday in Peshawar jalsa, Imran Khan was "educating" all of us on what are the qualities of leader.

    I want to add one small thing, a leader knows how to control his tongue.

  • Rather than holding a Pakistani flag, they would prefer PTI's flag....That is how a division amongst nation are caused.

  • ^^

    Theres no division.

    Anyhow how can IK stop someone from carrying PTIs flag?

    Its the love of tehreekis spread all over. They are far from Pakistan, but there heartbeats with us and for them the hope is Imran Khan & PTI.

    Kudos to them. They were heard.

  • Pakistan is just a country. On the other hand, MQM and PTI are revolutionary movements whose message transcends geographical boundaries.

    So while status-quo supporters may carry Pakistani flags, the revolutionaries will always carry the flags of their movements which are more important than Pakistan.

  • ^^

    Congrats .. uv finally mastered the art of akheer chawalis.