Iran Pakistan (IP) Gas Line - Najam Sethi's Analysis

  • Key Points:

    A) If, the big IF, it ever materialize Gas will be 4 times more expensive

    B) Musharaaf aka GHQ was willing to forget Kashmir and all Jihadi business for 2B $$$ transition fee that they were hoping they 'd get in 30 years from India for this pipeline - the in famous out of the box Kashmir Solution

    C) If Zardari wins he will backout saying we can't afford international sanctions, if he loose - most likely scenario - he will spin we did despite American pressure and Miyan buckled down under American pressure - win win situation

  • @Shirazi

    Do you really believe that Najam Sethi ever says anything without an "hidden agenda"?

  • Najam Sethi is a person who went to fight alongside baloch rebels just because the were fighting to break up Pakistan. He was the one who went to india and spoke about his desire for Pakistan to become a part of india. He is a person who has lied incessantly on media before and after he was a musharraf minister.

    To expect that such person is speaking truth now and is saying what is in Pakistan's interest is like expecting a scorpion not to bite.

  • Pakistan has a window of opportunity till 2014, when the US withdraws from Afghanistan to build the pipeline without worrying too much about the sanctions.

  • All these media persons and channels are for sale. Pay them and produce any desirable tone and tune from their mouths and speakers.

  • when the US withdraws from Afghanistan

    دل کو خوش رکھنے کے لئے یہ خیال اچھا ہے

  • Every time I watch Najam Sethi's show, it seem's like if it is a broadcast from the president house.

    obviously this is a political ploy. If PMLN fails to pursue it due to economic reasons or security reasons ( I don't think PMLN cares about the sanctions), then win win for PPP and if the pipeline is a success, then win win for PPP again.

    What was stopping PPP from initiating this project 4 years ago when it had a little bargaining strength with America due to so called war on terror?

  • Mr. Najam Sethi mostly, exposes and unfolds the reality of a News.

    He is the best to visualize and analyze the flow of National and International diplomacy.

    The way he presents the past, present and future of an event, is very informative and educative.

    He is one of the best professional journalists at the Pakistan print and electronic Media.

  • To me the most interesting part was how much GHQ was willing to retreat for this pipeline. If any civilian govt had attempted half of that they 'd 've been labelled traitors for good.

    All Sethi bashers!

    Najam Sethi is not an issue here it's a gas pipeline. Do you disagree with his numbers - Gas price 'd be 77% of crude oil that turns out 4 times of what consumer is paying at present oil market rate which is certain to go up time?

  • Najam Sethi bashers are requested to evaluate the facts and figures before jumping to any negative conclusion.

    Mr. Najam Sethi presented all the possible scenarios related to the future of Gas Pipeline.

    His analyses, if not 100% correct, is 100% logical.

  • Joginder Singh

    Is Najam Sethi you Mama or Chacha?

  • About one reality, I am sure Mr. Najam Sethi, certainly, is not,


  • Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

  • About one reality, I am sure Mr. Najam Sethi, certainly, is not,


    Well Done Joginder Singh. You have finally progressed from being a retired primary school teacher. Well Done. keep working hard and one day you might...........

  • Bogus response from Diwana/PDK/Nadan/Mirza

  • Joginder Singh

    How can it be a bogus response? Your educational skills have been acknlowledged and no mention has been made of your ability to steal other authors/poets work and present as your own. Surely you cannot call it a bogus response!

  • Diwana/PDK/Nadan/Mirza,

    You are crying/shouting like a frog of the well for the last several years.

    Unfortunately, no one listened to you or pulled you out of the stinking well.

  • Joginder Singh

    One more time. You seem to hear my cries. Perhaps a frog can hear anoher frog's cries????????

  • Diwana/PDK/Nadan/Mirza,

    You are free to keep on crying.

    اور لکھ دیا گیا مینڈک کی تقدیر میں ٹر ٹرکرنا

    الله کو ایسا ہی منظور تھا

    اور الله بڑی حکمت والا ہے