Musharraf to return to Pakistan on March 24: Aide

  • DUBAI: Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf will return home on March 24 after nearly four years of self-imposed exile in Dubai, his press aide said on Tuesday, in time to take part in a parliamentary election.

  • Current government's accountability, to put Mush on trial, will be over on March 16th. Why to wait until 24th. May be, this is his way of thanking his old friend Nawaz for taking the Ü turn of not going after him. Now PMLN can muddle a cheap slogan that establishment has asked Mush not to spoil Pakistan Day rally. How ironic, recently Nawaz himself could not hide his promiscuousness with Army - sweet dreams and happy philandering.

  • Nevermind PMLN intrasigence, PTI should celebrate the return of their Patron-in-Chief. I hope IK and his cohorts give a rousing welcome to their boss for old times sake.

  • Based on the current state of selection of care taker PM, most likely Raja Pervaiz Ashraf will still be the PM on 24th March.

    PC will use 20, 21 and 22nd of March.

    ECP will receive names on 23rd and it is not bound to select caretaker PM before 24th of March.

    So definitely, GM is not coming on 24th of March, if the caretaker goes full length.

  • Looks like Nawaz Sharif has softened his rhetoric on Musharraf.

    Are Saudis behind this change of heart?


  • نواز شريف جو کھاتا پاکستان کا ہے ليکن سنتا سعوديہ کی ہے بکری ہوگيا ہے-

    کيا اس دفعہ بھی نواز شريف کے اليکشن اخراجات سعوديہ ادا کررہا ہے؟

    ان غير ملکی ايجنٹوں کو اليکشن ميں کھڑے ہونے کی اجازت کون دے ديتا ہے؟


    The Sindh High Court (SHC) has approved the pre-arrest bail of former president General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in a series of legal cases, allowing him to return from exile without being arrested immediately.

    Musharraf, who seized power in 1999 and left the country after stepping down in 2008, has vowed to return home on Sunday to contest the May 11 general election, but is wanted for conspiracy to murder and illegally arresting judges.

    To preclude the prospect of his arrest on arrival, his daughter, Ayla Raza, petitioned a court in Karachi on his behalf for protective bail.

    "He has been given pre-arrival, protective bail in all three cases," Musharraf's lawyer Ahmad Raza Kasuri told.

    Judge Sajjad Ali Shah posted bail at 300,000 rupees ($3,000) over the 2007 sacking of judges, the 2006 death of Akbar Bugti, and the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

    The decision means that Musharraf cannot be arrested for 10 days in connection with the judges' arrests and for 14 days in connection with the other two cases.

  • Musharraf is more beneficial to Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan than abroad, especially now when the election campaign turns into a full swing in a few days. The people of Pakistan suffer from an acute form of amnesia where they tend to forget events that took place a few months ago. Musharraf's presence in Pakistan will help remind the public how big of a thug and scoundrel he was. His constant praises for Imran and his efforts to forge an alliance with MQM, PTI, and Q Leagues will also bring old memories, such as his sham referendum, American cronyism, dismissing and arresting of judges, Lal Musjid incident, and emergency plus, back to limelight.

    Mark my words, if PMLN captures power, there will be a commission on Kargil, although NS might spare his life in return for his permanent exile.

  • NS might spare his life in return for his permanent exile.


    Bhai, the other day Mian Sahib gave a statement not to favor sending anyone on exile.

  • Mark my words, if PMLN captures power, there will be a commission on Kargil, although NS might spare his life in return for his permanent exile.

    You think Musharraf is that stupid to hang around in Pakistan, if PML-N wins the elections?

    If Pml-n needs the help of Musharraf to remind people of their misery as if the current mess created by the ruling elite is not enough, then they should open a fruit and vegetable stall somewhere instead doing politics.

  • We had to see the day when, even Sheeda Talli is starting to make lot of sense.

  • Mush is also declared proclaim offender in a case at Abbotabad and there are also non bailable warrants by Lal Masjid commission . There is another case pending against him at Karachi about Killings of 12th May ,2007 . However criminals involved in 27th December 2007 firing at Nawaz Sharif rally escaped abroad successfully with the help of Rahman Malik .

  • Just remember these innocent girls who believed that Ghazi Thugs were serving Islam and brutally killed by Musharraf to please America .

  • جناب پرویز مشرف صاحب اگر فوجی وردی پہن کر پاکستان میں داخل ہوں

    تو پرویز الہی ، شیخ رشید جیسے بہت سے سیاستداں جوق در جوق

    پھولوں کے ہار لے کر ہوائی اڈے پر پہنچ جائیں گے

  • Just you can think what happened to the girls inside Lal Masjid

  • @AnwerKamal

    In some ways GM was competing with Talibans, my way or highway. You either accept my terms or I will eliminate you. I am surprised, why Pakistanis have soft corner for him and don't consider him Zalim.

  • GM was too a puppet of establishment . He was under support and protection of Zia and after Zia Ibne zia and others like him . Who pushed or used these khabis Ghazi brothers , Perhaps we can never know but Lal Masjid mafia is still being supported by land mafia of Malik Riaz .

  • Actually, Mush is worse than Taliban, at least Afghan Taliban are fighting for a cause and have some principles.But Mush just had a lust for power.

    TTP, though, is a different story, they are an insult and scourge on humanity.

    What I fail to understand is why he has decided to come back to Pakistan.I don't think he is interested in participating in the elections.He must know something about what is liable to happen during and after elections in Pakistan and wants to exploit the situation.

  • He was a fool only , ruled Pakistan with the help of one million guns and as a puppet of US . He destroyed us before coming into power by Kargil . If you can count the losses of Kargil only , He should be sent to firing squad without wasting a minute .

  • Problem with these generals is that they don't listen and try to understand contrary point of view.

    Some of them, like GM, use brute power to have their point of view implemented.