NA-112 Sialkot III

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  • PMLn is too strong there .... shujaat hussain was beaton last time here with 50K lead even with the support of then district nazim sialkot ... now that district mazim has joined pmln so lead may increse .... i forgot the name of that district nazim .... i guess its variyo family ...

  • What about NA-111 in Sialkot?

    Aunti Firdous Ashiq Awan has been quiet for a long time. When is she flying? And to where?

    I have heard that Amir Hussain has joined PMLN, so would he be the PMLN candidate from this constituency?

  • Personally i dont the constituency,but some of my friends from the area told me that Firdous Ashiq Awan is still strong ,and may be MNA for another term

  • I don’t think Amir Hussain will get pmln ticket because Idres Bajwah won’t be happy with that. But it all depends on how khawaja asif will handle things. Aunty dungar doctor was in good position but after Viryokey’s joined pmln no chance for Aunty dungar doctor.

    This seat was only seat were some good fight was expected but after viryokeys entry everything changed.