PPP-PTI-PMLQ-MQM Nexus Exposed

  • In the center PMLN in consultation with PTI suggested three names for caretaker PM; However, PTI is now supporting the name of Ishrat Hussain who is the nominee of the government;

    The same is true in Punjab; PMLN in consultation with PTI suggested two names; However, PTI is supporting the name of the famous Mian Amir Mehmood (tout of Musharaf and PMLQ and Malik Riaz and the one who telecasted the interview of Malik Riaz against the CJ)

  • Mian Amir Mehmood and his Dunya News Group has been a PTI's favourite for a while.

  • PTI and PMLQ/PPP are about to make an alliance in Mansehra too;

  • @Mango Jee

    Asama Jhangir's name is suggested by PPP for CM Punjab slot. Why doesn't anti-establishment PMLN pick her?


  • @Shirazi

    The name of Asma Jhangir was opposed by PTI therefore PMLN didnot pass this on to PPP; PTI probably had an under hand deal with their partners to support Amir and Ishrat; Its now open secret

  • @Mango Jee

    I guess by not accepting Asama Jhangir Shahbaz Sharif is also appeasing his masters and Ch. Nasar's buddies that you like to classify as Imran's partners.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nooners and their hypocrisy.... One day PTI is nobody since PTI does not have any electoral representation till now, next day PMLN is not passing name of Asma Jahangir since PTI objected on her name...

  • @Dusky : Bhai in reality PTI is a non entity, nothing but a bunch of some spoiled kids. PMLn just gives them some candies etc so that they can keep chewing them with their mouth closed and spare us from their continuous wailing.

  • Day by day PTI is getting crushed under foot by the big elephants race. Things have gone back to electable, last chance for PTI is 23rd March Jalsa to be as electric as it was October 30/2011.

  • PTI is test tube baby, the sole purpose of creation is to get desired election results..i.e. try to have hung parliament so that the establishment can control the parliaments through its touts