Tehreek e Insaf 23rd March Jalsa can bring about a revolution? To what extent?

  • Dear all, I hope everyone will post their comments based on realities instead of their wishes. And hopefully their will be a tolerant and democratic discussion.

  • I think PTI will be able to form Government in KPK. If they can get some support from Jamaat e Islaami or any other party that can add 5-10 seats to PTI's seats.

  • That won't be because of rally in Lahore. For Lahore rally to be classified as revolutionary PTI has to win at least 3 out of 11 seats in Lahore.

  • Big Zero

  • Yup you are right but staging a show in the heart of Pakistan will have impact all across Pakistan especially Punjab and KPK.

  • Jalsa shall take place, emotional speeches, gali galooch, allegations and in evening the revolution will go home

    ( this is my take on all jalsas, gone are days when jalsas used to bring revolutions )

  • I think this thread is opened too soon. Let the caretaker Govt. come. Let 23rd March be passed. Let JI announce formally whom they would support. Only then, an exact number be given. Although, at the moment PTI looks to form Govt. in KPK. Punjab is with PML-N at the moment. But there can be a shift towards PTI after 23rd March and the momentum it builds towards the election day.

  • 23rd March is going to be a game changer. Alot of defections tp PTI have been delayed till after the jalsa in order to up the ante right before the polls.

    This is going to be fun. Fasten ur seatbelts.

  • @Xainahmed i dont think its early to start this thread as there are only 4 days left for this government and the subsequent announcement of caretaker setup. And if PTI is to get seats in Punjab i hope its either 0 or 100. As PPPs best hope is if PTI gets 25-30 seats so that they can form another alliance.

  • @Sherazi there are 3-4 seats where PTI can win or be tough to beat. These are NA-122, 124, 126 and 128.

  • اڈمن جی

    اپ نے سروے میں سوالات ہی غلط پوچھے ہیں

    سوالات یوں ہونے چاہئیے تھے

    How many NA seats PTI will win?






  • ^^ If there is no consensus on the caretaker PM, Raja Rental could remain PM till 24 March according to Farooq Naik. So there is more than enough time.

    Also, there is this issue of Election Commission issuing new nomination forms. where one has to declare his and his children assets and taxes and other such things. Several big horses can be disqualified even before Elections if ECP get the full power.

  • @KRAS

    I beg to differ on Lahore being heart of Pakistan. Lahore is PMLN's strong hold and Imran's home town. That's the only significance it has. People in Karachi, Peshawar or Quetta don't vote on seeing the trends in Lahore. Let's not forget PPP came to power 3 times despite not winning in Lahore.

  • Pti dont needs such big jalsaas.pti only needs heavy and strong candidates.if u thnk that people of lhr will vote to waleed iqbal or cheema mema or asad umar then ur totally wrong.its too late for pti now.ab lahr men pti ka koi effect nai parnay wala.even ik own seat in dangor against maryam or shabaz sharif.pti needs sum heavy weight in his camp..

  • ^^

    U prolly didnt get what the tsunami is all about? =))

  • Propaganda at FULL SWING!! by establishment and backed parties!!! With only and only one aim! to target PMLN and nawaz sharif. Unbelievable stupid and pity propaganda, which has been going on for last 65 years!! They wil never ever!! let a free n fair election, without their influence, take place! and will cross ANY LIMIT! for it!

    It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that we are heading towards elections and transfer of power without direct control of establishment!! Interm government will be decided by consenses, and not nominated by establisment for the first time!! This is the the reason we are seeing stupid and desperate moves like first supporting even a losse character like imran khan and now a stupid and crazy man like tahir ul qadri! by our establishment!!

  • "losse character like imran khan "

    Replying in the same coin OR ignoring is solely at our discretion.

    You may not like our response so be a little more careful.


  • 99% of the media is controlled by establishment mafia!! this is where imran khan is gets only support!!! all this hype and drama is to justify rigged election results later on!!! exactly what has been going on for last 65 years!! again ground being made to impose a unelected person on us! just to serve a certain class here!!!! extremely sad and frustrating!!!

  • ^^ Like the current elected people are serving the people of Pakistan?

    Stop being so pessimistic and pro-conspiracy about everything and post something positive for atleast once.

  • Imran's jalsa on 23rd March would be a good show and a great publicity stunt but it'll fade away because everyone else will be doing similar gatherings (even if not on the same scale) across the country. Unlike Oct 30th, when Imran was the only force on the offensive, this time around, he will be facing music from his opponents.

    PTI opponents, especially PMLN, are very good at media management; the 23rd March jalsa wouldn't have the same effect as it did last time. Also, if we look at Imran's itinerary, he is focusing more on those areas (urban Punjab and Hazara) that are strongholds of Nawaz; he hasn't visited interior Sindh or Karachi in ages. PMLN will characterize Imran as a B-team of Zardari, who is colluding with Zardari to snatch away seats from Nawaz. No matter how mad or upset Muslim Leaguers are at Nawaz, even a remote possibility of a second Zardari term will be enough to bring home all the disgruntled voters.

    As a former Lahori, I do see an opportunity for PTI to eke out a victory in one or two constituencies in Lahore, especially with the help of JI. Benazir was able to bag 5 out of 9 seats in 88 against the son of the soil, Nawaz Sharif. But after that, because of their poor performance, PPP has gradually lost the city to PMLN for good. Unlike Karachiites, Lahoris are more open minded people and may be willing to give Imran a second look, provided he lays out a better vision for the future. The rural Punjab, on the other hand, looks way darker and gloomier for him though.

    In KPK, moral issues will play out big against Imran; people shouldn't underestimate the power of JUI. Would Imran win in KPK? That's a long shot but he might win more seats there if he is able to keep the party intact.

    Finally, perception, perception, perception!

    People want to vote for a winner. If the electables keep joining PMLN, Nawaz may be perceived by the public as the eventual winner, and that may also discourage voters to vote for PTI.