Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf elections for Top Slots - Senior Leadership.

  • Chairman:

    Imran Khan vs. No one filed nomination papers yet


    Javed Hashmi vs. Umar Cheema

    Vice Chairman

    Shah Mahmood Qureshi vs. No one filed yet

    General Secratary

    Arif Alvi vs. Jahangir Tareen.

    The deadline is until 20th March 5:00 PM so we can expect any new candidates until than.

  • Where Khurshid Kasuri contests is the question.

    He has politely kept his head down and contributed. Doesnt want to jump the limelight and is gradually working his way through.

    I want to see him contest for GS. Im content with SMQ as VC.

  • Why SMQ is not challenging Javed Hashmi for President's slot?

    BTW, what is difference between President and Chairman? Aren't they equivalent? To have 5 people at top they can add Chief Executive, Chief Organizer, Quaid e Tahreek etc etc.

    Who will be voting for these top slots - the 80k elected?

    The only interesting competition is for GS post. Any guesses from PTI friends who will win Dr Alvi or Jhangir Tareen?

    I am not sure but perhaps Qasoories kept themselves out due to dual nationalities.

  • Rummors of an ex iSF leader challenging SMQ... Fauzia Kasuri is all set to face Neelum Toru. JKT vs Arif Alvi... JKT is picking up a lot ot support simply because Arif Alvi has lost a lot of support from overseas pakistanis and they do play an important role in PTI politics.. The only thing going against JKT is him being from South Punjab as many are questioning why we should have another guy from South Punjab on top. They want top leadership from all regions.

  • I think Chairman and GS cannot be from same province - Imran from Mianwali and JKT also from Punjab cannot be Chairman and GS at the same time

  • How does the process work? it would be great if some inqalabi can post the details of the process.

  • According to PTI constitution, all provincial officials, Regional presidents and district presidents should vote for the central leadership.

  • Don't much about electoral college of GS but I feel Arif Alvi against Jahangeer Tareen will win GS position.

    Comment of PTIan, in this regard, would be appreciated.

  • Adnan Randawa elected VP from Islamabad Region is contesting for Central Secretary Foreign affairs. He is the same person who resigned from Foreign office during the "Raymond Davis Fiasco"

  • Was not January 15th the deadline to submit Intra Party Election results to get the Election symbol or PTI got any extension on this?

    Anyways I think Only tough one on Top Slot is Jahangir Tareen Vs Arif Alvi..

  • I did not see or hear anything about elections in Sindh or Baluchistan. Just like the rest of Pakistani politics, PTI may suffer from the hegemony and the fear of Punjab prepotence. Dr Alvi may be the next casualty.

  • General Secretary

    Arif Alvi vs. Jahangir Tareen.

    Jahangir Tareen cannot lose as IK cannot lose his privileges to use his resources that includes his jets.

    I really wish that PTI could announce its Ticket holders and position holder so that a blame game on each of them could be started. Announcing these on the 23rd March Jalsa is a really good idea, I would really like to see fire works going on there, the explosions would be awesome and breath taking.

  • "I did not see or hear anything about elections in Sindh or Baluchistan."

    Well, the reason is simple - PMLN is not a big factor in Sindh or Balochistan. If the Great Khan enters into these provinces, it would mean weakening Zardari. This is not a part of the Khan's plan; the idea is to help not hurt Zardari. Look at the itinerary of Imran; all we see is campaign stops in Hazara and north and central Punjab. PMLN has most seats in these areas already.

  • While PTI has committed many mistakes, I think that in its limited capacity PTI has done few good things. We may not yet see perfect inter party elections but then I am used to of seeing no elections whatsoever in any party.

    If Khan sahib opts to remain Chairman, then I expect him not to contest elections and shall remain the force behind the party.

    Will PTI win majority, I seriously doubt but at least it has created some ripples and if it continues with the momentum, it may be able to bring some changes in other party's culture too.

    Bottom line is that the culture of "electable" based on money, clans, language, power etc has to be replaced with culture of "electable" based on party ideology, party performance, candidate's own performance and merit.

  • Let us not forget the fact that whatever "(s)elections" drama takes place in PTI;

    Imran Khan Niazi will remain as life-time "Chairman" of PTI. The place he has been holding ever since the party was founded!

    Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi will remain as "Vice Chairman". This was the pre-condition for his joining PTI in November2011.

    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi will remain as "President" because this is the slot he had bargained at the time of joining PTI in December2011 (the formal announcement of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi was put on hold for awhile since the news was already broke by media during his Malik Riaz-sponsored free extended stay at 5star hotel in Lahore.

    So any gamma majja winning a village election does not matter so long as these "slots" are not contested!

  • یار، کوئی ہمارے خیالی وزیر اعظم بابے نیازی کو بیان دینا ہی سکھا ہے - میں تو اسکے چول بیانات پڑھ پڑھ کر تنگ آگیا ہوں

    جن کے پاس نہ کوئی وژن، نہ کوئی نظریہ، نہ کوئی منزل اور نہ ہی کوئی پروگرام ہو تو وہ جلسے اور جلوسوں سے ہی ملک کی قسمت بدلنے کی باتیں کرتے ہیں

    کیا آپ نے تحریک انصاف کے بڑے سے لیکر چھوٹے لیڈر یا حامی کو کبھی کوئی با معنی اور تعمیری بات کرتے دیکھا ہے؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟



  • Bawa ji,

    Mian Nawaz Sharif nay hamaray liye koi vision aur nazriya chora hi nahi, saara ka saara hi dakkar gaye hain isiliye hamray paas koi vision aur nazriya nahi hai


  • The PTI election drama is now heading toward a more realistic end. PTI has gotten all publicity and 'balay balay' from the public by electing some Lullo Punjoos from a couple of lower level seats but it's time to get serious and start nominating people instead of getting them elected. The PTI Balochistan chapter has already taken the lead and the great Khan and others will follow the suit.

  • SO elections for Sindh and Balochistan and FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan? How come only two provinces can elect for whole country?