Imran Khan invites Nawaz Sharif to a US Presidential election style debate on TV

  • In a recent TV talk show “8PM with Fareeha Idress” on Waqt TV Imran Khan invited Mian Nawaz Sharif to have a [live] debate on TV during the election campaign. In a response to a question from the host, Imran Khan looked at the camera as if he was talking to Mian Sahib directly, said that he did not expect Asif Zardari to participate as Zardari had a habit to do “well left”. He was referring to a term used in the game of cricket when a batsman leaves a ball untouched that might be too tempting to hit but with a high probability of getting out at the same time.

    Imran said that real competition will be between PMLN and PTI. Therefore, time has come to take Pakistani politics to next level. In a live debate I will ask Mian Sahib questions that how he will lead the nation and he will do the same to me. He further suggested that another format could be a set of intellectuals and media persons asking impromptu questions.

  • چہ پدی چہ پدی کا شوربہ

    First he should win a few seats to be on an equal footings with NS. It's the same thing if Sheikh Rasheed starts demanding a debate with Zardari.

  • If winning seats is the criteria, Mian Nawaz Sharif should have a debate with Asif Ali Zardari. Since Zardari may be prohibited by the Constitution from participation, Mian Ji should face Zardari’s representative Mr. Senator Faisal Raza Abdi or how about Barrister Senator Aitzaz Ahsan. Some good might come out for PPP to revive the tradition of nominating their Prime Ministerial candidate before elections. At least we will be able ask if the next prime minister will be dumber than the previous ones.

    In any case, only an independent media can force the PMLN owner to have such a debate. Let’s see if media starts checking the public pulse for such a bold step in Pakistani politics.

  • A live debate between Sharif and Zardari, with some top intellectuals asking questions, should help the N o o r a kushti accusations put to rest.

  • Title of the thread is wrong. It should go like this:

    Imran Khan begs Nawaz Shareef to allow him some camera time in his presence so that he can experience for a brief moment what it feels like to be a real leader.

  • NS would agree only on one condition if moderator allow Ahsan Iqbal sitting behind him who can come to his rescue when Mian sahib forget few points from their "well thought" manshoor or wont be able explain logic supporting their "policies"

  • With IK's past and his blatant U-turns and lies like the one on 9/0, I don't think this would be a wise Idea.

  • Since Zardari won't be allowed to participate in the election process being the President, so who would represent pipliyas as a leader? Bilawal or Amin Faheem?

  • live debate would be a good idea or may be let group of people ask question in live program.

    This will give some understanding of party, politics and manifesto to voters

  • Imran has gained some popularity, but his party is not still as strong as that of Nawaz Shariff. In the next elections, Imran is expected to attain 25-30 seats and PML-N in a case of defeat may attain much larger nos. of seats.

  • بادشاہ سلامت شاہی لباس پہن کر درباریوں کے دربار میں بیٹھ کر سر تو ہلا سکتے ہیں لیکن کسی عوامی لیڈر سے سیاسی مقالمہ تو کیا اپنے درباریوں کی غیر موجودکی میں بات بھی نہیں کر سکتے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Neither of the two speaks parliamentary language. A debate between the two may not be better than a brawl between two street dwellers. A debate between the educated and disciplined personalities like Etezaz Ahsan and Kursheed Qusuri may be enlightening.

  • US debates happen in a two party system where one is a winner and other one is a loser.

    In Pakistan with almost 100 plus parties the only barometer of popularity can be previous track record of any political party. With Imran Khan only winning 1 seat in the last 16 years and expected to win maximum of 10-15 seats in the upcoming election he's only eligible to debate with a union council level representative of PMLN.

  • The way IK keeps begging for some airtime with NS, initially it might have been funny for people who like that sort of retard funny stuff; now its just showing his cluelessness and desperation.

  • Imran is just trying to exploit the political gap which is heavily existent in our country. Most of the people are tired of old time political parties. Imran is trying to avail this opportunity.

  • LOL.

    Khan b na .. shararti!

    NS would pee his pants rather. He cant hold a torch to IK. Forget contesting a debate mate.

    And check the chicken out :P .. pehle IK Mughle azam, Bare sagheer ka undisputed leader, Mian NS k level pe aye :P


  • It's the same thing if Sheikh Rasheed starts demanding a debate with Zardari.

    درست کہا اپ نے ۔

    عمران خان اور شیخ رشید عوامی لیڈر ہیں اور نواز شریف اور زرداری شاہی لیڈر ہیں ۔ ان عوامی لیڈروں کی کیا مجال کہ شاہی خاندانوں کے چراخوں کو مقالمے کے لیے للکاریں ۔۔۔۔۔

  • Republicans and Democrats debates in USA....we need PPP vs PML N debate.....what is PTI nothing....a party which hardly have any past record of winning ....just like 3rd party in USA...there are just 10 to 15 seats for PTI. Just make them noisy their noise is the need of the hour.....



    Imran brought Jwishis culture in Pakistan....While PMLQ brought Mujra culture....PPPP brought Corruption culture...Zardari brought Mil ka khatae whata hee....PML N brought Saudi culture...JI and JUI F brought Talaban Culture..MQM brought Goli and Bhata Culture...

  • Not now...

    @Hussain Farooqui Bhai's observations are convincing...

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