PPP's Nabil Gabol decides to join MQM

  • Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) former MNA Nabil Gabol has decided to join the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Express News reported on Sunday.

    Sources said that Gabol will formally announce his decision during a press conference at MQM headquarters Nine-Zero in Karachi later during the day.

    Gabol had developed differences with the senior leadership of PPP, sources added.

    Gabol was elected from a seat in the Lyari constituency in the 2008 elections with 84,217 votes.

    Lyari had seen a great deal of political activity under the PPP-led government. In 2011, the Peoples Amn Committee (PAC) had demanded that Gabol resign for his neglect of the constituency. They claimed that the votes were for Benazir Bhutto and not him.

  • پہنچا وہیں پہ آخر جہاں کا بے ضمیر تھا

    پی پی پی کے بدنام زمانہ دہشتگردوں اور بھتہ خوروں کو صرف ایم کیو ایم میں ہی پناہ مل سکتی ہے



  • very interesting!! I never thought gabool would go for MQM.

  • My understanding is this doesn't mean Liyari's PPP seat will be up for grab for MQM. Even the other PPP MNA from Liyari Rafique Engineer may quit PPP soon. Both Gobol and Rafique Engineer were not allowed back in their constituencies by Aman committee's Ozair Bolouch and co. They effectively control Liyari and Nabil Gobol and Rafique Engineer had no other choice. If they can't go to their constituency how will they run elections there?

    Our friends from Karachi can shed some light on this.

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  • I think gabool is the leader of gabool tribe and thats where his vote bank is.

    But the people of liyari are with PPP for sure.

    I still dont think he would go for MQM.

  • Rafique engineer was MPA from layari.he died around 10 days a go with a heart attack.may almighty ALLAH bless him jant ul firdoos amean.

  • i think gabool is going to save his political worth, from 45 days back he is trying to enter PML-N, but mian refuse to take him, so he join MQM now....

    Any comments from u guys

  • I am not sure what Gabol can get from PMLN - PMLN is non-existent in Karachi. He had two options either MQM or ANP.

  • Shirazi bhai is right about the dispute between Nabil Gabool and Leadership of PPP and also about Aman committee's Ozair Bolouch and co. who effectively control Liyari.

    But as far as election is concern, Liyari belongs to PPP in any scenario and with any candidate.

    In 1990s, The Most powerful peronality from NA-248 (Liyari) was Ali Mohammed Hangoro but he also could not survive after leaving PPP.

    Even after mystery death of Ali Mohammed, the widespread wall chawking against PPP and several massive protests in Liyari was alarming fall of PPP from Liyari but it did not happened.

    However, the above News might be true as Nabeel Gabool has no more room to survive both in Politics and Karachi. MQM would be a good choice for him as both has common enemy PAC and Zulifiqar Mirza.

  • Express News reports that he will contest from Azizabad on MQM ticket

    If this happens it will be very beneficial for other parties specially the ones who can attract Urdu Speaking votes

    As far as I know, he didnt had much to do with Gang War in Liyari and the Law and order situation created by PAC people in adjoining areas but not everyone (in Urdu Speaking Community) realizes this and associate him with Liyari gangs in one way or the other.

    But this factor alone will be far far from enough for other parties to make serious inroads in Urdu Speaking Community

  • This joining will only marginally benefit MQM in NA-248 (Liyari) if at all there is any benefit

  • So the "Sardar" of Gabol tribe joins MQM, what about Altaf bhai's war on "Waderana Nizam". :

  • Shirazi bhai,

    Nabeel had offer from PMLN as he could be a representation of PMLN from Karachi but he is hesitated to accept as PMLN, from Lahore, can't protect him from PAC.

  • @BT Sb

    Unfortunately in Karachi politics is very bloody unlike perhaps anywhere else in the country. To survive you have to be one Don or the other - Altaf bahi, Zulfiqar Mira/Ozair Balouch or Shahid sahi. The forces like PMLN and PTI are non existent on grounds.

  • @Qaiser Nadeem bhai,

    He belongs to a that Sardar clan where when a child born they called him Sardar from first day.

    If he would have been Jagirdar or Wadeera or real Sardar he would have contested election from his land only somewhere between Sindh and Balochistan.

    Gabool tribe in Karachi are still supporting PPP, Nabeel Gabool has no key position in his tribe.

  • @ Qqiser Nadeem

    sir, What war against Waderashahi, you are talking, this is all rubish and bekwas of Altaf kalia, and his paid puppets like Darooq Sattar who for five yeqars licked, and cleaned the shoe of all land lords, and looters.

    again after next election you will see these loons sitting in the lap of Zerdari mafias

  • Nabeel Gobol doesn't have much to offer to MQM except perhaps cash but MQM has a lot to offer to him. They can keep him alive both figuratively and politically. From this bargain position if he can get MNA seat he is one hell of a negotiator.

  • @Shirazi Bhai,

    You are right for the violence in karachi politics but not for the party existent:

    beside MQM, PPP and ANP there are:

    PTI exists in one to two constituency

    JUP exists in two to three constituency

    JI exists almost in all constituencies in central area of Karachi.

    JUIF exists in Madarasas in different area.

    PMLN used to exist in karachi but after PMLQ, PMLN has no key resident figure from Karachi. Naeem Adil Shaikh, Aleem Adil Shaikh and Abu Baker Shekhani, all are in politics but with PMLQ.

    No one can deny political violence in karachi, but when JI, JUI, PMLQ, JUIF and PTI are regularly performing their political activities in karachi why PMLN can't? the answer is very clear : PMLN venomous statement and negative vision and mission for karachi.

  • @Bitter Truth bahi

    When I said non existent I meant electorally. If you can't win single national seat out of 20 odd or single provincial seat out of 40 odd then you are non a factor.