How long will govt. allow Takfiris to kill lovers of grandson of Prophet (pbuh)?

  • How long will government allow Takfiris to kill innocent lovers of grandson of Prophet of Islam (pbuh)?

    Lovers of grandson of Holy Prophet (pbuh) are just following what our Holy Prophet (pbuh) asked followers of Islam to do.

    Once, the Holy Prophet(saw) was delivering the Friday Sermon in the Mosque. When Hussain(ra) entered, the Holy Prophet(saw)’s eyes turned to him. He stood down from the Minbar from where he was delivering the sermon, lifted Hussain(ra) and placed him against his chest. The Holy Prophet(saw) would especially pray for his grandchildren: “O Allah, I love both of them, Thou, too, love them similarly.” (Bukhari, Kitabul Fadha’il)

    The Holy Prophet(saw) would say: “Whoever loves them loves me (and whoever bears a grudge against them bears a grudge against me. Hussain is mine and I am Hussain’s. Whoever loves Hussain will be loved by Allah)”. (Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal).

    Allah (SWT) commands all Muslims to love those closely related to Prophet Muhammad (S): "Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives?" (Quran, 42:23).

    Takfiris are actually showing their grudge against the grandson of Prophet (pbuh) and per hadith are showing grudge against Prophet (pbuh).

    Thousands have been killed over years just because they are lovers of grandson of Prophet (pbuh).


    Prominent educationist and the principal of Government Degree College, Qasimabad, Prof Sibte Jafar, was shot dead in a targeted attack in Liaquatabad on Monday.

    Jafar, 50, had left the college on his motorcycle in the afternoon when two assailants on a motorcycle fired a volley of bullets at him near Arshee Chowk. The injured was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH), where he succumbed to his injuries, police said. The victim suffered four 9mm bullets in the upper torso. The spent bullet casings have been sent for forensic tests.

    The victim lived in Khamosh Colony, Gulbahar, and was also a renowned noha khwan of the Shia community, said Liaquatabad SDPO Wajahat Hussain.

    The professor’s murder sparked a wave of protests first from the college students, who arrived at the hospital demanding the arrest of the killers, and then the leadership of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM), which announced three-day mourning. Many of the students present at the ASH said the professor was a respectable man, who was always ready to help the needy students.

    Eyewitnesses told the police that the two attackers were clad in shalwar-kameez and had small beards, SDPO Hussain said, terming the murder of Jafar a part of the ongoing spree of targeted killings.

    Only a few days ago, Jafar was posted as the principal at Sirajudaulah College in FC Area, but the notification was later cancelled. The professor had been serving at the Qasimabad degree college for 27 years.

    Jafar is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters. His funeral will be held at the Amroha Ground in Ancholi after Zuhrain prayers. The murder case was registered at the Liaquatabad police station on the complaint of his son.

    Liaquatabad SHO Ejaz Qaimkhani was suspended by DIG West Zafar Abbas Bukhari over the murder. Inspector Shaukat Ali was posted in his place.

    Colleges closed

    “All his life, Jafar kept an old motorcycle but you needed to call him only once for help in any personal or academic matter and he would arrive at the appointed place,” recalled Prof Mirza Athar Hussain, a former president of the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA).

    “He was a devoted marsiya khwan and trained hundreds of students in the art,” he said, adding that the slain professor even established an institute to teach the art of writing and reciting marsiya [elegy]. About 5,000 students are enrolled at the institute.

    Jafar’s students too remember him for his simplicity and love for Urdu poetry, especially in the elegy genre. He was well-versed in Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Jafar also authored several books and wrote thousands of marsiyas and nohas.

    To protest the murder, professors and lecturers have announced boycotting academic activities on Tuesday across the province, said SPLA President Prof Iftikhar Azmi. All colleges will be closed on Tuesday (today).

    Three-day mourning

    Criticising the government, judiciary and law enforcers on their failure to protect Shia citizens, the MWM announced three days of mourning over the untimely deaths of Jafar and senior lawyer Zaheer Abbas Naqvi.

    MWM Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri said the people of Pakistan had lost a great teacher, poet and humanitarian in Jafar. “His brutal murder is tantamount to the murder of Urdu literature and marsiya.”

  • These deplorable acts of terrorism will end only after the end of foreign intervension in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

  • Sipahi Saheb,

    We, as a nation, have demonstrated such a weird, rather criminal, silence over the brutal killings of Shias and other minorities that I'm not able to discern the cause of our sickening silence. I've written about this on this forum before and I'll say it again that such a lack of empathy can only be traced back to the end of the Rashidun Caliphate and the Yazid-Hussain battle. Muslims of that time had two choices: Abu Sufian's grandson or Muhammad's grandson. Overwhelming majority of Muslims unfortunately sides with the former. Were Muslims of that time coward, hypocrites, greedy, or simply naive? That I fail to understand; however, I can see exactly the same type of criminal silence on display now from our public, in general.

    As far as Shias are concerned, a few of their scholars have talked down certain Sahabas; their odd practices during Ashura isn't commendable either. LeJ or other religious extremists are like Kharijites who are trying to eliminate anyone who they think is deviating from the true teachings of Islam.

    میری رائے میں کچھ صحابہ نے متنازع فیصلے کیے تھے اور ان پر مثبت تنقید کی جا سکتی ہے مگر انتہا پسندوں کے لیے الله اور رسول کے ساتھ سب صحابہ پر ایمان لانا بھی اب کلمے کا حصّہ بن چکا ہے

    The only way to solve this bloodshed is to bring both sides together and have a truce based on some common principles where both sides give up something. One thing is for sure that arresting and punishing extremists would do didly-squat.

  • @Arian71

    "One thing is for sure that arresting and punishing extremists would do didly-squat."

    Has anyone tried this??

    "Muslims of that time had two choices: Abu Sufian's grandson or Muhammad's grandson. Overwhelming majority of Muslims unfortunately sides with the former."

    Biggest common ground among muslims of all sects is our Prophet of Islam (pbuh).

    But, do you expect those who prefer Abu Sufian's grandson over the grandson of Prophet of Islam (pbuh) to accept arbitration based on authentic ahadith of Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and ayats of Holy Quran about Ahle-Bait.

  • All types of chaos in our country are attributable to the proxy wars being fought; otherwise, none of us from common public; no matter what class we belong to are interested in any chaos or trouble. We have to get rid of these proxy wars to establish peace and harmony in our country.

  • In 60's and 70's the Hindus and Sikhs were targeted, then the Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims.Now the Christians and Shia are under the gun.

    Killing of any human is wrong irrespective of being Hussainis or Yazidis.It is the extremism within our society that gives rise to intolerance.Blaming foreign hand in everything is living in denial of our own faults.

    Our allegiance has to be first to the country than our beliefs or ethnicity.

    The rest is just a bunch of malarkey.

  • @ Farooqui Sahib,

    ""foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Pakistan""

    Do Pakistanis lack potency and prudence?

    Why they behave like watermelon against knife?

    Are they so stupid?

    If so ---then they deserve 'foreign intervention'.

    Internal Division is an invitation for intervention.

  • JS Sahab

    When the world was uni polar before the collapse of the USSR. All the countries were allies of either of the two superpowers. Z.A. Bhutto, Reza Shah Pehalwi and Shah Faisal tried to establish an Islamic bloc. All three were wiped off by the American CIA. In the last days of their regimes/lives, both Bhutto and Pehalwi denounced the American CIA for its malicious role.

    Bhutto's regime was followed by that of Zia. Zia's invited America and all the anti-Soviet powers for a proxy war through Pakistan. Sixty billions dollars poured into Pakistan. All the chaos were attributable to Zia's erroneous decision of inviting the anti-Soviet world to fight a proxy war against a superpower.

    If Bhutto and Pehalwi had not become the victims of the American CIA, there would erupt no sectarian war in Pakistan.

  • Farooqui Sahib,

    Your Posting endorsed my point of view that

    "Internal division is an Invitation for External Intervention".

    Z.A. Bhutto, Raza Shah Pahlavi, Col. Gaddafi, King Faisal ---fell victims of their own Nationals.

    How, why and where from American CIA finds persons like Zia ul Haq?

  • Sipahi Saheb,

    Illiterate people, especially of weak faith, are being hypnotized into thinking that that they would go to Jannat after killing "kafirs." This is a very strong incentive to overcome just by punishing or hanging a few lunatics. Someone, I don't know who, will have to broker a peace deal between Shias and LeJ and other outfits where both sides sit together and address their grievances one by one. If there is some questionable material in Shia books about Sahaba, then it has to be removed. Similarly, local imams must stop delivering hateful speeches against Shias and other sects in general.

    Only a real truth-and-reconciliation commission can set up a lasting peace between the two sides. I don't see any other alternative.

  • Arian

    You have not answered my questions.

    And to equate Shias and Lej is despicable

    Common ground is Prophet of Islam and even you are not willing to accept it. It is sad reflection on those who just are stuck at sahaba

    Open question is whether all those who in their life saw Prophet should be considered as equal and whether they fall into the category or respected sahaba. Remember Holy Quran talks about munafaqeen

    When people are ready to take Prophet as common ground then only progress can be made.

  • Sipahi Saheb,

    I meant to say bringing Shias and Sunni extremists together, not Shias and LeJ (a mistake on my part while trying to scribble quickly).

    I grew up in a modern Sunni family and I must tell you that affection to Sahaba is not limited to right-wing Sunni extremists; all Sunnis believe that way. But LeJ thugs have taken this issue to an extreme where they aren't even tolerating a shred of criticism on Sahaba; for example, from our history books, it's clear that the prophet exiled Marwan bin Hakam and his father from Madina for hatching conspiracies, but Usman made Marwan his key adviser just because he belonged to his Ummaiyad tribe. Similarly, he made several key appointments including governors of several provinces from his own tribe. This was the main reason Muawiyya, didn't accept Ali's caliphate because he saw an opportunity to garner enough support from governors to capture power. So, Sahaba did make mistakes, and they will answer for it on the day of judgement.

    What you are asking is to overturn beliefs that have been ratified time and time again over several centuries. I wish ancient Muslims had sided with the grandson of prophet over the grandson of Abu Sufian, but that didn't happen. I wish we could just got to Quran as a single source for all Islamic teachings and principles, but I know that will never be possible. You tell me if you have a better solution.

  • One more thing...

    Arab society to date is still divided into tribes where loyalty to the tribe is considered the most paramount trait in an individual. Abu Sufian did accept Islam when Mecca was conquered, but Sahaba should never have trusted him or his son Muawiya to be faithful to Islam; they never were. Most likely, they converted to Islam to save their skins. It might hurt the feelings of some blogger on this forum but I must say that Muawiya's battle with Ali was all about power and, at the end, he was able to take revenge against Banu Hashim while playing that dubious role.

    My sorrow is for the fact that the most of the Sunni Muslims stretch and bend the history to justify Muawiya's deeds.

    Someone on this forum suggested that the Shia-Sunni trouble will not be over unless we straighten the history books but I'm not sure it could ever be done, so the effort could just be futile.

  • The history about Muawaiyah RA being after duniyah is writtern by either British or Shias or other devients. No one dare write anything against the character of any one of the gems- Sahabah RA when Prophet Alaihis Salam himself said they are the best of my generation and no one will be born like them until end of times. To accuse Abu Sufyan AR of converting to Islam to save the neck is blasphemy.

  • AR,

    Please spare us your religious decree or 'fatwa' on this forum.

    Yes, the prophet forgave Abu Sufian for his wrong doings but he never trusted him to make him or his son his successor. His is a nobody against prophet's grandson.

  • Tolerance and intolerance levels have been variable in the Muslim societies. The best example of tolerance between the two is evident in Yemen. The Zaidi Shia Imams and the Sunni Imams of Yemen have declared each other as perfect Muslims. At the time of prayers in any Shia or Sunni mosque, the jamaat is joined by both Shia and Sunni Muslims. There is no feeling of sectarianism in either.

    In our country, tolerance has diminished due to the role of our ulemas of both schools of thought in proxy wars of Iran and Saudi Arabia.