Transparency International exposes PML-N false claims

  • ISLAMABAD: Transparency International Pakistan has taken exception to the Punjab government’s advertising campaign with taxpayers’ money misusing the watchdog’s name that it had cleared metro bus project while facts speaks otherwise.

    Talking to The News, Advisor to the Transparency International Pakistan Syed Adil Gilani said the Punjab government was using public money to publicize that the TI-Pakistan had cleared its three projects including the Metro Bus Service, while the fact was that the TI-Pakistan had objected to two contracts of Metro Bus Service worth over Rs2 billion.

    Gilani said both things were wrong: neither the Punjab government can use public money in publicizing itself on the verge of its end nor has the TI-P cleared the Metro Bus Service.

    “We do not issue any certificate to any government or institution; however, we do monitor the procurement process and issue our report as we have done in Nadra’s UK project,” Adil Gilani said.

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  • There's no need to cover up anything. On the contrary its important to properly look into further details about this issue as published in the same newspaper on 14 March 2013.

    According to a letter written by the international corruption watchdog to the Punjab government, 27 contracts were awarded according to rules but two contracts were awarded to M/s NLC on single source basis.

    The remaining details are clearly mentioned in the article.