NA 59 - Attock-III

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  • Well the situation in all attock is very strange as compared to the other places.

    The important point being is that PML(Q) has got 3 contestants in three constituencIEs , They all are from Gujrat < they were not able to get a candidate from Attock .

    Now the other factor which needs to be considered here is that The District Nazim of attock is brother in law to Ch Shujat , thats why they have gt Ch Pervaiz elahi contesting from ATTOCK, ANd eman Waseem and Waseem Gulzar , they are all Interrelated ,

    The situation now is that In Attock 2 is that PmlQ didn't gve the ticket to Sardar Mumtaz Which has spent nearly rs 400 million(yes thats true) from the date he has entered into the politics, Roughly 8 years ago when he returned from States.

    So sardar mumtaz has joined PML(N) now and he will be contetsing in the Provincial Assembly , and this is a big set back to PMl(Q)

    Another candidate from Attock 1 , Malik amin aslam has resigned from PML(Q) and will be contesting the election independentaly.

    The reason being is that Eman Waseem is daughter of The Distt Nazim of attock Maj (r) Tahir sadiq and he is brother in law to chaudhry's, was contesting the election independentaly , so in taht case there was no point for Malik amin aslam to contest for the election, so he resigned and now Eman waseem will be contesting at pml(q) and the facts and figures don't show that pml(Q) will get any seat from the three constituencies of ATTock

    I will keep you posted of any latest which i get



  • 2002 ELECTIONS:

    1 Mrs.Eman Wasim Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 65672

    2 Dr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 41674

    3 Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Khan Pakistan Awami Tehreek 3079

    4 Lt Col ® Muhammad Pervez Khan Pakistan Muslim League(N) 12884

    5 Mr.Muhammad Halim Advocate Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 6908

    Valid Votes 130217

    Rejected Votes 3401

    Total Votes 133618

    Registered Voters 236272

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 56.55 %

    GUESS: Difficult to judge so far

  • Asif Malik is the PML(N)n candidate this time while PPP has fielded Sardar Salim Hyder. Ch. Waseem Gulzar, husband of Eman Waseem is the PML(Q) candidate.

    Asif Ali Malik is the ex-mpa of 1997 but is not considered a particularly strong candidate. Q league won by 24,000 votes from here last time. Although there is negative sentiment against q league this time around, still it has teh whole government machinery behind it. PPP candidate is unlikely to poll more votes than PPP polled from here last time.

    If PML(N) had put forard a stronger candidate then this seat would have come into play, but so far PML(Q) sems poised to win from here though with much reduced margin.

    RESULT: PML(Q) victory.

  • Quite a few things have changed in the last one month and Waseem Gulzar's victory is no more certain. The contest is really tight now beteen q-league and PPP. The victory margin is expected to be less than 5,000 votes.