75% Pakistanis Support Metro Bus - Gallup

  • Majority of Pakistanis (75%) would support the Metro Bus if it were to be introduced in their city. GILANI POLL/GALLUP PAKISTAN

    Islamabad, March 11, 2013

    According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, majority of Pakistanis (75%) would support the Metro Bus if it were to be introduced in their city.

    A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked “Suppose a Metro Bus is introduced in your city. Would you support or oppose it?” Responding to this, 75% said they would support it and 19% said they would oppose it. However, 6% did not give a response.

    Most support for the Metro Bus comes from Punjab where 84% said they would support it if it were to be introduced in their city, followed by 81% in Balochistan and 76% in Sindh. The least amount of support for the Metro Bus comes from KPK, where only 32% said they would support it if it were introduced in their city.

    The study was released by Gilani foundation and carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International. The recent survey was carried out among a sample of 2662 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during February 11, 2013 – February 18, 2013. Error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.


  • I suppose the red represents PTI , Perves Ilahi, Ch Shujat, Qamar zamaan Kaira and a few others

  • Gallup Pakistan is run by the jamaatia Gillani. That alone is enough to explain its credibility owing to jamaati shameless lying and propaganda nature. However Gillani is also very close to Sharifs; he was an advisor to Nawaz in one of his governments. Hardly surprising this result from Gallup Raiwand Branch.

  • During the last five years democratic regime, 81 billion rupees were awarded for to the govt. of Baluchistan for the development of Quetta city. Hardly, a few billions were spent. Shariff's are corrupt no doubt, but they are better than the politicians of Sindh and Baluchistan. Their Metro Project must be appreciated.

  • Public transport is a necessity and a very important factor in developing economies. I think public transport shall be given a priority everywhere in my country.

  • in my country

    hypocrite, it’s not your country. How many ways do we need to explain this to you? Is burning of mandars and abductions and rapes of girls not enough for you to get the message?

    Jeez...get the hint already man.

  • Dont understand logic to conduct such survey? You ask public to if they want a metro bus, or school or "do rupey ki rotee" or any such scheme, how on earth somebody will oppose it in his right senses?

    However, conducting a feasibility of such projects for up and running in longer run is job of technocrats and they can decide more wisely.

  • AOA GP Bhai. Wondering why are you trying to make sense out of senseless surveys ;)

  • @rasheed Sb.

    Manytime in related thread, I appreciated Metro Bus Service despite of having political difference with PMLN.

    I believe development for masses must be encourged and appreciated.

    But Selling Metro Bus Manjan before election by showing 75% people supports it is not justified the wrong priority of Punjab govt and failure of Punjab govt in other sector like health and eduction.

    If you do fair survey in any hospital in Punjab then you will have different result.

  • WS Dusky bhai,

    My apology.

  • I just concluded my one month trip to Pakistan where I spend most of my time in Lahore. I have closely watched Metro Bus Project and will try to be neutral on my comments. First positives, on its route and close area it is providing an excellent facility where both middle and lower class and to some extend top class people can get a good benefit. I have herd a lot of people who are not bringing their cars and motorcycles for daily work commute causing saving of fuel, reduction of pollution and rush in the city. People in general are excited and are welcoming this project. Now negatives, it is providing benefits only on one route and rest of the city is unaffected. It is splitting the city into two and crossing the road to pass this project is painful and on certain places very confusing as well. Some areas this project has messed things in traffic as well. Overall this project will be fully beneficial once they have completed all proposed routes and cleared crossings. I personally will give 6.5 out of 10 marks so far, 1.5 marks deducted of construction in progress and incomplete status.

  • 100% Pakistanis support any development projects.

  • Metro bus will be appreciated by all awaam later on for many oncoming years.

  • All the good projects done by the previous rulers are still appreciated regardless what opinion in general is prevalent about that ruler. My own opinion about Shareef Brothers is negative but I appreaite some of their projects including the Metro Bus one.

  • Once settled and completed this project will be a great facility for the people of Lahore. I know how painful it is to drive a vehicle in Lahore and even motorcycle. To be fully effective PML(N) during their next government (if they win) should construct all proposed links and Multan Road leg especially otherwise for now it is operational on one route only which is mainly Feroz Pur Road.

  • We are far behind the modern world in terms of transportation facilities too.

  • An interesting read....

    Sex and the city, and elections too!

    "The bus service has made the city sexier and its fascination more fatal. The ability to help people dream of a better tomorrow is the most potent of the political potions. It has magical powers. It can transform common political workers into jiyalas and bestow a leader with what they call charisma.

    The Punjab Chief Minister has been desperate for a place in ‘the hearts and minds’ of Punjabis from day one in office. He thought that his sasti-roti scheme will be a hit with the poor but it didn’t click. His daanish schools could not do the trick either. But by casting the modern city dream in concrete, has he finally hit the jackpot?

    We have yet to witness how much of this ‘awe’ is finally converted into the real political currency – the ballot. But an awe-struck electorate is bad news for his opponents. Howsoever great their playboy credentials may be, in the cat walk in Punjab’s polling stations, Shahbaz is likely to end up as the sexiest


  • Pakistan keeps supporting the unjust war on terror and someones else takes the dividend. I remember a Muslim Afro-American who said: They piss on you and you love them?

    The puppets in Cenral Asia are subservient to Putin and Karzai is Obama's poodle. Are they better puppets than Zardari?

    Afghanistan, 2 Ex-Soviet Nations to Build Railway


    Published: March 20, 2013

    ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) — Afghanistan has signed a deal with ex-Soviet neighbors Turkmenistan and Tajikistan to build a new railway linking the three nations.

    Presidents Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan and Emomali Rakhmon of Tajikistan inked the preliminary agreement Wednesday in the Turkmen capital.

    The 400-kilometer (250-mile) railroad would link landlocked Afghanistan to a regional transport network, increasing the country's export potential. It would link the Afghan town of Akina-Andhoi, about 650 kilometers (400 miles) northwest of Kabul to Atamyrat in Turkmenistan and Pyandzh in Tajikistan.

    The construction of the new railway is set to start in July in Turkmenistan. Turkmen workers will also build the Afghan segment of the railway.

    A 75-kilometer (47-mile) line from Afghanistan into Uzbekistan began operating in December 2011.

  • The means of transportation always play important role in the development of a country. Metro Bus project must be appreciated setting aside their other misdeeds.