Britain’s Labour Party suspends Lord Nazir for ‘anti-Semitism’

  • Britain’s Labour Party suspended Pakistan-born Muslim peer Nazir Ahmed on Thursday over reports that he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his imprisonment over a fatal car crash, a spokesman said.

    The Times newspaper said Ahmed, who was jailed for dangerous driving after sending text messages shortly before the accident, had attributed his prison sentence on pressure placed on British courts by Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels”.

    He allegedly told a Pakistani television station that the judge who jailed him for 12 weeks was appointed after helping a “Jewish colleague” of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during a case, according to a translations of his Urdu language comments obtained by the newspaper.

    “The Labour Party deplores and does not tolerate any sort of anti-Semitism. Following reports in The Times today we are suspending Lord Ahmed pending an investigation,” a party spokesman said.

    A crudely made video of Nazir’s interview on the Pakistani television channel has also been uploaded to the website of The Times newspaper.

    Lord Ahmed was appointed Britain’s first Muslim peer in 1998.

    His car hit a stationary vehicle on a motorway in northern England on Christmas Day in 2007, killing the 28-year-old Slovakian driver.

    Ahmed pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and a judge sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail in February 2009 after hearing that he sent five text messages in the minutes before the crash.

    The Labour party suspended Ahmed in April 2012 over reports by a Pakistani newspaper that he offered a 10 million pound ($15.9 million) bounty for the capture of US President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush.

    He denied the comments, and was reinstated after the report was later retracted by the newspaper.

  • Must be a Jewish conspiracy as well that he get away with only 12 weeks jail time after killing a person.

  • In the end he only got 16 days after appeal. His defence was he was too busy to serve the sentence...and the judge bought it.

  • Bohot suntey tehy shore seeney mein dilka (British judicial sysem)

    Cheer key dekah to gosht ka lothra nikla

  • GP Bhai, good to see you bud!

    As for the Queen of Controversy, he must remain jailed eternally. I haven't seen anything productive with his name on it. He always vomit some kind of fassad as there is no way for him to be in power, incompetent id!ot.

  • Did Lord Nazir ever win election or he has always been a member of uper house? An absolute useless soul who is only good for dining and wining with Sharifs and Hamid Mir.


  • He is just a show peice like the Khan Bahadurs and Sirs of the British colonial regime. He is just supposed to follow what he is dictated.

  • The bori mafia's frustration against Lord Nazir is understandable. After all he was the one who gave them tough time first with IK and then with Zulfikar Mirza in exposing their terror links.

  • There seems to be a heavy tussle between MQM and PML-N. I wonder why there is such a heavy tussle between the two. MQM can't beat PML-N in Punjab and the latter can't beat the former in Karachi. MQM is playing Mohajir card openly and PML-N is playing Punjab card in a cleverly hidden style. However, this shows that PML-N is clever whereas MQM is stupid. Nawaz Shariff is a good briber too. His bribery is not limited to judges, media and ex-servicemen. His bribery is stretched to Lord Nazir of the U.K..

  • HF,

    Do you have any substantiated proof to back your outrageous claim or is it one of your personal opinion being an ANALyst?

  • SD Bahaya

    Things are too obvious to be denied. In my indiscriminate opinion, all our politics is a pile of filth. However, I reckon Nawaz as a comparatively better person. Aside from his corruption and bribery, he has at least contributed some projects to the development of the country. Nawaz must restore the performance of his first regime rather than relying on fraud judges, corrupt media, characterless ex-servicemen.

    As far as substantiating something is concerned, no govt. and no courts could substantiate anything against corrupt Zardari.

  • HF,

    Zardari was close to conviction by the Swiss courts when he and his late wife did NRO with Musharraf to save their loot and plunder. On the other hand charges of corruption against Nawaz Sharif are all from heresy and the source of that heresy is a person none other than Rahman Malik. Even Musharraf despite of all efforts couldn't frame a single charge of corruption against NS and he had to rely on the concocted hijacking case to implicate him.

  • Frauds did take place massively, but the culprits hardly got punished. There is no fear of punishment for Altaf, Nawaz, Zardari, Isfandyar and lot many other politicians. Cases of corruption are dissolved through political adjustments. It is the great blessing of Allah that Pakistan is still surviving. My beloved country is so strong and potential to bear the loads of so many corrupt politicians, judges and army generals. I pray to Allah for a sincere leadership to transform our strong and potential country into a state of euphoria.

  • I pray to Allah for a sincere leadership to transform our strong and potential country into a state of euphoria.


  • HF,

    Brother I too join with your prayer that we get a leadership that can take our country out from a mess that it is in for the last 13 years of misrule. I hope the new government set its priorities in favor of the people of Pakistan.

  • Not just 13 years. Our beloved country has been suffering from excesses right from the period of Ghulam Mohammad. Half of the country was in between lost 42 years ago. The rest has been surviving since then despite never ending political turmoil.

  • But the last 13 years were the worst of all where our beloved country has literally been reduced to a cheap whore for western capitalist military machine by the despotic, short sighted and opportunist rulers whose only aim was either to save their own skin or to loot as much as they could at the expense of 180 million Pakistanis.

  • Churches have been burning in each of Nawaz Sharif's rules. Also the number of blasphemy case sky rocket in his rule. We don't want that.

  • In my opinion, the worst period of the Pakistani history was of Zia. In his regime, we became a cheap service provider for a very colossal job of defeating the rival superpower of the USA. Religious extremists, Kalashnikovs, narcotics, corrupt generals, corrupt politicians are the things which we mostly inherited from Zia's regime. During the Afghan war, 60 billion dollars poured into Pakistan. Our nation is still paying back those billions with exorbitant rates of interests.

    Bhutto destroyed the industrial and financial structured of the country. Zia destroyed the cultural structure of our society. Zia’s regime was responsible for such degree of degradation of our society. Industrial and financial restructuring is not as difficult as the cultural restructuring.

  • @Hussain Farooqui Bhia,

    Referring Dictator, everything start and end with last 13 years.

    How can they curse General Zia, he was the Founder of Current Lahore Raj!!!!!.