PTI chairman can stay for only two terms

  • Imran Khan announced that pti chairman will stay only for 2 terms...

    PTI becoming a real democatic party

  • no lifetime chairman

  • And duration of the (1st) single term starts after being chairman for 16 years...

  • لگدا جے ، اے عمران خان ڈبل شریفان دے جوڑاں وچ بیٹھ کے روے گا

    عمران خان شاہی خاندانوں کیلئے ہر روز ایک نئی مصیبت کھڑی کر رہا ہے ، لگتا ہے اسکو مروانا ہی پڑے گا

    سولہ سال بعد پہلی ٹرم پچیس سال سے جاری تا حیات ٹرم سے پھر بھی بہتر ہے

    سازشی مسکراہٹ کے ساتھ

    ف ج

  • This post is deleted!

  • IK is playing like meera and veena malik... Issuing statement far from reality just to stay in news...

  • F J

    Inshallah he will destroy the royal families and their darbari's

  • @khanamer

    شکر ہے ہم شریف خاندان یا کسی اور خاندان کے درباری نہیں

  • @ Xainamhmad

    allah aap ki azadi kaim rakhay

  • Drgulkhan

    Why you need it now? Elections are still some 50 days away

  • btw 3 year old son of Hamza Sharif will be your next master

  • @drgulkhan,

    agreed. and the irony would be that, they would still be defending that 3yr old son of Hamza Sharif.

  • لگدا جے ، اے عمران خان ڈبل شریفان دے جوڑاں وچ بیٹھ کے روے گا

    ‎عمران خان شاہی خاندانوں کیلئے ہر روز ایک نئی مصیبت کھڑی کر رہا ہے ، لگتا ہے اسکو مروانا ہی پڑے گا

    ف ج بھائی ۔

    جی ایاں نوں ۔

    اپ بھی ہمارے ساتھ مل کر شاہی خاندان اور ان کے پچاریوں اور درباریوں کے جوڑوں میں پیٹھ جائیں ۔۔۔ ہم ان کو انکے بادشاہوں کی پوجا پاٹ سے نکال کر ہی چھوڑیں گیں ۔۔۔ یہ بھی کیا یاد رکھیں گیں ۔۔۔

  • I want to assure PTI voters, who are about to cry with sadness thinking of Imran's departure, that Imran would still be with us after leaving the chairmanship; he would become the president of the party. This is the main reason he manufactured the rank of President despite there was no such position in PTI constitution at the time Hashmi joined the party. After two terms, Hashmi and Imran would exchange their positions; by doing so they would follow the 'shining' example of Putin and Medvedev of Rushia, who switched president & prime minister slots just to fool the system, and to keep the power in their hands.

  • THis is the real democracy.

    Imran will be the first leader of a democratically elected Chairman of any political party of Subconcontinent and possible Asia.

    He will only be able to serve for two terms.

  • Whether you make IK president, chairman, CEO or whatever PTI is nothing without IK. There were numbers of Muslim Leagues in 80's era, it was NS who established one Muslim League so strong that it is almost the biggest political party of the country. Give NS the credit, others used same Muslim League name but NS was the only one who organized and established the party and so did IK. Both IK and NS deserve to be life time head of their respective parties. Two times prime minister rule was good and it should be revoked again to bring in fresh blood on prime minister chair.

  • Mawan,

    Here I am thinking Qaid Azam made Muslim League a biggist party but glad to know that it was Nawaz Sharif.