Imran Khan to Deceive Again on 23rd March 2013?

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  • Imran is a former cricketer, so he will go for the record.

    Pakistani public, in general, has short memory, so I wouldn't be surprised if he is able to fool them again.

  • wetting Shalwars already!!

    and we have still got 12 days to go!!!

  • @insaftak

    So you agree that IK was lieing or making fake promise when he said he is going to launch civil disobedience


    Yes or no will do, and iam sure ou anyother PTIan will never come clean on this

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    Rasheed Shaib,

    Please post a link to the statement in the picture.


  • @Khanamer

    Do not worry. One step at a time. First start with yourself and then tell others. Party has disclosed assets of all leaders on and soon will be publishing assets of all those contesting for party.

    one step at a time!!!!!!!!!

  • "Party has disclosed assets of all leaders on and soon will be publishing assets of all those contesting for party."

    Is that for real! How much tax did IK pay in the last five years?

  • Source: Imran Khan Speech on 30th October 2011

    (from 40:00 onwards)

  • @insaftak,

    One step at a time, was this not in mind of IK while making such big claims???

  • Imran Khan never deceives.

    Unlike the leaders of status-quo parties who are local level leaders, the great Imran Khan is a Universal level leader. So his audience is not only humans living on earth, but also all organisms living in any planet in the universe.

    When the great Imran Khan promised to reveal illegal assets of other politicians in 3 months, he was actually talking about 3 months in Pluto which are equal to more than 2 earth years. So the great Imran Khan has plenty of time still to fulfill his promise.

  • ابھی جلسا ہوا نہیں پر نوروں کی ٹانگیں ابھی سے کاپنا شروع

  • Workers were taken in confidence.

    Give duas to Imran, had civil nafarmani triggered, "some" leaders would have been in Jeddah by now.

  • ^^^^

    So what stopped him.? Dont he want to get rid of them? And suddenly he just decided to let them stay....?admit is, the guy doesnt know what he is saying or talkng...

  • Admit what?

    You know what we mean by tareekhi ehtisab dont you?

    Let IK be at the helm of the hakoomti machinery and then if somehow Noo00ras escape, hang me.

  • I'm sure Imran would also be presenting the following accomplishments during his speech on March 23rd:

    --Excerpt From another post--

    (1) Declared Altaf & MQM a terrorist entity and was "successfully" able to put Altaf in London jail.

    (2) Launched a campaign against drone attacks and was able to stop the attacks completely; thanks to IK that the FATA people can now take a sigh of relief.

    (3) "Successfully" implemented a "Dharna" policy, where he announces a dharna first and explains the reason for that sit-in later.

    (4) Called every politician in the parliament a thug but accepted each and every Mushurraf crony with loud cheers; it makes me wonder whether Musharraf supporters joined PTI, or IK himself has joined Musharraf League.

    (5) Launched an onslaught against politicians who had assets in foreign countries, but when given the chance, "cleverly" invested his hospital money in Dabai.

    (6) Whole heatedly supported the "legal" (aka shameful) Musharaff referendum, but sought nation's apology only when failed to get the PM slot from the dictator.

    (7) "Successfully" disappeared from the NS long march when ordinary folks and lawyers were facing the wrath of the government.

    (8)Participated in a 'clever' (aka shameful) act of trying to postpone elections with TuQ.

  • I will add:

    IK talks a lot about taxes but he has yet to declare if he actually paid any.

  • I will add;

    Now IK act us the vocal critic against WOT but when US invaded Afghanistan in Oct 2001 and Mush offered all services to US unconditionally then this great leader Imran Khan was mum on all such developments as he was sitting in the lap of Mush with dreams of becoming as PM through a chor derwaza.

  • For those who have Short Term Memory

    Monday, 15 October, 2001, 16:28 GMT 17:28 UK

    Imran Khan warns of 'human catastrophe'

    Imran Khan: "The bombing is unjust and unethical."

    Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan's Movement for Justice Party, has spoken of a sense of "helplessness" felt in his country as the war against the Taleban continues.

    And he said rising numbers of civilian casualties in Afghanistan would breed "hatred and anger" against the United States.

    Speaking to BBC Radio WM, Mr Khan, the chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, said the bombing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan was "unjust and unethical".

    He said he did not know how long President Pervez Musharraf could contain the demonstrations against the US bombing.

    "Let me tell you none of us have any idea where we are heading.

    "In Pakistan there's a feeling of complete helplessness, that we are no longer in control," he told the Birmingham-based radio station.

    "We are held prisoners of the events in Afghanistan right now."

    The Pakistani cricket star turned politician said he felt the US should have resisted the temptation to take military action against the Taleban.

    "Perhaps if the Americans had waited and with the pressure that had built up, we felt the Taleban was collapsing."

    He said: "It's very difficult to convince the people here that here is this huge superpower and here are these impoverished people, probably the most impoverished people in the world who have suffered 20 years of war.

    "It's very difficult for the people not to sympathise with them against the United States."

    Mr Khan, who turned to politics after a personal crusade to raise money for a cancer hospital in Pakistan, said he was concerned most about the onset of winter.

    "The worst thing is that the winter of Afghanistan is extremely severe and once the winter comes these people that are bombed and on the roadside as refugees, the human catastrophe is going to be immense.

    "I don't think people have any idea how many people, women and children, are going to die because of the weather and because of the dislocation.

    "We are looking at a situation where to get one man a lot of human beings are going to be killed."

    He said the tide of sympathy for the United States following the events of 11 September would begin to turn against them if civilians continued to suffer.

    "Terrorism is bred when there is hatred and anger and I'm afraid that if a lot of civilians are killed there will be a lot more hatred and anger against the United States."