NA-55 & NA-56 - Rawalpindi (HOT SEAT)

  • Any prediction?

    From historic data, it shows that both NA-55 & NA-56 are PML-N stronghold constituency! Personality vote won't make a difference!

    From my point of view, Both seats will go to PML-N.

    Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is trying his best to retain this seat at any cost, even he has approached NS to get him into PML-N to which NS has positively responded but due to resistance from Hanif Abbasi & Shakeel Awan, Nawaz Sharif was not in a position to let him into PML_N.

    Sh. Rasheed is trying to make alliance with PTI, but I don't think so Imran Khan will do that!

    This seats looks in favor of PML-N

  • I disagree that these are hot seats. It's like any urban seat of Lahore and Karachi - very much one sided affair. This heavily favors PMLN unless Imran Khan himself decides to run to make it interesting. This is beyond Skeikh Saab's reach. If PTI gives him ticket it will hurt them not just here but beyond. Sheikh Saab is not an asset he is just a baggage.

  • Just to support Mr. Shirazi POV:

  • Sheikh Saab himself can't gather people, he is trying hard Imran Khan or Tahir ul Qadri to share the mic. May be he needs to use his GHQ contacts to have some success.


  • Sheikh Rasheed is trying his best to win any seat, at any cost. he can ready to join PPP for the sake of seat! I think his political career is finished now!

    People of Pindi has proved that they are loyal to Nawaz Sharif, Sh. Rasheed MNA from Pindi for last two decades, soon he ditched Nawaz Sharif, he lost by more than 40,000 votes! Surprisingly in 2008 election he manage to get only 15,000 votes!