Will yor prefer Ameer Maqam over Pir Sabir Shah as KPK PML N President

  • if there is intra party election in KPK like PTI conducted then surely Ameer Maqam will become president.The point i want to clear is that

    Ameer Maqam sincerity is not tested till now.if he become sucessful and i pray for that then he should be PML N KPK president.

    For PTI Supporters

    campare Abdul Aleem Khan and Mahmood ur Rasheed

  • Ameer maqam is a more active person as compare to pir sabar shah Ex CM KPK.even pir sabar shah ex cm raha magr es ne pmln ko hazara tak he mehdod rakha.and now after ameer maqam many big guns are joining pmln.its all due to ameer maqam own intrest to strength the party in kpk.

  • @farhan

    my concern is not an active or an inactive

    my concern is loyalty to the party, proven or not

    Ameer Maqam and Abdul Aleem Khan (PTI elected president) are both new to the party.

  • but the point is there would be no elections in PML-N, so no chance. Unless, Ameer Muqam develop some personal relations with Nawaz Sharif family i.e. becoming NS partner in his business.

  • @xainahmed

    sir pir sabir shah have no personal or business relation with Nawaz Sharif but sincere relation.

    Dear change your " ilzami" behavior before changing Pakistan.

  • @Shoaib Khan

    "Dear change your " ilzami" behavior before changing Pakistan. "

    I think you need to sleep for a while; PTI and ilzam are "lazim malzoom";

  • HaHaHa,

    Shoaib Khan well done!

    As next step please demand Intra Party Election in PMLN!!

    Main nahi kihta tha ke o Shahi Khandan ke pojarion khor se sono: Tabdeeli aye gi nahi balke Tabdeeli a choki he!!!!

  • @shoaib,

    So you infact contradicted your point yourself. You think that Sabir Shah has sincere relations and yet you want Ameer Muqam to be KPK President. What sincerity you have with PML-N!

    Also, I just gave one of an example of business relations. Relations can be different, like family relations, or old pals relations or some other.

  • @Asif,

    The intra-party elections you are bragging about, are they completed??? or still on going????

  • Tough Ameer Muqam seems more active than Sabir Shah! Influence of Sabir Shah is just limited to Hazara Division (even with help of Mehtab Abbasi), Whereas Ameer Muqam influence is more broader, he getting more people on board, Sawabi, Mardan, Charsadda, Swat etc..

    based on performance, Ameer Muqam should be given presidency but based on loyality, Sabir Shah is better for KPK presidency!

  • If I am not wrong, Sabir Shah is same who has some dispute with Damad Cap. Safdar.

    If yes then Ameer Moqam is better then him.

  • @Shoaib Khan Saab

    Mashallah, your argument is Democracy doesn't gurantee best option so we are better off w/o democracy.

    God Bless You.


  • Mashallah, eternal slaves of Sharif family.

  • you party election would be justified when the candidates atleast affiliated with the party for 10 years.

    you selected Abdul Aleem Khan as Lahore president over Mahmood ur rasheed.I think you have read the articals of your beloved writer Haroon sab about Abdul Aleem.