Where did the Legharis go?

  • "Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa said that Leghari Sardars gave priority to their own interests and have neither any leader nor loyal to anyone"


    .. and this was yesterday. We thought Jamal & Awais were about to join N before the 12th.

    Is Khosa not happy or Legharis have scrapped the plan?

  • They have been appearing on "who is joining pmln in coming days" thread quite regularly since last one years.

  • It has been one year since Legharis and SMQ joined PML-N on "who is joining pmln in coming days" thread. I am sure PML-N supporters would still be claiming the same.

  • @Xainahmad bhai...

    Can U bet with me On Lagharies joining PMLn .... Btw what u Will call them if they Join pmln ??? Let me Guess Mufad Parast ??? but u will say that when they leave PTI ... But i m saying them Mufad parast today nd will say whe they will join PMLn ... bro i promise When they will Join PMLn i will say them Mufad parast becoz they r joining pmln after watching pmln winning .... btw They will join pmln on round abt 20 March 2013...

  • ^^ bro, I said it because of all the propoganda generated since last year and not even one Leghari joining PML-N. So I am not sure what you guys are playing at. The ground situation doesn't look positive also with Khosas already in PML-N and Khosa being very close to NS.

    Now you are giving another date, Lets see. PPP is also saying some group of politicians from PML-N would be joining PPP soon.

    For PTI to give anyone ticket, he has to declare their assets and children assets and tax returns and other conditions as mentioned in ticket application. This is also requirement of ECP (today's news) . So if Legharis qualify, ticket can be given to them. If they don't, no ticket.

    And the committee under the Dist. President would nominate candidates. And then names would be forwarded to Regional Committee and then to Provincial and then to Central. Anyone to be chosen as a candidate would be in a democratic way.

  • Rumor has it that some BigWigs of PTI are joining PMLN; the date of their joining would likely coincide with March 23rd jalsa, just to puncture PTI's bubble.

  • @ Xainahmad Bhai...

    Bro I m not giving the date .... I just said k Round abt 20th march .... if u ask for date then the last day on which the election symbol will be given to candidate is cut off date for any joining .... so if election schedule annouced on 21stmarch then the cut off date on which symbol will be given to candidate will be i guess in between 15 to 20 april ... nd bro i m not saying that k lagharies will join ... the leding papers of Multan like Express nd nawaiwaqt r saying that ... U can check those links on who is joining thread ....

    while u said ticket will be given on the recmandation od district comitee ... Bro this is all dramabazai ...no party can denie the ticket of bosan , hashmi , Qurashi , Kichi or lagharies ... do u think k Zaheer abass Khokhar will not get ticket ??? hahaha nai yaar this is all daramabazi ....

  • while I agree on ppp claims that some People will join ppp frm PMLN .. but only those will join ppp who will not get tickets .... as frm last 1 month sitting mnas nd mpas even frm south has joined pmln .... now u know k Pir aslam bodla mna nd Dewan aashiq MNA was the target of ppp but they preferred PMLn pver ppp,.... nd I agree mpa qaisrani left pmln but u know wahat was his issue ?? he was demanding NA 171 nd pmln already has annouced the ticket of Amjad khosa frm NA 171 who last in 2008 on na 171 only by 2000 votes as ind candidate .... same was the case with raja afzal who was demanding 2 mna plus 2 mpa but pmln was only giving them 1 na seat ...

  • @Arain, People who came on 30th Oct didn't come because of bigwigs. So even if someone did leave, this would only boost the morale of people. PTI is not binding anyone to stay with PTI, they can join other parties if they like.

    @chaudary801 bro, leading papers have been saying this since quite some time now. Still not even a single joining from Legharis. Lets see how true this prediction goes.

    And if the people in the constituency would vote for bosan , hashmi , Qurashi , Kichi or lagharies, then why not field them as candidate , if they declare their assets and tax returns? Dist. Committee would ofcourse recommend the strongest possible candidates. That is part of procedure.

    Elected people have all the right to nominate anyone they want. There is no dramabazi in it.

    The Criteria is declaration of assets and tax returns. And secondly not being 'convicted' (not alleged) of any financial corruption or crime.

    And people would jump ships all around. Just let the caretaker setup come. :)

  • here goes the link how transparent PTI election is...



    The Words of Senior PTI Member and EX.ISI Chief Too...




    I am very happy to see The Land Grabber of Lahore winning so called PTI polls... While Jamshed Cheema defeating Waleed Iqbal...these are great developments for PML N. Any pol can defeat the Land Graber Mr, Aleem Khan...



    Lagari and Bosan both are joining PML N. Every thing is final....Now PML N has planned to announce these joining of 24th march...to tell the People even after 23th march Khan show ....Tsunami is down... it is a very good plan to give answer in their own language....23 imran jalsa...24 lagari bosan joining and 25 PML N clean sweep from Hazara and the Most Massive jalsa of Hazara History is waiting for PML N on 25th March....

  • There are no permenant foes and friends in our politics. Our politics does not stand on any uncompromising principles.

  • Ohh Chaudhry shb you re back... Good to see you

    Any update on that 10,000 MW wind energy Power plant Shahbaz Sharif was building in Punjab? The Good News that you broke last year?? By your time line it must be nearing completion by now..

    PML-N haters say they have not seen Wind Turbines anywhere in Punjab but I am sure they must be on Every chowk gearing up to produce 10,000MW

  • This is funny. Only Noo00ra factory of intellectuals could put this together.

    Having a few people join the next day would deflate the resurgence of tsunami? very well. Baadshah aadmi hain aap kya keh sakte hain. :)

  • @muazzamali : Out of 25 Districts in KPK, only one person Masood Sharif Khattak in one district has reservations. The rest of 24 Districts had no reservations. So it means that he couldn't accept his defeat and left. If Election were rigged, people in rest of 24 Districts would have spoken too.

    As far as Lahore is concerned, Lahore is supposed to be under Punjab Govt. Please take Aleem Khan to court if you think he is land-grabber and prove it. Otherwise, I would say grapes are sour for you. :)

    First 20th March and now 24th March for Legharis joining, lets see how long this date lasts.