Noon MPA Imran Ashraf to join PTI

  • The point was highlighted in Capital Talk last night.

    Good on him. Welcome to the team imran!- an mpa from Silakot.

    His joining has been in the news since over an year now, perhaps now is the time.

  • ^^ so he can't be called as lota? Rght .

  • Ofcourse No.

    Noo00ra league is leading the surveys, so they may very well be leading the race to the Islamabad.

    Leaving them for a party struggling in the polls is ofcourse not lotaism =))

  • Any one from other parties joining Pti is called as "Aik aur wicket gerh gai"

    Any one from other parties joining Pml(N) is called as Lotaism. واہ رے انقلابیو

  • یہ سیٹ منشا اللہ بٹ نے گریجویٹ نہ ہونے کی وجہہ سے عمران اشرف کو دی تھی- اب اس سیٹ پے دوبارہ منشا اللہ بٹ الیکشن لڑیں گے. اور سیالکوٹ میں سب منشا اللہ بٹ کے سیاست کو جانتے ہیں کے وہ شریف النفس ،، ہمدرد اور دوسروں کے کام انے والے انسان ہیں.

  • PP 123 is PMLN seat and no one can defeat Mansha Ullah Butt. Insha Allah he will win again from his seat, this seat was given to Imran Ashraf, and it was Mansha Ullah Butt & Khawaja Asif who gave a chance to Imran Ashraf. It will not make any difference if he joins PTI or PPPP or any other party. Imran Ashraf himself has no political base/platform to contest election.

  • Engr. Imran Ashraf is well known personality of Sialkot. Khawajah Asif's empire is crumbling.

  • it looks like he already got the ticket even before joining the party. I thought the tickets are not allotted yet ;)

  • This is a SooSoonami. People are going to vote for the great Imran Khan no matter who the PTI candidate is. PTI does not need any electables. Soosoonami supporters do not care about electables at all. This is why you have never seen them starting any threads here when an electable has joined or left PTI.

    Having said that, it is great to see that after many months a sitting MPA is going to join PTI and this will greatly boost the chances of SooSoonami becoming a competitive force in Sialkot.

  • Kuch Jalnay kee Boo aa rahi hai :)

  • Insaftak, lagta hai kisi kay naqli baal aur wig jaal gaye hai.

  • @ Qaiser

    Lagta hai :)

  • There are a few more names from N and PPP .. Mian sb ka dil beth jaey ga :))

    He will forget the campaign. Will be a heart attack.

  • Just as Ghulam Sarwar said today in Talats show when asked what if N and ppps mukmuka surprises everyone in the end .. Sarwar sb rightly said, no worries, we will surprise them even more :))

  • نگران سیٹ اپ کو آنے دیجئے ذرا۔

    پھر دیکھئے ہوتا ہے کیا کیا۔


  • @Qaisernadeem @insaftak:

    i challange Imran Khan to contest against Mansha Ullah Butt, even he can not stand against him.

    i will update this thread after election day, and its not far from here.

  • Lota Lota kardi ni main aapay Lota hoi

    Loko way menu Lota aakho Imran na aakhay koi

    لوٹا لوٹا کردی نی میں آپے لوٹا ہوئی

    لوکو وے مینوں لوٹا آکھو عمران نا آکھو کوئی

  • In last by elections on PP129 and PP122:

    PMLn vs PPP + PMLq: PMLn won by a margin of more than 20k votes.

    In Sialkot PMLn might win just because of the "tough tilling of the streets".

  • Pti will win PP 123 seat in the same way in which it had won NA 55 bye election. :)

  • Not a good news for PTI, even if this person has 1% of habit from PLM N that mean

    he is corrupt, will leave party and even country when its needed, he will bring nepotism in PTI.

    Remember PML is not a party but a " ideology " of "loto tey phto".

    Did JI gained any thing from having Abbasi for 5 yrs ?